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The PC Repair Shop is the source for the lowest prices on Computers, Computer Hardware, Software, Electronics & more! Most types of damage to base board material can be repaired with this versatile repair kit. This kit contains 10 packages of clear, low viscosity, superior strength epoxy, precisely measured out into two-compartment plastic packages so ita€™s easy to use and therea€™s no measuring. Picasa 3 is a Simple yet Powerfull way of managing, editing and printing your digital photos.
Ability to view attachments sent in Word and Excel formats without owning a copy of MS Office. MalwareBytes is a usefull tool for removing malicious software from you Windows based PC or Laptop. Aviom’s Pro64® Network Manager™ is a free PC-based application that provides status monitoring and control of a Pro64 digital snake or audio network from a central location. Pro64 Network Manager's intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface provides a host of global and device-specific information to the user, making Pro64 system management simple. Settings for individual Pro64 devices are accessed through the Device Window, each of which is tailored to the features of the device type. Pro64 Network Manager is designed to run on a PC under Microsoft® Windows® XP and Windows 7.

Trudeau's Set of Three Mixing Bowls have non-skid, non-scratch bases that are designed for angle use. This content is provided 'AS IS' and is subject to change or removal at any time.The PC Repair Shop is not responsible for typographical or photographic errors. Once cured, this epoxy makes an effective electrical insulator with good high temperature mechanical and impact resistance properties.
Free Antivirus is and Effective Antivirus solution that will not slow down your computer, and it's 100% free!
Individual device settings can be changed, saved and recalled from a central location without manual front panel adjustments, adding to the simplicity and flexibility of a digital snake or audio network. Setup of more complex products, such as the AllFrame or 6416m Mic Input Module, is made even more efficient with a simple graphic view of the preamp channel strips. Any hardware channel can be mapped instantly to any A-Net Slot in the network, either by selecting from a simple drop-down or typing in the assignment. Experiments with a Mac running the Windows OS and the third-party Parallels software have had positive results, but there is no guarantee of acceptable performance at this time. The most lightweight of them are ColorPicker Gadget (sized at 706,354) and Photo Gadget Viewer (sized at 900,159), while the largest one is Nero with 260,650,954 bytes. Each bowl will sit flat on the counter, but when you need to beat or stir ingredients, you can simply lean bowl forward and it'll sit at an angle.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.All trademarks and copyrights mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.
The edge sections have a specially machined tongue along one edge to fit within a groove cut into the board edge. The epoxy can be used to fill in holes, gaps, burns or to inject into delaminated locations.
Through this simple user interface, Pro64 Network Manager streamlines the management of both individual devices and the system as a whole. Pro64 Network Manager helps users track and allocate network resources more efficiently and speeds reconfiguration of individual devices and entire systems. The matrix also allows the four Pro16 outputs on the ASI A-Net Systems Interface to be individually assigned, making complex multi-zone monitor system feeds easy to configure. Audio settings, network assignments, channel names, and user labels can all be stored in a combination of network-level scenes and device-level presets.
The Audio Slot Manager window allows users to see the entire network stream and to monitor and review all audio resources assigned to a given network slot.

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