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Rather, you'd better think of it as an MOV container that contains video data encoded with the H.264 video codec. If you want to adjust the video and audio parameters for your own usage, please click Settings to customize the bitrate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel in Profile Setting. If you want to merge .mov clips, please tick the box "Merge into one" for combining files for easy importing and editing in Windows Movie Maker.

You can keep the original video size as 1920*1080, set the frame rate 30 fps as default in Settings.
Moreover, the easy-to-use Video Converter can also solve the ingesting problem with H.264 encodec MOV and Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Pinnacle Studio, Affer Effect, etc. Sometimes, you may find that your MOV files encoded in H.264 codec can be played on Windows Movie Play but can not be put into Windows Movie Maker.

In order to transfer H.264 MOV files to Windos Movie Maker, you need a codec conversion with a professional video converter.

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