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The system of video on demand offers users the much required freedom of choice in selecting and watching their favorite videos on demand. Video on demand is turning out to be an impressive concept, especially for the smaller films that struggled to make it big in multiplexes. Video on demand is a flexible technology with strong prospects for growth in the coming future. According to the market research reports, the video on demand market is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of over 16%.
MarketsandMarkets is a prominent full-service market research company and consulting market research firm. According to The NPD Group, although viewing movies through new low-cost Internet video on demand (iVOD) subscription services is making significant inroads with a savvy group of informed Americans, legacy cable TV companies are still the first choice for on-demand per-use movie rentals.
Led by Comcast in the first half of 2012, 48 percent of all paid video-on-demand (VOD) movie rentals were generated from traditional cable TV service providers. With a 24 percent rental-order growth rate year-over-year, telco VOD is the fastest growing segment of the VOD market, outpacing even the iVOD growth rate of 15 percent.
Note, the NPD research refers only to movie rentals that are paid for upon rental -- subscription video rentals and video purchases were not included in this market study.
Even as iVOD, and VOD from satellite-media companies and telcos grow in popularity, cable companies continue to dominate the VOD movie rental market -- at least for the time being.
According to the NPD VideoWatch VOD report, for the first half of 2012, paid VOD movie rentals from Comcast represented 23 percent of the VOD rental market, followed by DirectTV at 14 percent, and Time-Warner Cable at 9 percent. The Apple iTunes video on-demand service comprised 8 percent of paid video rental transactions, followed by Verizon and Dish Network at 7 percent each. AT&T received the best customer ratings across a number of criteria, including site organization, navigation and title availability. Video consumer audience demographics for iVOD movie rentals skew toward tech-savvy early adopters -- primarily men (70 percent).
Singapore-based video streaming platform Viki will be launching its beta version for Japanese viewers starting tomorrow.
After five months of waiting – maybe for the hardcore Sony console fanatics – the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) online store will finally be available in Japan starting May 29. On the official YouTube Japan blog, it was announced that 13 media companies, Vice and TBS included, are set to deliver 17 original YouTube channels in the months to come. A job posting on the Netflix company website has fueled more rumours that it is expanding its international reach. About JDPThe task and mission of the Japan Daily Press is to engage Asia and the World with a never-ceasing flow of news and editorials on various facets of Japan. TrueConf announced the results of its annual videoconferencing market research in the Russian Federation, and also summed up their achievements for 2013. According to TrueConf, the Russian market for video conferencing in 2013 declined to $86 million*: a reduction of more than 10% compared to 2012. Experts said the decline in the Russian market should not be interpreted as a negative signal, because the number of users connected to the corporate video conferencing systems and meeting rooms continues to increase. Last year as in 2012, less than 5% of TrueConf customers chose hosted solutions, and the vast majority of transactions concerned the provision of dedicated solutions to the property of the customer. Significantly, 35% of users in 2012 who purchased a one-year license extension bought a lifetime license in 2013. In 2013, the major TrueConf customers were the public sector (regional and municipal) (17% of sales), the financial sector (finance, credit, insurance) (14%), education (13%), and energy companies (10%). The share of video conferencing deployment in education on the basis of TrueConf statistics almost doubled compared to 2012 (from 7% to 13%), due to the increasing popularity of distance learning systems.
Over the past year, TrueConf has released 15 new versions for five different products and are the most dynamic company in the field of corporate communications and video conferencing in Eastern Europe. In assessing the volume of IT market of the Russian Federation, the company relied on data provided by Wainhouse Research, IDC and Forrester Research analyst agencies. Founded in 2003 in Moscow, TrueConf is one of East Europe's leading video conferencing vendors.
TrueConf has facilitated over 2000 successful video conferencing solutions for governments, educational institutions, financial establishments, small businesses and corporations involved in all types of activities.

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A nem linearis teveszolgaltatas megjelenese eddig foleg a fizikai videokolcsonzest, valamint a video- es DVD-ertekesitest erintette: mind mennyisegben, mind bevetelben hatalmas visszaesest konyvelhettek el az OTT-szolgaltatok eloretorese miatt. Europaban 2008 es 2013 kozott evi 65 szazalekkal nottek a nem-linearis es az online videoszolgaltatasbol szarmazo bevetelek, a vizsgalt idoszak vegere elertek a masfel milliard eurot.
Egyelore az online videotekak is fokent a klasszikus filmekre koncentralnak, azaz ugyanazt kinaljak, mint a fizikai videotekak, vagy amiket meg lehet vasarolni DVD-n. A valtozas egyre nagyobb veszelyt jelent a hagyomanyos fizetos teveszolgaltatast nyujto cegekre.
Persze a folyamatot sok minden befolyasolja: a helyi es nemzetkozi piaci szereplok, a befektetok es nem utolsosorban a politikacsinalok dontesei egyarant szerepet jatszhatnak abban, hogy milyen iranyba es milyen tempoban fejlodik majd a tevepiac. Piaci hirek Leall a mobil vonalrol az Intel Toroltek a tabletekbe es mobilokba szant chipek fejleszteseket. Szinte garantalt az ugyfelkapcsolati rendszer bevezetesenek kudarca, ha annak hasznaloival nem szamolnak a bevezetesnel.
On sem informatikus, de munkaja soran az informaciotechnologia is gyakran befolyasolja donteseit? On is informatikus, de penzugyi es gazdasagi szempontbol kell igazolnia a projektek hasznossagat?
Mi kozerthetoen, uzleti szemmel dolgozzuk fel az infokommunikacios hireket, trendeket, megoldasokat. The Target Ticket Service is not yet open to the general public but it can be accessed by Redcard holders and employees and general access is expected soon enough. Video on demand or VOD and audio and video on demand or AVOD services work with IPTV technologies for personal computers and television sets. Growing penetration of these systems is a reason why these services are now availed by customers from small towns in developed and developing markets. The technology is designed to suit the needs from different premises including hospitals, hotels, aviation sector, cruise ships, and residential areas. We produce 400 high-level, strategically analyzed, full-length reports a year, tracking more than 10 industries.
In fact, 44 percent of iVOD movie rental orders were made by men aged 25 to 44, compared to only 21 percent of cable VOD rental orders. We plan to keep our readers up-to-date on Japanese politics, economy, society, and culture with our daily news. The results also showed that the majority of TrueConf license purchases during that year were made by companies from the financial, education, energy and public sectors. The research indicates that this trend is also being observed in the global market, where the share of infrastructure equipment for video conferencing fell in the total revenue of leading vendors. Only the price of the projects themselves has changed, as cheaper solutions for video conferencing becomes more popular.
More than half of customers prefer not to buy a license for unlimited use, but to purchase annual licenses, which defines users' unwillingness to invest in one video conferencing solution once and for all. TrueConf also became the first company to implement WebRTC technology in their solutions for corporate customers. The market share on video conferencing market was identified on the basis of their own data, as well as on the information received from partners, distributors and system integrators in the field of video conferencing in the Russian Federation.
The company is focused on collaboration solutions and offers an SVC-based MCU-less unified communication software platform. The company developed the world's first 3D video conferencing application and has made significant advances in mobile conferencing and gesture-control video conferencing systems. Ugyanezen idoszak alatt a fizikai videokolcsonzes es -ertekesites evi 8,5 szazalekkal csokkent. Csakhogy mar most is lathato, hogy az on-demand videozas piaci szereploi rastartoltak a tevesorozatokra, a sportesemenyek kozvetitesi jogainak megszerezesere, azaz epp a hagyomanyos tevezes slagertermekeire. Az Analysys Mason elemzoi szerint amint a jogtulajdonosok is megtalaljak az on-demand tevezesben a maguk uzleti modelljet, es platformot valtanak, a nem linearis tevezes egyertelmuen helyettesitoje lehet a hagyomanyos televiziozasnak. Az uzleti szereploknek idoben es a valtozasokhoz igazodva kell alakitaniuk a tartalombeszerzesi es elosztasi strategiaikat, hogy megorizhessek a piacukat.

A Bitport otodik eve kozvetit sikeresen az informatikai piac es a technologiat hasznosito donteshozok kozott. This is an interactive technology that enables the customers to view real time programs and download them. The VOD systems available today are a combination of various old and new contents with advantages. Increasing adoption of VOD technologies across different industrial verticals and developing regions are expected to provide strong growth for the industry in the near future. Corporate video conferencing no longer requires expensive MCUs, which have been successfully replaced with software solutions that support scalable video coding (SVC).
The factors defining customers' decisions are dynamic changes in the market, the changing needs of customers and their willingness to try different solutions. This means that users trust and desire to use TrueConf as a long term video conferencing system. They now fully support the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept and were the first Russian vendor to support 4K (UltraHD) video conferencing.
Egyelore csak kiegeszitoje a hagyomanyos teveszolgaltatasnak, de az Analysys Mason egy friss tanulmanya szerint mar a nem tul tavoli jovoben kisebbsegbe szorulhat a musorszolgaltatason alapulo tevezes.
Az ot ev alatt 3,3 milliard euronyi bevetelt veszitett ez a piac, melynek bevetele 2013-ban 6 milliard euro volt.
Ha azonban az internetes tartalom ternyerese valtozatlan tempoban folytatodik, az online teveszolgaltatasok a hagyomanyos tevezesi piacbol is komoly szeletet hasithatnak le.
Az OTT szolgaltatasok ternyereset jol peldazza a Netflix uzleti modelljenek valtozasa: az online DVD-kolcsonzo es -kuldo szolgaltatastol elso lepeskent az online filmszolgaltatas fele mozdult el, majd 2011-tol sajat – nagyon sikeres – sorozatok gyartasaba fogott. Uj eszkozoket is ki kell fejleszteniuk ahhoz, hogy megfeleloen tudjak monitorozni a tevefogyasztasi szokasokat, es noveljek ugyfelmegtarto kepesseguket – figyelmeztet az Analysys Mason.
Users will be given 30 days to activate their rental and 48 hours to watch it once it has been activated.
Increasing access to IPTV technology and advancements in the VOD modeling are creating demand in the global video on demand market.
Another factor working in favor of the video on demand market is the evolving technology in the industry. Different levels of enterprise applications like employee training, video libraries, and digital storage are also some major factors stirring demand in the industry.
One of the factors supporting this theory is the 20% increase in TrueConf's sales in Russia during 2013 of licenses for video conferencing software compared to 2012.
TrueConf Server offers a Full HD video experience and the ability to support multi-point video conferences with up to 250 participants. Az OTT novekmenye es a fizikai videopiac csokkenese kozti kulonbseg reszben azzal magyarazhato, hogy az online szolgaltatasban mar nincs szukseg fizikai termekre, igy annak a gyartasi koltsege megsporolhato. Egyik elso sorozata a 2013-ban bemutatott politikai drama, a House of Cards Kevin Spaceyvel a foszerepben.
The industry for VOD is expected to maintain healthy growth rate, which is an exciting sign for the existing business owners in the market.
The VOD, AVOD and IPTV technologies are constantly evolving, which is a great sign for the global market. Emerging markets are witnessing rise in demand for IPTV and VOD technologies, which is reflecting in the overall growth of the global market. Growing investments and global reach of advanced technology is also encouraging these businesses to expand their businesses on global platform.
New players on the other hand are aiming at large investments within developing regions and emerging markets.

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