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Utilizar uma grande variedade de midias e fundamental na hora de desenvolver um conteudo atraente e relevante para seu publico.
Opcoes de plataformas altamente compartilhaveis e indexaveis nos mecanismos de busca sao muitas, entender qual e a melhor para seu tipo de negocio pode fazer a diferenca. Sendo assim, mesmo que voce defina uma estrategia de uso de Vimeo ou SlideShare, por exemplo, eu indicaria que voce mantenha um canal atualizado tambem no YouTube para marcar sua presenca nos resultados.
Caso voce use apenas o canal da rede social (sem pensar em incorpora-lo em outro site), a plataforma de video nao e a mais indicada para venda de produtos ou para um simples Link Building (estrategia de apontamento de links).
Marca pertencente ao Twitter, focado em mobile, o Vine (para a gravacao e compartilhamento de videos de ate 6 segundo) e originalmente um aplicativo para smartphones. A interacao com o publico e sobretudo conveniente.
O Vine ainda nao esta exatamente lotado de usuarios, porem o crescimento dele e notavel, em agosto de 2013 chegou aos 40 milhoes de usuarios. Publicacao baseada no texto da Forbes – Things You Should Know About YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and Instagram. O x da questao e a presenca ou nao dos loopings nessas plataformas, e isso que gera trafego, e isso que da retorno. Welcome!Online Marketing is growing rapidly and getting your business out there is important.
Hit the forward button again to the present day and it now has over one billion users with 300 hours of video uploaded every minute. Yes, we agree far too many of them are ‘crazy’ cat films or home videos of cute children that perhaps were only meant for friends and family. Proof perhaps that you can’t make a video go viral by throwing a large budget at it and enlisting scriptwriters, actors and directors. The key test for news value has always been “would people talk about it in the pub?”; the test for online video footage is “will people share the link or like or comment on it?”. If it were five years in the future, would you be reading this article or would you be watching it? With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, small businesses that fail to include it in their internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril.
Always consider the audience you are trying to reach and ensure the video is relevant to them.
Finally, be creative, not only with the videos themselves but in the campaign strategy you build around them. Learn more about our services…We cover everything from 3D Animation to Presenter videos. 18 Nov, 2014The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that embedding a copyrighted YouTube video on a website does not constitute copyright infringement.
The ruling concerns a case referred to the ECJ by the German Federal Court of Justice (BestWater International) in 2013. This means that internet users that embed copyrighted videos or images from other websites could be protected from copyright infringement actions. Digital video series: What is the future of online video advertising and will it take over from TV? The Drum catches up with a cross-section of the online video industry to discuss the evolution of online video advertising. As part of The Drum’s latest digital media supplement, focused on the opportunities of online video, we are publishing a series of articles exploring a range of topics, from how to produce effective branded content to the challenges of video real-time bidding. In today’s article, we ask: What is the future of online video advertising and will it take over from TV? As for whether digital video will take over from TV, I think digital video is more likely to take budget spend away from other mediums, such as print, outdoor or digital display, rather than TV. Our recent 2013 UK Digital Video Advertising report gives a clear indication of where things are headed in this space. As with any development within advertising, including the future of online video advertising, it depends on the audience.
The future of online advertising is intertwined with how the video on demand (VOD) market develops. I don't believe however, that TV will ever stray too far from the centre of campaigns, as it can still draw large crowds and produce high volumes of impressions from a marketing perspective. TV will always have its place, but will come under increasing pressure to become more accountable, especially with the advent of connected TV.
It is essential to understand that they are different mediums, using similar ad formats, that should be complementary to one other, like any other type of media.
The future of online video advertising will focus on addressable media – the ability to target people based on their age, gender and interests. The winner will be the player that can generate the most efficiency – providing the right message to the right audience at the best price. Data will define the future of video advertising, playing a role before, during and after ads are seen by the consumer. Online video won’t take over from traditional TV per se, it’s not simply a case of one medium replacing another. With constantly improving streaming capabilities on smartphone and tablet devices, including rising 4G network subscriptions, consumers are watching video content on more than just their TV. Online video advertising won’t kill TV, although as more and more content is viewed on smart TVs there will obviously be a shift.
In addition to learning more about video players that can play most of the videos on your computer, you can also learn more about what’s going on in the video player space.

Add to your list of issues with the new Windows 8 operating system the curious fact that it does not come with DVD playback software. Every time you watch a video on sites like YouTube or Netflix, you’re actually watching a video stream instead of say watching a video on your computer that you’ve downloaded and saved. Flash video is all over the Internet, but at the same time Flash video on the Internet is a dying format. How many times have parents heard these four words in rapid fire: “Are we there yet?” from the kids in the backseat whenever the family went for a road trip.
Before getting into details and the differences between Microsoft Windows Media Player (WMP) 12 and RealPlayer one thing is clear they both deliver high-quality audio and video. DVDs are a great way to create and share compilations of family videos or create a disc of videos just for kids.
To My Dear Wife & New Born Son, Okay, Fathers Day is just around the corner and dear family I’m picking up that you are still wondering what gift you could buy to celebrate me on this most important of days.
One of these days, somebody may come up with a Web-based microwave oven, or even your backyard grill may become a Web-based thingie! After the latest update, JayCut got webcam and voice-over support, slow motion effects, and a bunch of other goodies. I wrote about various IT subjects here and there, but I always wanted to improve my skills while doing it, so that's why I am still crazy about technology, Internet, freebies, and writing about them (in random order) at 33 years old.
What is the sense to download jaycut if they are not taking new users…its ridiculous! A utilizacao do video ja pode ser considerada basica e imprescindivel para qualquer marca. O consumo de videos em smartphones no Brasil cresceu 20% em 2013, e isto deve ser so o comeco.
O conceito principal do YouTube nao e exatamente conectar, o foco maior e exatamente no consumo dos videos. O conceito do Vimeo, e talvez uma de suas grandes vantagens, e o foco na audiencia de nicho.
Desde entao, cresceu para se tornar a maior comunidade do mundo para compartilhar apresentacoes e outros conteudos profissionais. Poucos sabem, mas o site tambem oferece a opcao de upload de video. Comprado pela rede social profissional em 2012, a ferramenta e totalmente amigavel e incorporavel tambem dentro da Rede, em perfis, grupos e company pages. Se voce esta procurando uma estrategia tradicional, o Instagram e muito mais simpatico a tecnologia. With YouTube even posting a #TBT link to the clip on Facebook, it started to go viral all over again and now “Me at the zoo” has had more than 20 million views.
The footage entitled ‘Charlie bit my finger’ was intended for the boys’ godfather but has received some 816 million views. As online video continues its inimitable rise, it’s certainly an interesting question to ponder. YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month – that’s more than any other channel, apart from Facebook. Production costs have fallen significantly in recent years and you no longer need to be a technical whiz to work out how to use it.
If it’s not the most appropriate means of getting your message across, you are probably wasting your time. If you want to fully realise video’s potential, you must make it easy for users to find and share it.
As my head of marketing likes to say, creativity wins over the cost of production every time. Why not show your business and your products off in style with a video from The Business Video Company. The case had originally been stayed, pending the ECJ’s decision in Svensson, in which it was found that hyperlinking to a previously published work is not copyright infringement. However, it remains to be seen whether that protection will also extend to streaming or hosting movie sites that use third-party services to embed infringing videos. Every day, agency trading desks like IPG Mediabrands and Xaxis are using software like ours to buy ads that appear on TV content – the difference is the content is now streamed on computers, tablets and more. Advertisers are seeing the benefits of automated buying with VOD and it won't be long before they start demanding its use elsewhere. We are rapidly moving towards being able to effectively reach a consumer on whatever screen they are using at any given time. This will be the single highest drive behind the development of online video advertising, and could see it take the majority hold away from TV. TV continues to be the best way to reach mass audiences and delivering high impact, but online and mobile video are very strong compliments to it. The introduction of online GRPs into the digital lexicon demonstrates a shift in the way that digital marketers are approaching video advertising, and targeting TV budgets. Linear TV’s issue of wastage, which is currently still the norm, will become less acceptable over time.
There is no doubt that the proliferation of different devices including mobile phones, tablets, living room entertainment systems, connected TVs, to name a few, are fundamentally changing how people access and engage with TV and video content. We’ll move further away from simply buying environments and focus on our specific audience and the story we tell to them. What we will see is a convergence of video media as it’s accessed through an ever increasing range of devices, it will be driven by data and differentiated by the context, not the environment in which it is viewed. Rather than take over from TV, online video advertising and TV will unite forces and become one.

Additionally there are interesting second screen opportunities that can link with on demand and linear TV, so there's a lot of activity in this area. The ability to watch video content on numerous devices will continue the growth of online video advertising. In the short term online and offline planning and buying will continue the process of convergence.
Video actually has the opportunity to complement TV as people can download video content to their phone that allows them to interact with TV programming.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If you are just looking for a free video player that can play most videos consider RealPlayer, which you can download free by clicking the orange button in the top right corner of this page. On one hand, you see Flash used on all of the major streaming video sites like YouTube or Facebook.
You can watch your favorite home movies on DVDs with family and friends or bring them along in the car so kids can watch their favorite videos on long car rides. Google Video, we hardly knew ye – because we’d normally just go to YouTube if we wanted to watch free online videos. No, I am not talking about online orders, I am thinking about uploading the raw meat and getting it back grilled with just a few clicks, and if this seems a crazy idea now, look at JayCut and think how crazy would have been the idea behind it in the early 1990s! It’s great for short videos, but when your video gets longer, it gets to be a pain to preview.
Although the information on this article is very helpfull it’s still not enough for me to understand. Try emailing them or following them on Facebook, they’ll surely let the world know when new users can join! Talvez por ser menor e procurar por diferenciais, o Vimeo acaba oferecendo um pacote de personalizacao muito mais forte.
Nielsen claims 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future.
One in three Britons view at least one online video a week – that’s a weekly audience of more than 20 million people in the UK alone.
Apps such as Twitter’s Vine, with its six-second maximum clip length, have dramatically increased the opportunity for businesses on a limited budget to get stuck in. Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings gives agencies a way to make direct comparisons to TV, and products like our own BrandPoint help them act on that reporting. However, in order to achieve this, advertisers need to be buying their media programmatically and centralising the decision-making process.
We will be creating a more effective dialogue and gaining a far deeper understanding of our viewing audience. What’s more, as consumers are plugging their digital devices into TVs to watch online video content, they’re also seeing online video ads on the biggest screen in their homes. Part of this process is that both TV and online video mediums need to learn from each other. Online video advertising will grow into a whole new area of creativity, which we have already seen the forerunners of this year with Vine and Instagram. Who has time to figure out what type of video player is needed to play a video stored on a computer? Please read it once again, then once again, then again and again and again until you understand it – all your questions have been answered in the article already! Nevertheless, if you’re to realise a decent return on your investment, you will need to bear the following in mind. Ooyala has claimed a tenth of all video plays happen on mobiles and tablets, and it’s an increasingly important segment, with mobile phones holding 41% more share of video consumption at the end of June 2013 than at the start of that year. However what is and will always remain true is that consumers will always be interested in high quality entertaining content regardless of its source and delivery mechanic. The personalisation that advertisers are used to in the online world will sync with TV advertising.
Traditional TV has to keep up with the tracking and targeting capabilities of online video technologies. Online video advertising is due to reach $20 billion by the year 2015 according to Forrester. Atuei em diversas vertentes de Marketing Digital e Comunicacao: Criacao publicitaria, redacao, arte, planejamento e producao. The online video advertising sector has to find metrics that attract the attention of the TV planners and buyers who make their decisions on gross ratings points. We know video players and know that you shouldn’t need to download multiple video players to support multiple file formats.
Desde 2012 atuo pela Universidade Buscape Company na coordenacao de Marketing Digital e Treinamentos.
1 online video advertising spend increased last year increased by 46% outpacing popular formats such as search ads or display the ads. Whether you want to find a way to play MP4 videos, make the most of MKV videos, or are just looking for a Windows Media Player that plays more than just .WMV files these posts can help you pick the right player for your needs.

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