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LONDON – The Associated Press today unveiled the beta version of AP Video Hub, a state-of-the-art global platform for the online delivery of broadcast-quality video news.
The beta launch reflects the increase in demand for video news from a growing segment of customers -- online publishers. AP has designed Video Hub specifically for digital publishers and has developed the site in conjunction with some of the world’s leading newspapers.
Senior Vice President Daisy Veerasingham, who heads AP’s video business internationally, said: “AP Video Hub represents a major opportunity for the AP. Veerasingham added: “This launch forms a key part of our video business transformation program -- a multimillion-dollar upgrade to transform our entire video business to ensure we maintain our leadership in video news. The beta version launched today is already being used by charter customers, including some of the world’s leading news sites.
The Associated Press is the essential global news network, delivering fast, unbiased news from every corner of the world to all media platforms and formats.
Add cue points to your video files to enable time-based functionality such as chaptering, display of related files at specific points, and timed advertisements. Upload multiple caption files (SRT, XML) and transcripts (TXT), or reference an external link.
Create “content packages”, including a set of video transcodes, multiple thumbnails in different sizes, metadata, subtitles, scheduling data, and more. Leverage Kaltura’s robust API to implement custom workflows for all of our content management capabilities. With the mission to power any video experience, Kaltura’s online video platform is deployed globally across thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers, and educational institutions, leveraging video to teach, learn, collaborate, communicate, and entertain. Youku Tudou, China’s largest online video site with more than 450 million users, is seeking to step up engagement with its audience by letting fans directly connect with celebrities who appear on the site’s original programming. It announced today the beta launch of an interactive entertainment platform called “Xingmeng” that is only available for use on PCs now, but will be released on mobile in the future. The Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform involves and engages everyone in the company, affording the opportunity to build a video culture and align an organisation in the most engaging and effective ways.
Say goodbye to communications with buzzwords, jargon, general awkwardness and corporate stiffness. The Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform is progressively evolving to stay abreast of the working environment. Employees can now effectively communicate and collaborate in the workplace by taking advantage of their smartphones and personal computers to watch company videos and interact. Launch your own white-label video streaming platform and become streaming video service provider yourself.
The video streaming market is booming like never before (expected to touch $12 Billion by 2014) with consumer adoption of broadband creating unique opportunities for uploading and monetizing rich media content. Your customers sign up with you and gain access to their own video panels from where they can self manage all aspects of their on-demand & live streaming services. Your customers are looking for affordable video platform that is self managed, easy to use and fully loaded with many features to allowing them to publish videos without any restrictions, adverts or sharing with other users.
Your OVP platform will not only allow uploads of up to 10 GB videos, but also offer live video broadcasting service with instant activation so anyone can log in and stream a live event.
Our R&D efforts are focused on bettering what we have already created and our innovations will be made available to you ensuring that you are constantly ahead of your competition. You can set your own prices on top of your wholesale prices ( see below ) for the service plans and add-ons you are going to offer and sell to your clients.

Based on the amount you deposit into your Wallet, we'll give you between 10% and 30% discount on our service plans and add-ons. The partner is expected to find and sign up at least 3 active user accounts within the first 6 months period of trading. The following links shows you how seamlessly we have embedded the OVP pages besides the standard CMS pages. Any partner can do the same embed procedure within a matter of minutes and start their new streaming video business.
The new platform delivers video news from AP’s journalists in the field to digital customers’ desktops, faster and easier than ever before.
In an industry-first platform, curators will select and promote breaking news content together with relevant footage from AP’s historic archive, allowing the development of richer online storytelling for customers who until now have lacked easy access to this kind of content. Breaking news from the field gets to Video Hub fast, via mobile satellite uplinks and a network of video news bureaus around the world, using the latest generation of video editing, compression and transmission tools. Unique functionality includes a “follow” stories feature that alerts users via Twitter as new content on the story arrives.
Video news is no longer the sole preserve of terrestrial and satellite broadcasters and AP Video Hub addresses this with an offering for the rapidly growing segment of the media market – online video news. The investment is providing AP customers with a wider range of options in how they receive video content, both in the traditional broadcast market and on digital platforms. Further functionality will be added over the coming months with the full production release scheduled for summer 2012. Founded in 1846, AP today is the largest and most trusted source of independent news and information. Kaltura lets you manage all your media in one central repository, accessed centrally through our management console.
You can use categories, along with metadata and filters, to create manually or dynamically generated playlists (aka Channels).
Each clip gets its own embed code and metadata, while remaining associated to the original video.
You can search for a specific phrase within a library of videos and find the exact point in the video where the phrase appears using the time-based caption files.
Packages allows you to treat your videos in an holistic way, store related assets such as “behind the scenes” “trailers” “poster images” and even legal approvals in a single organized and searchable source. The platform lets fans access live broadcasts of performances or programs in separate channels, while also being able to chat online and gift virtual goods at the same time. Youku Tudou says that live video chat will be made available soon.
The Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform could help executives to systematise, inspire and encourage teams of employees through the use of video presentations.
Corporate communications personnel can loosen up with the Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform that will ensure messages are consistent, reliable and in line with the overall company standards. With new technology that can streamline operations, the Human Resources Department can support and improve by planning, implementing and evaluating employee relations through live webcast events that can be delivered to every computer in the firm. This will actively unify the workforce, reaching even the farthest employees with consistent messages.
While there are solutions out there to manage videos, most if not all of them have limited bandwidths or restrictions on the video size and length plus many other downsides. More importantly branding can be customized by the customer to enable offering your solution as their own. By using your OVP platform they have the opportunity to actually earn revenue from their videos all thanks to the Pay-Per-View feature.

By having constant supply of fresh new features added to your OVP as soon as they have been developed by our skilled in-house developers, we ensure our partners have supreme and up-to-date product to offer.
Uploading, encoding, and streaming are covered from our site so you can save time and effort. This will display the login and registration screens within your website from where your users can self-manage everything for themselves. You have just saved yourself lots of money on web development and infrastructure and you are ready to start your new business. The amount is prepaid up front and is kept in your Wallet from where we'll deduct our wholesale price for the service plans and add-ons you've sold to your clients. You need to depoit as least £2,000 to have the VideoApps Studio as an option for your clients to use. After applying to become a partner, if approved, we can offer you 14 days free trial access to the OVP admin panel. The essential requirement to be a partner is to guarantee certain annual turnover which means that at least once every 24 months you need to replenish your wallet.
Curated topic pages, quick video previews, one-click download direct to desktop and real-time search content filters are additional features that have been incorporated into the platform. The intuitive interface gives you all the tools you need to organize your content and metadata, easily search media, edit, moderate, create playlists, and much more.
Playlists can be created manually or be based on a specific topic (for instance tropical fish) or criteria, and can be automatically ordered by most viewed videos, highest rated videos, alphabetically and more.
Packages also allow you to define a subset of data to be sent to distribution partners via the Kaltura Distribution Module. Your customers can choose to sell video tickets or subscriptions to their own customers, which - at the end of the day - provides revenue opportunities for everyone and increases the loyalty of your customer's database.
The entire OVP is completely embedded within your own website, all the forms, onscreen messages and any other communications between your OVP and your clients are fully customisable by you. Other companies have invested millions in their OVPs and their sale prices for similar services are much higher. So your existing users can automatically register and access the new video panel to self manage their streaming video tasks. 3) We do not want to flood the market with OVPs and that is the reason of having the minimum requirements.
You can also automate the creation of subtitles and transcripts through our partners in Kaltura Exchange. Additionally, we provide domain masking which will further secure the chance of your customers finding out about us. Since you are dealing with the main supplier, you have very good wholesale prices to start off.
You can even offer managed services and introduce one-time initial fee that you keep for yourself, all of it.

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