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Microsoft recently launched the latest version of their Windows operating system, Windows 8, and reports say they have sold an impressive 60 million copies since the October 2012 release. With Windows 8, Microsoft aimed to accommodate the increased popularity of tablets and smartphones.
It seems that businesses perceive Windows 8 as an operating system targeted to the needs and desires of consumers, and therefore not a useful update for their PCs. Windows 8’s Modern interface looks markedly different to what users have come to know and expect from Windows. Windows 8 has received many criticisms for its functional problems, for example technology website The Verge said that its included apps were too basic, and Ars Technica stated that the interface was not intuitive, complaining about a lack of instructions.
With Windows 8, Microsoft has launched an ambitious new product, which has had some very well documented teething problems. There are a lot of players in the NBA with terrible tattoos so I couldn’t have possibly got them all.
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However, reviews of the new product have been mixed to say the least, and the response from the business world has been particularly cynical.

The design updates may look smart, but reviewers have complained that there are many usability issues. The criticisms have damaged Microsoft’s reputation when it comes to operating systems, which is still in recovery from the negative response to 2006’s Windows Vista. Windows 8 is particularly designed to suit touch screen devices such as tablets and mobile phones.
When the computer is switched on, the user is met with a screen comprising of different sized squares, where they once would have seen the familiar desktop layout, with various icons, wallpaper and a toolbar.
However, reviewers have also pointed out a number of positive improvements, which have been overshadowed by complains about the interface. For businesses, an operating system with such functionality issues is not a viable option, but in the long-run Microsoft’s bold move into new territory could give them an advantage over their rivals Google and Apple.
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If you’re going to make an article on something, back it up with actual information that makes sense.
It would seem that whoever created this list should know a thing or two about body modification. MIT Technology Review commented that although the new interface, which Microsoft has optimistically named “Modern,” is “a pleasure to use on phones and tablets,” it “fares poorly” when used on a PC.

Official sales figures state that only 17% of business computers shipped in December 2012 used Windows 8.
Touch screen is a major consumer trend, but for business users a more practical operating system is a priority. The new interface is colourful and appealing for casual computer users, but for businesses where productivity and usability are key, the new look seems more of a gimmick than an innovation. The Verge were impressed by Windows 8’s updated Task Manager and the File History and Storage Space features.
For now, they will need to work hard to win back their business customers’ valuable loyalty, perhaps with updates or a separate business edition. In this edition of the worst tats on the body of NBA players, I’ve got a mixed bag of bad, stupid and cluttered.

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