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It also includes a widget for audio control, supports audio headsets control, cover art and a complete audio media library.
VLC is compatible with current smartphones, with ARMv6 support planned for a future update. VLC Media Player is one of the most popular desktop music and video player for desktop systems. VLC for Android shares several features with its desktop version, including the ability to play both video and audio files on Android devices.
Videos are displayed automatically afterwards in the interface with a thumbnail, their file name, playtime and resolution. The controls at the top let you go back to the media selection menu, and to use the built-in search, open a network stream or refresh the current media listing. When you go back you get to select the audio or video media listing, pick another directory that you want to browse for media, and to access your viewing and listening history.
I had no playback problems, and the HD demo video that my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 shipped with played without stutters or issues. Most user reviews on Google Play are positive, many stating that VLC is the best media player for Android even though it is still in beta. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. Here's the latest update: The new version of the EmoPlayer coming soon will have a new great functionality, it will let you choose the videos from Youtube you want to cache, so you can watch your favorite music video anytime even if you are in a submarine, or stream them from Youtube if you are online! I have tried installing VLC Beta and Play the HD Video that came inbuilt with Xperia SL and literally video was paused every second while audio running in the background and it is no where a replacement for my default player.
All the Video Playing apps in this article are listed randomly as all of them are really close in terms of performance. Most video players below have been downloaded millions of times already, but if you can think of other great similar players then you can post them in comments and we will continue to update the guide.
KMPlayer is currently one of the most reliable applications that you might want to test on your Android device. This app is also capable of displaying any type of subtitle format, so you should be able to enjoy movies even if you’re in a noisy location. Other features of VLC beta for Android: support for subtitles and multi-track audio, aspect ratio options, gestures control for volume and brightness levels, widgets, audio headset control, cover art.
A small but extremely stable and reliable video player capable of decoding and rendering HD MKV, mkv, 3gp, avi, m4v and multiple other video formats. All VPlayer Video Player feature and functions can only be used for seven days, after that you will have to purchase the Unlocker tool. Other features: support for HTTP streaming, it can play almost any type of subtitle format, subtitle settings for better visibility, MKV subtitle extraction is supported, etc. In order to unlock the PRO edition you will need to buy the VPlayer Unlocker app from Google Play Store here.

An Android video player that has been already downloaded and installed ten million times, a number that continue to grow with each week that goes by.
It comes with full support for SRT, ASS and SAA subtitle formats as well as support for build-in subtitles usually found in MOV, MPV, MKV and other similar formats. In case you find some video formats that aren’t working then you might wish to check the Mobo Team codec installation links here.
A video player created by INISOFT_DEV with features such as gesture controls for volume levels, seek, brightness, pinch to zoom as well as aspect ration options, pop-up play, multiple subtitle and audio tracks, external subtitles are supported, HW acceleration which depends on your device’s HW capabilities. DicePlayer for Android can play avi, mov, flx, 3gp, wmv, mtp, m2ts, asf, mp4, and others more.
If you want DicePlayer on your device then you should head to Google Play Store here and install it. Just like its desktop counterpart, the BSPlayer edition for Android is one of the most reliable video playing applications every created. The Free edition of BSPlayer comes with almost all the features that are present in the PRO edition, so you should give the free one a try before deciding to purchase the full version.
General Features of BSPlayer for Android: hardware accelerated video decoding, automatic subtitle search just like the one you can find in the desktop version, audio pre-amplification that permits users to boost volume levels up to 500%, aspect ratio adjustment options, zoom support, multi-audio and multi-subtitle tracks, pop-up window audio and video playback support, multi-core suport, child lock and support for USB on-the-go. The Full BSPlayer edition costs $6.75 and it gets rid of all ads and adds support for Chromecast.
If you can think of any other video players, then you can tell us in comments and we will update the guide after testing the suggested apps. The player has been branched out fairly recently to Android, where it is now available as a beta version that you can download from Google Play. A notification is displayed on first start that informs you that the player is a beta version. Sometimes, this switches to brightness controls instead but I could not really figure out when that is happening. VLC for Android displays the album cover if available on the  player page along with a number of controls that you can use to control the playback. If you are currently looking for a new media player for your Android device, I'd highly suggest you check it out. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand.
It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers.
Most of the apps should work with any Android version, but there might some that will need you to run Android 4.0 or newer OS variants. Some of its great features include KMP Connect that allows you to connect the computer with the mobile app allowing you to watch movies on the go.
Another great thing about this release is that it allows you to fast forward, rewind, control volume and brightness levels using gestures.

I personally like the stable and reliable media streaming capabilities when pairing KMPlayer with video content from different apps and websites. If your device doesn’t meet these requirements then you will need to turn your attention to other video players below. The application is fully capable of playing any type of video format, but it still ha some limitations as it doesn’t work with ARM v6 devices and Hardware Decoding is only available for a small array of devices.
You can use it freely on your Android device in order to play video, stream video content, run DVD ISO files just like you can do with the VLC Desktop Edition, and more. It is great if you’re also planning on streaming content via DLNA, NAS, Wifi, Dropbox, Gmail, UPnP, YouTube. The greatest thing about this app is that it allows owners of Dual-core devices to play even the highest possible video format. The app is fully free to use for seven days, but after that you will need to pay $4.99 in order to unlock the full Premium edition. Other smaller features: multi-audio streams, multi-subtitles, playlists, continuous play for same type file formats, video streaming via RTSP or HTTP, sorting options for media files, etc.
It is also available for free installation, so you won’t need to pay anything in order to test or use it.
The app is FREE to install, but you can also choose to get the PRO edition and you will get experimental support for Chromecast and no ads. There are tons of other great features and functions that will make you use this app, but you can only decide after testing it. Once that is out of the way, you will notice that it will automatically scan your storage for audio and video files.
Video controls are displayed at the bottom of the screen when the video starts to play.  Here you can use the slider to move to a specific position, use fast forward or back buttons, pause the video, lock the screen or use various fit and fill options to display the video full screen regardless of orientation. This includes back and forward buttons, options to repeat a song or randomize the play order, and to change the playback speed. Also, its comprehensive Settings menu allows you to change video screen orientation, detect headset, subtitles support, file searching, and more. It is a fast and reliable video playing tool that you should at least try for a couple of days in order to see if it matches your expectations. The app has been installed over one million times and it currently holds a 4.4 rating from more than 18,000 voters.
Performance may also not be ideal on all systems, especially on those were hardware decoding is not working yet. This app is packed full with feature and you will only be able to learn about it by installing and testing the app for several days.

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