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The great thing about smartphones these days is that they’ve basically become portable computers that give users the ability to listen to and watch pretty much anything their desires whenever and wherever they want. The only difference is that you can’t share music, making music downloading far safer than on a desktop PC because one can’t be accused of distributing copyrighted material. The following is a quick rundown of the top 5 iPhone apps for downloading free music online (in no particular order). Easy-to-use app lets you download music and then view, play, or even transfer songs to others. Free Music Download Pro+ offers a little more features than the rest with its lyrics display and single tap music downloads.
Free Music Download Player allows users to download free and legal music from a selection of over 500,000 tracks. GTA Car Kits is not responsible and should not be liable for any damages caused to you or your vehicle during installation of the kit. It took several hours to get all the wires tucked away cleanly, but the final result looks and sounds absolutely fantastic.
Had to call support during install for a question and call was answered on first ring and service was great! I have been looking for something like this for a long time, Honda wanted to charge me like $400, and stereo shops could not get me anything cause the said the year of my pilot it could not be done.
I didn’t consider any other kits as your price seemed right and your video was clear and easy to follow.
Being able to listen music on my iPhone through my car’s system was the key reason for the purchase. The only problem – trim panels came off a little harder than video showed but maybe your technician has done many hundreds more.

Perfect match for GTA Car kit – Universal Car Holder that clips on the horizontal vents and rotates 360 degrees. Incredibly Durable: Tangle-free nylon cord with aluminum casing has a 4000+ bend lifespan, several times longer than original device cables. Hight Quality black nylon braiding cable with grey aluminum that blends into most car interiors and not as noticeable as original white cables. Professional grade plastic tool set for removing car dash trims without damage to your car interior.
Bonus: PlanetaryNow, I know I said I was only going to mention 3, but this app is just too awesome to pass up. Impressively tall and powerful to match, this  docking system is the perfect iPod companion. All installation videos on this website and GTA Car Kit's YouTube channel provided as a reference only. The guys (Maurizo in particular) at GTA were super helpful in helping me find the right unit. It was easy to install, I was worried about “taking the dash apart” but it was easy!
Overall I am very pleased with the product, ease of install and ease of use through car system. Sure, with the recent iOS 6 update the design became sleeker, but it's not really what you'd expect from a top of the line smartphone. What sets this app apart from the rest is that it comes with scrolling lyrics for all of your songs.
Plus, this one's iPad only (as of this writing), so it technically doesn't count, right?Planetary is an extremely innovative and unique music player that uses the universe to play your music.

This takes you to the star,which is the artist, with its revolving planets, which are the albums. What if the song wait a second after it stops in the end of the song then waits to be played again in the 3rd app?
If you don't feel comfortable with DIY installation - please contact a car audio professional in your local area. The video on Utube makes installation super easy even for those of us less mechanically inclined.
I ran the cables through the center consel as the video mentioned by drilling a hole in the base. I cannot express how helpful the video was if not for that I seriously doubt I would have tried to do this myself. It's as simple as tapping once on the screen to play the song, swiping to change the song, and double tapping to change to artist, album or song. Clicking on an album takes you to the planet and its rotating moons, which, as you can probably guess, are the songs.When you click on a song, it begins to rotate around the planet in accordance to the song length. You can tag music with moods, create dynamic playing queues, use gesture controls for playback, share your playing music with the world - right from Sashay. This is a much more cost effective solution than taking it to a place like Best Buy and purchasing what they stock, and having them install it. So view that I’m net positive by a couple hundred bucks through the help of your video.

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