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Windows Media Player 12 co kh? nang nh?n d?ng va choi h?u h?t cac d?nh d?ng Audio nh?c va 1 s? Video. Windows Media Player 12 co 2 ch? d? chuy?n d?i danh cho b?n, do la ch? d? Thu Vi?n va Now Playing. Kh? nang choi Video c?a Windows Media Player 12 con h?n ch?, nhi?u d?nh d?ng khong ch?y du?c, b?n c?n cai K-Lite Codec Pack thi m?i co th? phat du?c. Giao di?n phat nh?c c?a Windows Media Player 12 theo phong cach trong su?t d?c trung c?a Windows 7.
Phanmemaz chia s? link t?i Windows Media Player 12 cho Windows Xp, cac b?n co th? tr?i nghi?m ph?n m?m nay qua link ben du?i. This download is for anyone with Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, so you can download Windows Media Player.

Find Windows Media Player 11 for XP and Vista here, or find out about Windows Media Player 12 here. Phien b?n Windows Media Player 12 v?i nhi?u tinh nang d?c dao va kh? nang choi nh?c c?c da giup b?n thu gian v?i nh?ng bai hat yeu thich.
La ph?n m?m du?c Microsoft t?o ra va phat tri?n, qua t?ng phien b?n Windows Media Player ngay cang ch?ng t? cho ngu?i dung th?y du?c la ?ng d?ng ch?y nh?c don gi?n, hi?u qu? va tr?c quan, d? s? d?ng va ch?t lu?ng khong h? thua kem b?t c? ph?n m?m tuong t? khac. N?u nhu ? ch? d? Thu vi?n, ngu?i dung co th? qu?n ly va quan sat d?y d? thong tin c?a t?ng b?n nh?c. Trong danh sach phat, danh d?u x?p h?ng cho bai hay ma b?n thich d? nghe nh?c hi?u qu? hon. It's the perfect option for people who just want to watch their videos and listen to their music in peace!

Con ? ch? d? Now Playing cho b?n giao di?n tr?c quan, danh sach phat du?c li?t ke ? ben ph?i giup b?n d? dang thay d?i bai hat cung nhu th? t? c?a chung. Phien b?n m?i nh?t la KMPlayer 3.7 Final, b?n co th? t?i v? va so sanh ch?t lu?ng c?a 2 ph?n m?m nay.

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