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TV Player Classic (FREE NOW!) is a program for viewing streaming online internet TV channels or Torrent TV (P2P TV) for VLC player. You must have installed video codecs of VLC player for playing Torrent TV (P2P TV) on the TV set or computer display.
The channels of the following content are broadcast: feature films, sports, educational, musical, news, weather forecasts, webcams, entertaining etc. Some television broadcasting stations can be out of access at the moment because of overload. Taking into consideration the fact that the definition of the television set is considerably lower than that one of the monitor, and the pixel of the television tube is bigger than the pixel of the monitor, it is strongly recommended to view the Internet online TV on the television set in the fullscreen mode. Online TV Player te permite ver mas de 850 canales gratuitos de television de todo el mundo y escuchar mas de 1.500 emisoras de radio gratuitas online en tu PC.
Utilizamos nuestras propias cookies y de terceros para mejorar nuestros servicios y su experiencia. Free Online TV Player is a simple-to-use program which lets you view TV channels online from all over the world. So, you can adjust the volume and switch to full screen mode, as well as create a favorites list. But you can also add a new station by specifying the name, URL, stream, source handler, radio language, channel type, main genre, country of origin, channel quality, second genre, state, bandwidth, additional genre, city and description.

The program runs on a moderate-to-high amount of system resources, can guide you to a comprehensive help file with snapshots online and has a very good response time. This software allows you to watch 1200+ live television channels from 100+ countries and 400 paid channels for free. These channels are streamed over the Internet for free and do not require any subscription. If doing so you can gain the image quality similar to the on-air broadcasting or cablecasting in the most cases. Online TV Player funciona tanto con Windows Media como con Real Video y es compatible con el modo pantalla completa. Mediante ellas personalizamos anuncios, proporcionamos funciones de las redes sociales y analizamos nuestro trafico. No errors have popped up during our tests and Free Online TV Player did not freeze or crash. There is no need for a TV Tuner card because all the channels are streamed through your Internet connection. Tambien compartimos informacion sobre la manera en que usa nuestro sitio con nuestros socios de redes sociales, publicidad y analisis.
Other than that, we strongly recommend Free Online TV Player to all users, whether they are beginners or experienced.

Plug the television set into the computer TV-OUT jack via special cable (in case it has not been delivered together with the videocard it can be bought at any radio electronics store). Parte de esto dependera de tu conexion a internet pero incluso en conexiones rapidas, la transmision puede no ser fiable en el mejor de los casos. El otro gran problema es que muchos de los canales no  son de interes para la mayoria de los usuarios. Hay muchas  cadenas  de compras, religiosas y canales nicho que no ofrecen una programacion atractiva .
Por ultimo, no hay  una guia de TV integrada, por lo que no hay  manera de saber exactamente lo que  hay en cada canal. Una aplicacion de transmision de TV mediocre Online TV Player es una aplicacion generica de television por streaming  que puede ser muy util si  te encuentras expatriado o echas de menos desesperadamente la television de tu pais, pero no es muy fiable. Main Features: Separate "Remote control" window for convenient viewing of telechannels on the TV set in "window" or "fullscreen mode".
There are even Television based on different languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic.
All you have to do is select a country and channel from the list and it will play in the computer window or on the TV. This application does not require any special configurations or settinngs in order to access all the channels.

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