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In Windows 8, Windows Media Player is separated out into the Music and Video players and is a far simpler affair. Lifehacker UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. VLC Media Player is one of the best video players present for your Windows 10 device which supports almost all kinds of video as well as audio formats. When it comes to playing video formats which are not common, KMPlayer tops the list of video players present for Windows 10. GOM Media Player is one of those super cool video players for Windows 10 which offers the users with multiple customization options. If you are looking for a lightweight video player for your Windows 10 player that will allow you to playback almost all kinds of video formats out there, then try out Media Player Classic or MPC-HC.
Potplayer is a Windows 10 video player which has the ability to utilize the limited hardware of your system due to its hardware acceleration facility. DivX Player is perfect for you if you are looking for a Windows 10 video player which will allow you to play high definition movies smoothly. RealPlayer is an awesome video player for all Windows 10 devices which allows you to share the video over cloud server if need be. UMPlayer or Universal Media Player allows you to choose the source of media from which you are going to stream the video on your Windows 10 device. Plex is not just another video player for your Windows 10 device, but it also allows you to use it as a media server.
Simple UI and some great features to choose from are what bring SMPlayer to our list of the best video players for Windows 10. These are some of the best Windows 10 video players which you can choose from in order to play your videos on your Windows 10 PC. I prefer Potplayer rather than KMplayer since I have three media players on my PC: VLC, Potplayer and 5KPlayer. Windows 10 adds a lot of great features to an already feature rich Windows platform, but it also removes some of them while in the process of discarding some features that have stagnated. You might think, that’s not such a big of a deal – but it was also the software of choice to play DVD’s on computers, as it naturally provided the best interface and feature set for it. VLC by VideoLAN is quite possibly the most popular video player out there – mostly because it can play whatever you throw at it. MPC-HC might not support every video and audio format known to man, and it might not have an insane amount of features – but it will run any video it can run smoothly, even on a computer that’s 2 decades old.
PotPlayer is not only a player with tonnes of features but also a player that is pleasant to look at and features an elegant UI that is not hard to understand or complicated to browse through.
KMPlayer features a clean and simple UI but at the same time supports various video and audio formats, while staying light on usage and maintaining a huge set of features.
SMPlayer tries to differentiate itself from the rest by adding features not commonly found in other softwares – namely, the ability to watch YouTube videos in the player itself and the ability to download subtitles for what you are watching from within the player. GOM Player can play DVD’s in various formats and even supports subtitles in multiple formats – but the best feature of GOM Player is that it supports 360 VR videos, so you are futureproofed. MPlayer is a free and open source player and it is highly customizable – from the way it works, to the way it looks, everything can be changed. MXPlayer is more popular on Android, but it has a prototype version for Windows 10 – and it can play whatever you throw at it. You are more than welcome, Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback,it`s HIGHLY appreciated.
Its interface is also elegant and it has all necessary features one expect in a good media player. The options to record audio and convert videos are also available, but you need to download additional tools to use these features.
A built-in screenshot capture and video converter feature make it an advanced media player. PotPlayer is definitely a good 4K video player for Windows 10 and competes well with the above two players.
From this entire list, one thing is pretty clear that Leawo Blu-ray Player would be a satisfactory video player when you have to play 4K videos without any trouble. Minecraft offers wondrous worlds for solo adventurers, but it also gives groups the perfect canvas to build on and break together. If your little one is glued to their phone or tablet, however, Minecraft: Pocket Edition has been spruced up a little too.
DAPlayer is the best Multimedia Player which offers a huge list of advanced features to get the best experience of watching different videos and listening to different kinds of music. Complete Media Player is a complete media player which allows you to watch and explore all types of video files within. Zune Music Player is specially made for new Windows users which is an official Media player from Xbox.
I know it sounds quite off, however the media player has a huge fan following all over the globe with Millions of downloads.
This is Joseph, a tech enthusiast who loves to put things relates to technology and smartphones. Using our computers to consume digital media is one of the most common and popular performed activities in our daily life.
Unlike other media players for Windows 10, SM has many rich features to let you finely adjust the way media files are played. As a solid but not so popular media player for Windows 10, AllPlayer separates it apart from other media players with a bunch of nice goodies. Media Player Classic, also referred to as MPC-HC is a widely known media player software that is fairly lightweight yet feature loaded. It is easy to install and available for free with a very easy user interface and doesn’t require any kind of signing up. It comes with various advanced features which help in playback of the videos, supports a wide array of media formats including MKV and FLV files and the best part is it comes for free. This software comes for free and is composed of internal codec which allows you to playback various file formats which are not common. It supports 3D output and has some amazing 3D playback features which are a delight for the users. It supports formats such as MKV, FLV, UHD, DIVX as well as MP4, providing you with an all-round video experience.
It is available in both free and premium options so that you can choose whichever fits your needs. It is equipped with internal codec which allows you to play files such as MP4, XVID, VOB and Matroska quite easily on your device and it is available for free. This open source as well as a free video player allows you to play videos directly from YouTube if need be and gives you the liberty to choose from the numerous numbers of skins available online. It supports every video format known to man, and on top of that comes with extremely fleshed out features that help it make more than just a DVD player. MPC-HC is extremely light, and is able to accomplish the art of video playback with the least amount of resources possible, and that’s its strength. One of the best things about it is it’s ability to run in portable mode – though not simple enough to set that up, just the fact that it is possible makes this a great player. It might not be the best player out there and it might not have all the features of others but it might be just the right balance you are looking for. It might not be the best looking player or the easiest to understand, but it might have features you are looking for. It can neatly organize your movies and photos in a library, it can download videos from YouTube and Vimeo for later viewing; it can even enhance the video while playing it with the TrueTheater filter.

It also supports various advanced features such as playback speed control and an in-built Codec finder that will download and install codecs for your media files.
It also has seamless integration with all of your Miracast enabled devices so you can cast your movies wirelessly to your projector.
It supports a wide variety of video, audio and subtitle formats so it will play whatever you throw at it.
An app you can get from the App Store that fills the gap that Media Center left – however, this app costs you a whopping 15$. It lacks certain advanced and some essential features just because of how new it is but you can be sure the team is hard at work for it. The App Store version is not very different from the desktop application, except that it supports touch screens; rest assured, it can play every video format you throw at it and it can do it very well, with support for various advanced features.
There are a lot of options for you to pick from, at the end you have to pick the one you like the most – this depends on what features you want and whether or not you like the way the player works and looks. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. However, this is also true that most of them aren’t able to play 4K resolution videos. Apart from playing 4K videos, each individual player contains other features that we expect in a fantastic media player.
You can capture the snapshots, create a playlist, play blue-ray DVDs, adjust audio video settings etc.The options to record audio and convert videos are also available, but you need to download additional tools to use these features. Apart from this, you can also use its Radio feature to listen to any radio station directly from the desktop within its interface. It is definitely a good choice to play 4K videos or other high-definition videos. However, it was surprising to me that it failed to play the same 4096*2160 resolution video smoothly, which Leawo Blu-ray Player played very easily. The reason I placed it in #3 is that while playing the same 4096*2160 resolution 4K video, there was some interruption. You can set the screen rotation, use the hotkey to capture the video snapshot, set video aspect ratio, and do a lot more things. For example, you can create and save playlists, change the theme of this player, adjust color settings (contrast, brightness, hue, etc.), take the snapshots, and more. The touch controls have been revamped and Mojang is adding controller support with a dedicated button mapping screen. If you just bought a new Windows PC or upgraded your old Windows PC to a new Windows OS version, you may see there’s everything preinstalled. You need not to add songs manually, this player will easily sync with your system and you can start enjoying your own music with Muziic Player. Pretty much everyone uses this Media Player as it supports all types of files to play within.
If you want to use it for your Windows PCs, you can easily get used to it as it’s available for Windows PC as well. You can easily sync all the tracks which are stored on your system with this player easily. The player is quite simple, although it has got all the features to run different video formats and all types of music. We will spend our spare time to listen to our favorite music or watch a video or two during the weekend. It comes packed with a wide assortment of audio and video codecs which can deal with almost all common digital media file formats. Just like millions of people install substitutes for the sub-standard stock apps on their smartphones, millions do the same for Windows Media Player.
The player comes absolutely free of cost and runs smoothly even on low configuration computers. It also has some additional features like screen snapshot, scene bookmarking and the liberty to choose soundcards. The software allows movie sharing with big screens like HD TV and offers a online storage space of 65 GB. It is available for free and in a premium version which you can choose from and has some pretty cool features available. It can even live stream videos from the internet via various protocols – of which it supports an uncountable numbers of.
It also has full touch screen support and is able to enhance your older DVD’s and try to make them look HD. Looking at how good their Android client is, the Windows 10 app will be as good if not better. It also has support for custom subtitles, so if your DVD did not come with subtitles in your language, you can add custom subtitles. The interest of people towards 4K videos is increasing day by day and therefore, people are looking forward to using a 4K video player. For example, a huge range of audio video formats, create and save playlists, stream online video, rotate video, and many other features. So, no doubt your experience to play 4 K videos with this player would be better than others.
Still, as I mentioned in starting that many factors like FPS, size, etc., are responsible for playing 4K videos uninterruptedly, this player might not have covered all those factors. Earlier, except playing 4K videos, almost all the features were available (natively or with the help of its plugins) in this player. Those who are running the latest version of VLC will be able to play 4K videos in VLC media player. A video rotation feature is also available, which is helpful when you have to rotate a vertically aligned video.
So, overall this 4K video player can compete with other modern players as well as a good option when you need to play 4K videos. So, give a try to any 4K video player you want and check if the selected player is good enough for you or not.
Up to five players can now join the same session on a local network with their PC, iOS, Android or Windows Phone devices. Better yet, there's now enhanced weather effects, including directional rain, the ability to sneak and sprint, and access to the spooky "Nether" dimension. It has got all the advanced features to rejoice the real time music within your Windows PC.
If you just upgraded your Windows PC or bought a new Windows System, Foorbar2000 can easily be run on that system. There are numerous media player software on the market, to save your precious time and energy, we have picked out 5 best media players to Windows 10 users. The audio formats you can play with VLC Media Player including MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, etc and the videos formats including MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, VOB, etc. In addition, SM player also make it easy to change between different audio channels for multi-channel media files.
When you move your mouse cursor over the window, the playback controls, window controls, settings, etc will come into view. So we thought it would be a great idea to round up the greatest alternatives for music playing and editing on your PC. Only a few good media players come in the list, which support 4K videos and play them smoothly.
So, if you need a feature-rich media player that also supports 4K videos, PotPlayer may fulfil your requirements. However, after an update, this feature is also a part of VLC player and now it is included in the list of 4K video players.

And, if you need another reason to try Microsoft's new OS, the Windows 10 version has also been updated with five-person online multiplayer over Xbox Live. It's easy to forget just how popular Minecraft has become; as Mojang's Minecon convention showed this year, the community has, in fact, never been stronger, making each iterative update just as important as the last. If you are looking for a new media player for your Windows PC, KMPlayer could be the best choice. In addition, if you are good with it, you can go ahead and purchase the paid version of it. The media players mentioned here has perfect support for almost all types of video & audio file formats. Besides converting digital media files, VLC also can play disc, devices and even Internet streams. You can directly search for the playing video's subtitles on the Open Subtitles databases straight from the player. It can automatically search the subtitle databases and find the correct subtitle file for the playing media.
Microsoft has put a ton of work into its new Xbox app for Windows 10 -- it's desperate to prove the OS is a worthy upgrade for PC gamers -- and this could make it easier for beginners to set up collaborative builds. What's more, they also enables you to make a snapshots, add subtitle, apply special video & audio effects, stream internet radio stations and much more. Besides that, AllPlayer can help you automatically download matching subtitle files for the playing media as well. The custom mouse and keyboard shortcuts for controlling the player actions can also be specified. However, it also depends on the video FPS, pixels, frame width & height, size, and other details that whether a player would be able to play a 4K video smoothly or not. Continue to read the articles below to find more detailed features about those 5 best media players for Windows 10. An important feature of SM Player is that it allows you to granularly configure the playback properties like playback speed, and you can even add time delays for audio and subtitles. With support for Internet ratio stations, you can listen to streaming radio without any problems. In one words, MPC-HC lets you configure custome file seek times, define OSD font properties and display the Now Playing information in Skype. Get sorted with iTunes It might be an Apple product, but we'd be remiss to not talk about iTunes. It has built-in audio and video effects, multi-format subtitles and the ability to take snapshots.
SM Player support huge number of file formats some audio formats are MP3, WMA, ALAC, OGG, AC3, some videos formats are DIVX, H.264, RealVideo, WMV, VOB(video). Another convenient feature of AllPlayer is to allow you to lock a specific media file with a password. A few of file formats supports by MPC-HC media players are listed here: MP3, FLAC, MKA, WMA audio and AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, M2V video. The OS compatibility of VLC is quite well, it is not only available on Mac, Windows, Linux, but also available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Most of the key playback options can be controlled from the Mini Player, creating and managing playlists is easier than before, and the store works more like it does on iPhones and iPads, which makes a lot of sense. Move it with Musiczen If your music folder has got into a real mess, with MP3s scattered everywhere, then getting them properly organised can seem like a real challenge - until you run MusicZen. Point the program at your chaotic folder and it will scan all your MP3s automatically, reading their tags, then copying (or moving) them to new folders based on the artist, album, song title and more. Find songs on YouTube There are plenty of YouTube search tools around, but MP3jam is a little different from most; instead of helping you access videos more easily, this program is all about music.
Just enter a search term - an artist, song name or album title - and it'll quickly return any results, some of which even have album art.
Considering how many artists are forthcoming about uploading their newest tracks to Youtube these days (and considering the number of exclusive remixes you'll find on there), this is invaluable.
The classic player With 16 years of development under its belt, it's no surprise that Winamp - which can only be described as a classic in software terms - is one of the most capable music players around.
It can quickly scan your PC for audio files (or import your iTunes library), then organise your music in many different ways. You can create playlists, update and edit your MP3 tags, read more about your favourite artists, and access thousands of free audio and video channels. The program quickly imports even the largest music libraries, and can then automatically rename your MP3s, moving them into a logical folder structure, fixing tags and notifying you of any duplicates.
There are lots of playlist options, and the core player offers lots of features and can be extended with a huge range of effects. Rename your tracks Advanced Renamer is a powerful tool for renaming, copying or moving files.
If your MP3 library is a mess, then it can give your files new names based on audio tags, change the case of a file name, add or remove text, change a file's attributes or timestamps, and even copy or move MP3s to new locations based on their tags (a specific folder for that artist or album, for example).
It's one of the most useful tools if you're serious about keeping your music collection in check.
Keep it simple If other MP3 organisers and players seem too bulky and complicated, you might prefer Foobar2000. Just like other music management tools, this program helps you build and organise your music library, create playlists and sort out your tags.
The interface is very configurable, and its excellent music player supports lots of formats, gapless playback, gain to level out volume across tracks and more.
Despite all this, Foobar2000 requires only 7MB of hard drive space, and can even be installed in 'portable' mode, so it won't touch your Registry or install any extra components that might clutter your hard drive. Quick conversion Just as its name suggests, Freemake Audio Converter is an excellent tool for converting audio files into a more useful format. If you have a portable music player or smartphone that can't play some of your tunes, Freemake could well be the answer to your musical prayers. Freemake includes support for writing most formats, including MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A and OGG files. Various audio settings (bitrate, sample rate, channels) are there to help you get the best compromise between sound quality and file size, so you can even use it to shrink your files down to fit onto a smaller player.
Record and edit Audacity is a capable and feature-packed audio editor, but is still relatively straightforward to use. It's easy to zoom in and select the area you need, and then you can cut or delete it, or perhaps copy or paste it elsewhere. If you need more power, the Effects menu reveals 40 options, including change pitch, equalisation, normalise and more. Play almost anything If you're looking for a player that's simple and easy to use, but also has some power when you need it, then why not grab a copy of VLC Media Player. Select one MP3 or an entire album and it'll begin playing, and you can reduce the interface to just a single toolbar and some album art, allowing you to enjoy your music without cluttering your desktop and distracting you. Despite its simplicity, the program works with just about every media type, including MP3 files, video, CDs and more.
Its graphic equaliser, compressor and spatialiser help deliver great sound, the interface is extremely configurable, and plug-ins add more power when you really need it.

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