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A listing of some of the oldest and most well known movie and film production company logos. At Sovereign Media we are a TV Commercial Production company that produces top-quality content for film, television, commercials, digital, IMAX, web content, and branded entertainment. We’re masters at collaborating creatively and in the physical production with the goal of bringing your vision to the screen while satisfying the needs of your client. Jim oversees every aspect of Sovereign’s business, from creative development to physical production.
It was in 1992 when Jim set out to create a company that offered a full suite of production services – the kind of place where talented people unite their efforts in all phases of production.
He has worked and continues to work and develop content for:Vanguard Animation, Vanguard Films, Disney TV Animation, The Disney Channel, Goldenring Productions, Gunn Films, Temple Hill Entertainment, Amazon Studios, The People’s Production Company, Dolphin Entertainment, NKS, ImageMovers, United Artists, Sunswept Entertainment, Walden Media, Stars Road Entertainment, Davis Entertainment, New Regency, Overbrook Entertainment, 100% Womon, Original Film, Mandeville Films, Out of the Blue Entertainment, Gran Via Productions, Riche Productions, Disney XD, Team Todd, Blondie Girl Productions, Fox Animation.
Professional logos such as this one by Brazilio are beautiful examples of business logo designs. The best instances of professional logos for the private investigation industry cleverly juxtapose simplicity and complexity. You do not expect professional logos for the music industry to have understated elegance in their business logo designs. The logo inspiration for the Key Bug Child Security Company comes from the company name itself. The designer has skilfully used a limited colour palette while creating this company logo design. In this professional logo design for a music band, the negative spaces represent piano keys, and the letter ‘M’ is repeated thrice to mimic the acronym of the band’s name. When creating logos to promote themselves, designers are under pressure to create a professional logo design that is skilful and representative of their talent. This business logo design uses negative space to create the easily recognizable image of a panda against a cheery yellow background. With a plethora of honeycomb logo samples in the industry, this company logo design is remarkable.
Creating logos for one’s own design studio is a personal endeavour and the designer here has added a personal touch to his professional logo design. The hallmark of the best professional logos lies in their ability to get their message across using the simplest of illustrations. The designer keeps this professional logo design simple yet classy, with muted colours and a clever design.
The logo inspiration for this car sellers’ logo brand is from the motorsport industry, the designer taking logo samples from various sources such as a motorsport flag and the shape of a car. This professional logo design for Life Calendars scores high on concept, using unequal letters of the alphabet to spell the word ‘life’ within a square. Professional logos look chic and stylish simply by using the appropriate colours and typography. She is a founder of EliteChoice, a known luxury blog started in 2006 and have also worked with Mint, Hindustan Times Business daily for 4 yrs.
The movie industry has gone through many changes from producing silent films, having sound and color, to animation. He is an active, participating member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS). His start came in the post-production world as a Sound Designer and later Post Production Supervisor. With an IMAX Division, Commercial Division, Television & Feature Film Department, Music Video Department, Visual Effects Studio, Edit Suites, and an ever-increasing array of some of the most talented Directors, Designers, and Editors in the business, Sovereign Media is poised to continue strong in the ever-evolving environment of the entertainment industry.

In addition to his creative talents in marketing, development and writing, Brian is also experienced in raising investment capital. It says a lot about the organization or individual, and in the best instances, is easily associated with the brand itself. Put on your design inspiration shoes and have a good look at the 24 brilliant and creative professional logos listed below. As far as creating stunning logos goes, this is one of the best logo design samples available online.
ZhanMed Clinic’s logo, while not foregoing an innate simplicity, incorporates a touch of humour. Designer Logoboom has attempted to do the same while creating this company logo design for EaglePrinting Company. Two shades of blue make up the rather pretty shape of a bluebird above the name, which also using the same colours against a pale blue background. All of the above is set against a black circle, that is easily recognizable as a music record. Logo design samples such as the above are representative of the fact that while creating logos, two basic colours and negative spacing may be all you need to get the message across successfully.
The designer has used simple typography beside an illustration of an eye that is also a security camera.
The illustration, colour choice and font at the top of the image are evocative of real wildfires, while the lower portion is also impactful with its shades of black and white. It scores high on concept and design, while typography and colour perfectly complement the mark.
The logo itself is done very simply in monochrome; the illustrated V is representative of both a pencil as well as the letter ‘V’, which comes from the designers’ nickname, Vriel. Consummate Pets’ logo is an example of an effective and attractive business logo design where the designer’s use of different animal illustrations to form the shape of a heart, emphasizes the tagline below the brand name.
For this logo, the designer has used a beautiful teal green backdrop and floral illustration that is similar to floral art found on wedding cards. The apt illustrations as well the use of colours and fonts associated with motorsports makes a great logo design for a car seller dealing in motorsport promotion. The digital age changed that and allows companies such as Pixas and Dreamworks to flourish with new technologies. Jim then crossed over to the production side as a Production Manager on theatrical and IMAX films. It has a deceptively simple company logo design that consists of a maze, with the company name directly below it. In this business logo design, the stethoscope is cleverly coiled into the familiar shape of a heart, thus representing the technical and human qualities of the medical profession.
It is a fairly to the point design featuring with the company name below the mark, which uses negative space to form the letter ‘E’.
Some of the best logo design ideas for companies dealing with children have a touch of playfulness about them, and this professional logo design scores high on both cuteness and relevance. This being a business logo design for an event management company, the word, ‘events’, is highlighted in a darker shade. This is a fine specimen of a logo design sample for a band, as it builds a strong music associations in several different ways.
It uses a sober navy blue background, against which is placed copper-coloured typography for the letter ‘Z’.
George Bokhhua has manipulated simple typography to make a professional logo design that is unique and distinctive.

The name ‘Mr Write’ in a cursive font emphasizes the written word and the fact that this logo inspiration comes from writing. The mark is a serious yet eye-catching illustration that combines the two concepts of security, technology and human observation. The brilliant use of colours fading into each other is also evocative of the ‘ink’ that the company deals in and is probably the first thing that strikes the viewer on seeing this company logo design. Prunas’s unbridled creativity is evident in his choice of brand name, logo and tagline—all of which are part of his self-branding efforts.
The logo inspiration comes from the company name, the illustration being that of a honeycomb that is also recognizable as an open maze. The use of fuchsia pink and the illustration of houses and flowers make for a pretty picture and present a fitting design for the tagline, evoking an image of a small town filled with flora and fauna. The illustration forms the letter ‘T’, which is not only the first letter of the brand name but also symbolic of the word ‘trifecta’, which implies three. This is a perfect example of how logo design ideas don’t have to be too elaborate and complicated to make an emphatic statement. Since life calendars typically use emoticons to represent how a person’s day has been, the designer has used a similar shade of yellow as the font colour. This mix of her personality developed her interest in world of web design and she continues to awe us with her beautiful writings. For upcoming film producers, it is no longer required to travel town to town and self distribute by leaflets and viewings to local communities. Later, as a Senior Producer on the ad-agency side, he produced some of the most notable and memorable commercials in history with acclaimed director Jim Gartner. Whether you are setting up shop or looking to rebrand, it is crucial to experiment with logo design possibilities or to hire a talented designer to create a good logo for your professional needs. As you look through the logo samples in this post, you will realize the intricacies of designing that perfect logo. Hence, we find the company name stated simply in a muted gold font with a crown above it in the same colour, all of this against a black background.
Overall, the effect is chic and professional, which makes this a great logo design for an event management firm. The letter ‘W’ in the middle of the name mimics waves running through the black font, thereby illustrating that the best logo designs don’t have to be complicated and colourful in order to be effective and memorable. The best logo designs can be deceptively simple and it is on observing these logo design ideas, that we fully grasp the brilliance of professional logos such as this one. This illustration makes it an apt professional logo design for a company that provides easily accessible management service to clients.
The typography is simple with the letters ‘A’ and ‘V’ being inversions of each other and the font is in a light shade of lilac. He’s won dozens of awards producing commercials, documentaries, and IMAX films over the past 25 years. Hence, this is a fitting professional logo design for a company that specializes in uncovering hidden information. This is an excellent business logo design for any company wanting to create a winning impression.

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