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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Production Management System Production Management System comprises of all the functionalities related to finance, inventory, production, sales, Customer relationship management and purchase systems of an organization. Pulp Films is a Johannesburg-based video production company specializing in world-class corporate films. Living up to their reputation for innovation, FNB wanted to do something a little different from the classic corporate video treatment. We shot this video in a voluminous glass space to create a light and open atmosphere, with the city becoming a secondary character in the background. We approached the Big Jim commercials with a simultaneous purpose of explaining the product clearly and being entertaining. Kumba is a stately, highly respected powerhouse of the global mining industry, and the video we made for them is in the formal style of corporate video production. We made a series of 12 videos for Discovery Insure about various potential driving hazards for their customers to watch online. But we didn’t get to be a leading North Dallas video studio by just offering a space for aspiring filmmakers.
One of our unique capabilities, which has helped us become a leading Dallas videography service provider, is that we have a Tricaster live production system in-house. North Dallas video production company GlobalWebHQ reserves the right to refuse bookings for video and photography projects depicting nudity or violence. In a project like this, we generally present the client with  multiple logo design directions to select from. Being the first company to produce and sell milk chocolate, with that, Hershey was launched with a strong presence in the U.S. The Hershey Company’s leadership in the confectionery market and its strong reputation have given Hershey the competitive advantage in the United States and Canada. United Sates is a mature market, a market that no longer promise significant business growth, for Hershey. Recent Commentslustra on The Hershey CompanyFair Trade Chocolate: Is Mass Balance Really Fair to Consumers? The software we provide has the features like user friendly interface, installation to maintain, centralized data repository, automated inventory, order management, return management, raw stock management, account management, regular technical support,  report generation and report analysis.
We keep our studio rental rates low, giving you the breathing room in your budget to make your video really sing. We can provide you with everything you might need to produce an engaging online video production.
Our 900-square foot Chroma key studio space is conveniently located at Business 121 and Main Street in Lewisville, just 20 minutes north of DFW and 8 minutes south of IKEA where the Dallas Tollway meets 121 Toll Road. This enables us to tape a green screen video with a live key and virtual set or custom background, saving you the cost of post-production to key out the footage. We developed a iconographic brand identity that married the traditional film icon with the concept of digital production.

In order to expand its business and generate more revenues, Hershey should shift more of its focus to markets oversea. Market for sales, it would eventually lose market share to its rivalries and new entrants in the confectionery market. We have an extra ordinary team of professional who keep their effort to get an accurate output which meets the client specification.
Whether you need just a couple of hours or several days for your shoot, we can put together a studio rental package that fits.
The location is convenient to Dallas, Fort Worth, Coppell, Carrollton, Lewisville, Plano and Frisco.
Below is an example of a talk show segment broadcast and recorded live with the virtual set in place. This advantage, along with its quality products, has allowed Hershey to gain its position as a global leader in the chocolate market. Emerging markets such as India and China, the two places with the world’s most population, show opportunities to businesses.
Everything you see in the video is virtual, with the exception of the two presenters and the chairs. The objective for the typography was to allow it to be strong enough to stand on it’s own. Revenues from Hershey’s international operations represent less than 10 percent of the company’s total revenue (Fact book, pg 41). Production Management system divided into six of the major modules for ease of handling each of the department requirements as they are Production, Inventory, Finance, Customer Relation Management, sales and purchase. We can provide you the SD card or export the digital footage to your desired video file format, including mp4, mov or wmv files. We pride ourselves on offering a personable atmosphere, so even the most camera-shy can feel at ease. Within the market, Hershey’s shares in the chocolate and mint categories exceeded those of its top competitors by 10 percent or higher. The Customer relationship management [CRM] is one of the biggest assets of the system as it is linked with the entire major modules of the system directly due to which you can have check on the sale and purchase of the client.
Also, Hershey offers very diversified products in over 80 brands, many of which are also leaders in their categories. In addition to that, Nestle also shifts its focus from food manufacturing to nutritional healthcare in response in consumers’ rising need for healthy products.
Kisses, for example, has been ranked as the best American chocolate in 2012 according to the 2012 Harris Poll.
Moreover, McLane is Hershey’s primary distributor to Wal-Mart Stores, which accounted for about 17.2 percent of Hershey’s account receivables.
In today’s society where smart phones, laptops, and other electronic devices are ample and where Internet is widely available, more and more businesses have moved their operation from the traditional “mortar and brick” (physical stores) to virtual online stores.

Nestle’s acquisition of Pfizer’s Nutrition Unit in 2012 is one example that illustrates this move. Production management system allows the user to have accessibility to handle all functionality of a manufacturing firm at a single screen. Hershey also made many investments on research and development (R&D) to innovate their products.
Hershey’s Canadian operations also focus on a small number of costumers, who control about 70 percent of the grocery sales in Canada (Fact book, pg 50). The increase popularity of social media also enables businesses to market and sell their products in creative ways. Hershey would start and continue to lose market share to competitors like Nestle if Hershey does not change now. The Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition, established in 2006, aimed to create products and technologies that are beneficial to consumers. Hershey, a century old brand with strong reputation, should explore businesses through Internet. Another threat in the market is the increasing penetration of private labels, whose products emphasis greater customization at a lower price.
As a consumer-driven based company, Hershey also develops products according to consumer insights. Operating businesses online will not only help the company to reach the younger population faster but also save money that would have gone into advertising and marketing.
Hershey has to be prepared for adopting competitive pricing strategies as the private labels continue to gain a hold in the market.
Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolates were developed and launched in 2012 as the result of a survey indicating the strong need in low-fat chocolates by a significant number of women in the United States. A confectionery manufacturer, Hershey relied heavily on commodities such as cocoa products, sugar, dairy products, and peanuts. Along side with its large market share, broad range of products, commitment in R&D is Hershey’s strong reputation.
Most of these raw materials have experienced significant price increases during recent year. It has been in business for over 100 years and its products are being sold and marketed in 70 countries around the world. These strengths are the competitive advantages that help Hershey succeed in the confectionery industry (SWOT Analysis).

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