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Award winning, professional and experienced staff for all aspects of video production and post. Denver’s premier independent video studio with green screen or white cyc, light grid, and large compliment of grip and camera support gear.
Fast and affordable disc duplication for CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Any volume (as low as 1) to many thousands. Our sound proof Voice Over recording studio has been professionally designed for superb audio sound design and utilizes broadcast quality microphones.
Most all broadcast & consumer formats, providing video duplication, conversion, and digital transfer services since 1982.
Production Quality = Your Quality – You know how movies and TV look great – but videos often make you cringe?
Whatever your objective, you’ll be more successful with Colorado video production by professionals rather than amateurs. On Camera Talent – While it might be tempting to put co-workers or friends in a film, it’s best to have professional talent, especially with a host or narrator. Did you know that Colorado is home to thousands of professional actors, many with national-level experience?

Be sure to hire a Denver video production company that knows the local acting community, and can find the perfect talent for your project.Denver Video Production Colorado3. Boost Production Value With Creative Locations– Chances are, your project has some budget limitations.
One of the best ways to increase production value on the screen – and create a more compelling film – is with the creative, imaginative use of locations. From ever-shifting light conditions to audio-wrecking wind, be sure to hire a producer who knows solutions and how to get quality results.5. Use Graphics To Reinforce Your Message – Motion graphics graphics are essential in achieving your goals – and Denver is home to lots of animation talent. Did you know that much of the motion graphics that you see on national TV like Discovery Channel is created right here in Denver? You’ll enjoy a complete range of services, custom-tailored to your goals, production style, and budget. Whatever your media needs, we will get you the results you need, right here.“I highly recommend Champion Communications. Their attention to detail, creativity and expertise made our video project a complete success.”Greg Coleman, VP Strategic Programs – Service Strategies Corp•     National-Quality Crew– You deserve the best crew possible for you project.

Imagine the great results you’ll get when your director of photography has feature film experience, and your sound mixer works with ABC. We’ll get the right crew for you.Colorado Video Production Denver•     National-Quality Talent – Since 1993 we’ve been casting for Denver video production. We have red carpet relationships with local talent sources, and have worked with many actors multiple times. Your viewers will love your film from Champion Communications, when they recognize actors they know from TV!Enjoy our commercial demo reel below, or all our video demo clips here •     Locations, Locations, Locations – Want a 5-story medieval castle?
Or how about a green screen studio where we can create any background your imagination desires?

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