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Instructions: Please answer each question in 100 words or less, and submit all your answers together as one PDF. I wouldn't mind answering some questions so you can email [email protected] With things you might have.
I'm (some age less than 17) and I want to know what you will be hiring for in (X) years.I really don't know. Berkshire Theatre Group offers internships and summer staff positions in both Production and the Administrative office.
Part college dorm, part elite internship, and part intensive community experiment, the education program at Berkshire Theatre provides an experience unlike any other. Cincinnati Opera, the nation’s second oldest opera company, offers production internships that provide intensive on-the-job training in related technical fields.
Interns work directly with and benefit from their supervisors who are noted professionals in the business.

Left to right: 2011 lighting interns Ben Paciorkowski and Weston Wetzel assist with lighting focus.
The person selected will assist the department with a wide variety of audio and video projects.
What are the 3 most relevant achievements, works or projects that you have worked on, and what was your involvement in them? Applicants for the internship program need to be students with some theatre experience who are looking to expand their knowledge with hands-on work and mentorship from professional department heads.
Our program is designed to encourage interns to pursue opera careers by offering an aggressive hands-on approach in the daily operations of producing grand opera. There will be opportunities for access to company executives eager to share their experience and knowledge.
Staff members should have theatre experience and be prepared to lead and teach their department in a quick-paced environment.

Transportation to and from performances, class, and work calls will be the Interns' responsibilities.
Each intern or staff member is a crucial part of the creation and operation of the festival from running professional shows, to building sets, costumes, to house managing and working in our marketing and development departments. I strongly feel like the level of work and instruction we provide is on par with a higher level production course which is a much harder resource to find with internships in this industry. This is the opportunity to gain familiarity and work experience in the theatre career you are headed towards. You can also edit as much as you want and it doesn't cost you that much time to make changes.

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