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Here’s a listing of the hardware tools and instruments that are mentioned in Part 1 of this studio tour. Be sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions on the hardware or anything mentioned during this studio tour.
Visit My Home Recording Studio ver 2.0 to read more about this PC-based three monitor setup. Visit My Home Recording Studio ver 1.0 to read more about this three monitor, networked  PC-based setup. MAGIX Music Maker MX Production Suite is a utility to create songs by mixing different tracks, applying effects and even adding videos. If you're a singer or songwriter, you're going to want to be able to create and record your own songs from the comfort of your own home, if possible. First, we now have a pretty clear image of where Camel Audio and its Alchemy synth have wound up. Writer Kirk McElhearn suggests Apple Music Connect integration may come with that June 30 update. Now, this would normally be where I’d possibly pull back and issue some dire warnings about lock-in or walled gardens or the Apple ecosystem. But I think it’s important to note just how deeply in the DNA of the modern Apple is this notion that the company wants to be involved in how you make and listen to music. There’s a big question here, which is whether producers really care so much about these export feature. I first bought Logic back when it was still made by Emagic, still developed for Windows, and the Platinum suite (circa $799) did not include instruments sold separately like EXS24, EVB3, EVD6, ES2, EVP88, etc. I know that for me, the real satisfaction in creating comes in expanding myself, in reaching beyond my own boundaries.
In other words, being a musician doesn’t really feel truly *good* unless it also beckons you into the places that feel uncertain, risky, or even just plain bad. I also find it encouraging that a lot of the things that used to provide just the feeling of making music (Guitar Hero, portable rhythm games) are evolving in a more musically useful direction (Rocksmith, Teenage Engineering PO-12).
CDM is an online magazine for creative technology, from music and DJing to motion and more.

CDM by Create Digital Media GmbH is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. I’ve also seen the equipment and plug-ins that you are using in your recording studio.
Much like programs such as Easy Audio Mixer and Storm Music Studio, MAGIX Music Maker MX Production Suite can provide you with the ability to do just that. MAGIX Music Maker MX Production Suite includes many more than 10,000 professional sound and video effects for you to make use of in your song creation or recording. When the company was pushing podcasts, they made GarageBand the app anyone could use to contribute content. We’ve seen occasional, fleeting glimpses of efforts to do that from the likes of Sony and Microsoft, but Apple is the company that consistently pulls it off.
You could spend nearly $2000 purchasing all the instruments that now come bundled with the program for only $199, along with more that didn’t even exist back then. Even if it’s just a 3-chord punk song, what matters is not how hard I appear to be working to someone else, but how much I have learned and explored at the frontiers of my own comfortable core capacities. These samples are great ways to get you started. Unfortunately, the program can be a little intimidating for beginners to start out using. Accordingly, GarageBand will get an update on June 30, the same day Apple Music (and Apple Music Connect) are scheduled for launch.
While Emagic, and by extension Apple, once reportedly boasted the largest stable of music developers anywhere, my guess is it was easier with Apple’s cash supplies to simply buy the talent and product they needed wholesale, augmenting the team already working on the apps. They brought us the app store which monetized (I hate that word) every day objects such as cell phones.
Meanwhile, the formerly-sold-separately Apple Loop Packs for Garageband and Logic are now a *free* in-app purchase (i.e.
Retronyms Tabletop, WaveMachine Auria) are the ones practicing the microtransactional approach, not Apple. Does that run the risk of encouraging musicians who might be capable of greater things to wallow in mere mediocrity?
I think that what comes next is for companies like Apple and Ableton to lead people deeper into the jungle from that point, to not merely make more risky decisions available, but *encourage* taking risks.

EXS-24, while still capable, is pretty clearly in need of replacement – it hasn’t changed much since you could run it as a VST! I am sure to come back and view the material as I want to get the most out of my own personal home studio. There are a lot of different features and sadly not much tutorial help for people who needs suggestions on where to start.
And in contrast to Tidal’s presentation (Daft Punk is starting a revolution in music so Daft Punk gets paid), they also made the image of those artists the bedroom producer. Export to Connect, for Apple Music songs or exclusives for your social network — maybe both? I think strategically the picture is coming together but it’s very *unclear* how Connect will work (even from some of the existing materials), let alone when integrated with apps.
I am aware that this is how it works, that most of Under Armor’s customers are not professional athletes, either, etc. Users of MAGIX Music Maker MX Production Suite are going to need to be willing to put in the time to learn about all of its varied features before they can truly get the most out of this multi-faceted tool. MAGIX Music Maker MX Production Suite is a really comprehensive tool to create and record your own songs, if you're willing to deal with the initial learning curve.
And I don’t expect Apple Music will overtake Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and all the rest of the places artists need to share content. I’m putting that in quotation marks because creativity that is mapped out for you is, of course, limited. Seen in that context, Apple’s history with Logic looks like the exact opposite of microtransactional monetization. But I’d argue there are also a whole crew of potential musicians for whom the notion of even creating a song is a risky proposition fraught with fear.
And I get the feeling that that’s what Apple is after when they show the bedroom producers.

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