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Small SUV, or crossovers for the city if we're honest, have become increasingly popular in Europe.
Patent files have been discovered by Joke for Blog, who thankfully also added official photos of the concept so we can see the differences. A few days ago, MINI released the official photos and details of its new product Coupe model, this brand-new model come out once again enriched the personalized models of the MINI brand product line. Previewed initially by the Urban SUV concept shown at the beginning of 2013, we now have a very good idea of what the model will actually look like, thanks to these images.

A sloping side glass surface creates the impression of a sporty coupe, but the rear cargo area is good, with a low loading bay, at least from what we can tell. Engines should include the 100 hp 1.4-liter VTEC engine, as well as a hybrid system similar to the one in the new Jazz, using a trick seven-speed double-clutch auto gearbox.
But MINI Coupe release, we seem to forget the other a new car will be produced – MINI Roadster, Jim Doyle, vice president of brand, said this product will be released in six months after MINI Coupe launched.
In fact, MINI Roadster change can be said to be predictable, and most of the designs are based on the MINI Coupe, but still choose the fabric soft-top roof model, the idea is to create a sports car’s style in the small car world.

Honda is also reportedly working on smaller capacity diesel engines with a displacement between 1 and 1.2 liters.

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