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AVEVA Catalogue Manager is a dedicated, application-agnostic product which can be used at enterprise, regional or project level to create and maintain control of bulk material catalogue and specification data. It takes the work packages created in AVEVA Planning and breaks them down into controllable items. AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management has been created by integrating two best-in-breed ERM solutions - AVEVA MARS, optimised for the Marine industry, and AVEVA VPRM, a proven solution for the Plant industry. By bringing the best features of both together on robust and extensible technology, and integrating extensive and powerful functions behind an intuitive and advanced graphical user interface, the AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management product family offers high productivity and a secure long-term business investment. Its stand-alone products enable progressive deployment, with measurable ROI at every step and maximum business benefit when fully integrated.
Plant customers will gain new, integrated capabilities in construction planning and site materials control. Absher Construction Company is a full-service firm, providing a complete range of preconstruction and construction services. It enables consistency of component data across consuming systems, including Engineering, Design, Materials Management and Procurement. It works in conjunction with a customer’s preferred 3D design and resource management systems, whether AVEVA's or from third parties. They wanted a site that positioned them as a national brand, could be easilly navigated, and showcased their work.

These three site concepts all showcase their work with large photos, have a clear nagivation system, and a clean layout. They are designed to be built on a wordpress platform, and incorporate a jQuery slideshow on the home pages. If not, you will need better clarity and focus.Determine the Target AudienceWho is the client’s target audience? Who’s going to use this site, and how might they benefit from the site?The client should have a clear idea of who the end user is, so that we can produce a website for them.
The client and the website architect should be aware of the existing competitive environment.There are always competitors. The price you pay for not giving enough time to this simple but critical first stage exponentially grows as the web architecture process and website production progresses.A project brief template. We need to identify what types of users will go to the site, and also define the needs of each group.Gather Characteristics DataWe need to create a common persona for each group.
This information is even more important than socio-demographic characteristics in terms of user interface design. Most likely, there are similar or analogous projects up and running somewhere in the world. For example, a person might desire to improve his career, but first he needs to find a job.

That goal is more complex than it seems: How do we locate the right contractor for the user’s specific construction project? Don’t forget about section-dependent features (such as the user being able to rate each property, in our example). Mark this connection with an arrow to remember the dependence (in our example, it would go to the Property Catalog).You can design your own symbols to indicate different functional sections.
If the web architect, for example, is undecided in terms of which section a certain site feature belongs to, she can mark it with a question mark. Before prototyping, you should refresh your knowledge of your target audience using the previous stages in the website architecture process.Prototype the Primary Navigation MenuThe primary navigation menu is the first to create.
It typically will contain a detailed description of each prototype, user flows, and so forth.The specs should be full and unequivocal. Thanks Semenov for this ArticleAndrew Hinton Jun 05 2013I can’t help but mention this is how I and many other information architects have done IA for 15+ years.
It still confounds me how folks assume IA is smaller or a subset of this work you describe.

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