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Insight Promotions executes customized product promotion programs for major consumer package goods companies (CPG) throughout the globe.
Our team of seasoned CPG professionals has automatically in-packed over 1 billion 2D and 3D product promotions and was the first to automate the in-packing of premiums and fragile food items at line speeds. Our turnkey, on-the-line process supports seamless, efficient, and economical marketing promotions and promotion packaging for even the most complex programs.
A recent quick-turnaround promotion executed by Insight Promotions has garnered some attention. Learn how this partner brand in-pack sampling promotion was a win for both brands and the retailer! Health Care Plus, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Marden Companies,  a leader in home health care services, is pleased to announce the promotion of two of our associates, Sara Rodman, LPN and Heather Nicolosi, RN. Sara graduated from Tri-Rivers School of Practical Nursing in Marion and lives with her husband, mother and father in-law and 2 children in Radnor, Ohio. Heather Nicolosi, RN has been promoted to the position of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Nurse.
Heather graduated from Marion Technical College in Marion and lives with her husband and three children in Marion, Ohio. Health Care Plus has been providing home care services to patients in and around Central Ohio since 1991. For more information about Health Care Plus or to make a referral please call Cynthia Bowersock Thiel, Senior Vice President of The Marden Companies at 1-800-827-9682. The pharmaceutical industry often uses the need for research and development funds as an excuse for exorbitant drug prices.
The project was designed to be deployed through Host-Beneficiary Partnerships that would create a win-win-win scenario for us, our partners and their clients. By pricing this at $169, there was just one risk -- that people might not fully understand the TRUE value of the Toolkit.
Jay Abraham, the world’s #1 marketing genius, has worked with 12,000 businesses in more than 460 industries from around the globe over the past 30 years creating strategies to uncover hidden opportunities that lie hidden within every business (including yours) that can be quickly, easily and systematically leveraged to generate windfall profits for you within days. For the past three decades, Anthony Robbins has served as an advisor to leaders around the world including Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, François Mitterrand, and Princess Diana. Robbins has directly impacted the lives of more than 50 million people from over 100 countries with his best-selling books, multimedia and health products, public speaking engagements and live events.
Celebrities who are reported to have appeared without compensation to endorse his work have included Fran Tarkenton, Pamela Anderson, Quincy Jones, Erin Brockovich and Anthony Hopkins.
Dr Marc Dussault, has worked with over 2,000 businesses across more than 200 industries from around the globe over the past 20 years triangulating Jay Abraham Marketing, Anthony Robbins Personal Peak Performance and Brian Tracy Sales and Systemisation Strategies that have uncovered more than 2 million new leads generating in excess of $200 million in wealth for his business and corporate clients.
As founder and Managing Director of Exponential Programs, Marc helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, Internet marketers increase their online sales, executives become corporate rockstars and super achievers get balance back in their lives!
Provides specific examples of how they were used to create cash windfalls in real businesses. Follow this simple step if you would you like to have your ads pull twice, three times or even ten times more than they are now. Jay explains how he built this company from $20,000 to $13 Million dollars in just 18 months with ZERO advertising money… and got 18 million dollars of free advertising (11:36) Guess what, you can do the same!
Just this audio recording alone has been sold to thousands of happy customers for $169 apiece, and it's worth many times that. You not only get the Audio CD (great for listening in the car or on any CD player or computer), you also get the full, unedited transcript of the interview, which is ideal for making notes, underlining key passages and most importantly, scribbling down how YOU can apply these concepts to create windfall profits and new revenue streams in your business.
Jay Abraham’s Windfall Profits Report is the classic report that has inspired, transformed and liberated business owners from the slavery of their business to mastery of entrepreneurial success.
These 35 pages will completely shatter your perception of what is possible, shifting your dreams from an unattainable vision to a reality than can be applied in your business within days. Jay reveals how he took Jim Cook’s company from $800,000 to $2 Billion in sales in about 10 years. Imagine blowing your competitors out of the water without them seeing you coming… Find out how on page 18.
Plus another 12 pages filled with insights, ideas and solutions you can apply in your business today! This vivid full colour MindMap summarises everything you need to know to create a fun, effective and powerful MasterMind Group to catapult you to exponential success.
It’s a handy reference to assist you in creating this phenomenon that will help you produce countless lucrative ideas that will help you out-perform your competitors. Not only do you get the full word-for-word first chapter of Jay’s book in a PDF format you can print and then write all over, you also get a full one-page colourful MindMap of the whole 15 chapters of the book. Listen in on this all-time classic interview with the world’s top Joint Venture specialists as they reveal their secrets on how they get people to grow their businesses for FREE. You, as an owner operator, can implement the same principles revealed to generate $10,000 to $30,000 more per month via Host-Beneficiary Partnerships.
Sometimes transcripts are superfluous, but this one is a must-read because of the massive complexity of creating these relationships. Does the feeling of tapping into and getting a handle on this type of exponential marketing strategies resonate with you? Establishing Host-Beneficiary Partnerships is the singular most powerful strategy that can catapult your business by creating multiple income streams in your existing business within days.

And everything else you need to know to turn this complex, little-understood concept into another River Of Revenue™ for your business. Every asset that your company has must be fully maximized if you expect to succeed and compete in the future. It takes years of focused and disciplined training to become a world class business entrepreneur.
Staged in June 2006, this 3-hour workshop was captured live and transcribed word-for-word so that you can read it as often as you like. Not having a well-articulate USP is the single, biggest reason why many companies never reach the absolute true potential and maximum financial pay-off they seek.
Without a concise, value-laden USP you’re leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.
Having a USP means that prospects and clients will begin to come to you rather than you chasing after them - in some cases literally banging down your doors begging to give you their money! Creating a USP is second only to host-beneficiary partnerships as the most complex and powerful exponential marketing strategy to execute and implement in your business.
This case study gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of a USP via an e-mail correspondence between Monique Macleod of Scotia Finance and Dr Marc Dussault. Dr Dussault takes Monique through a step-by-step process to create her company’s USP in less than 1 hour using his Graphical Conceptual Framework. This document has become a legendary Australian case study, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs in dozens of industries.
Use it TODAY and within a week you’ll find yourself with clients banging down YOUR door begging YOU to take their money! Recently I held an audience of 153 ambitious and pro-active business owners on the edge of their seats as I shared with them the Exponential Wealth Creation Mindset, at the 2008 Exponential Internet & Business Building Bootcamp in Sydney, Australia.
Imagine turning the worst economic and financial situation into your most potential ally - secretly, like a stealth bomber the enemy never sees or hears coming!
A simple ‘recession-proof’ strategy that will instantly boost your profits by 10-25% while giving you an EXTRA 1-2 hours EACH DAY! A simple way guaranteed to get your prospects and customers to open their wallets and spend money with you PROVEN to work best in a recession! The #1 strategy to help you out-smart, out-strategise and out-earn your competition BECAUSE of what they are going to do during the recession and what you will do to COUNTERACT them. How to avoid making costly mistakes that could put you out of business – mistakes that are totally predictable and preventable. 3 Exponential Strategies that will leave your competitors bewildered, confused and paralysed as you smoothly and effortlessly accelerate your recovery after the recession with greater market share and higher profitability than your competitors. This is a simple, easy-to-use, one-page checklist of the 100 most-powerful Exponential Marketing Strategies you can use right now to create profit windfalls. Consult the Checklist to gain an unfair advantage over your competition who are lost because they don't have a clue what first step to take, let alone the best route to reach their outcome!
Instead of becoming 'fixated' on a marketing problem or challenge, consult the checklist to get a big-picture overview of some of the most powerful tools and strategies in your arsenal. This Checklist will ensure you spend more time on strategy and implementation instead of indulging in analysis paralysis. This 48-page SECRET report with dozens of hyperlinks will show you how to leverage the Internet to massively expand your reach and effectiveness to pull in thousands of dollars of income into your business while cutting your marketing and promotional costs in half. No one goes into a hardware store looking to buy a hole – they go looking for the best drill to create that hole. This Business Building Toolkit is the same thing – I have assembled all the tools, gadgets and ‘thingammyjigs’ you need to create SALES AND PROFITS in your business. Trying to evaluate all the components can easily create analysis paralysis – plus you’re focusing on the drill – not the holes or benefits you will create. Reduce your marketing costs by stopping ads that don’t work as Neville of North Sydney did – saving $2,800 while increasing sales 40% in 3 months. Get others to grow your business for FREE – like Caroline in Adelaide who partnered up with local retailers to refer clients at no cost to her, fully booking her services 3 months in advance with NO marketing or sales cost. Cut your sales cycle in half – you might even reduce it to ‘zero’ as a Sydney software company did reducing a painstaking 12-month process into a fun, 3-hour interactive session clients enjoyed a lot more.
Get motivated and inspired again – you’ll join Gerard in Geelong who literally jumps out of bed each morning excited about his business again after a few years of boredom and complacency. Usually, we promise you everything including a full-no-questions-asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Even when we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, less than one percent of purchasers call us on it.
Think of it this way – you won’t think twice about taking a tyre-kicking prospect who’ll never buy from you to lunch and picking up the tab setting you back $50 to $100, yet you’re hesitating to spend $169 on The World’s Top Business Mentors that you can access ‘on demand’… Really? With an Exponential Mindset™, I know that I have to do out-of-the-ordinary things (give you all this value) to get extra-ordinary results (get you on the path to Exponential Profits). I also know that for you to truly have your breakthrough, I have to help you overcome 10, 20 or even 30 years of non-exponential thinking (to be politically correct about it). If I didn’t price this at $169 there would be people who would hesitate, procrastinate and miss out. Many people live out the metaphor of the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray – repeating the mistakes of the past over and over and over and over again.

As you no doubt understand by now, we cannot extend this offer and we cannot manufacture any more Toolkits once they are sold out. Disclaimer: Due to the product’s original creation in 2006, some of the elements and bonuses may no longer be available and will be substituted with components of equal or greater value. In this role Sara will be intimately involved with the intake and oversight of all Health Care Plus patients.
In this role Heather will be involved in overseeing the care and quality of the services provided to Health Care Plus patients in all three branches.
A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiation, organizational turnaround, and peak performance, he has been honoured consistently for his strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavours. He has more than TWELVE THOUSAND case studies to prove without question that his marketing ideas and principles work. Not only do you get the AUDIO CD to listen to in your car and the word-for-word transcript, with this Toolkit you also get access to the audio streaming version that you can access anytime, anywhere when you’re online.
With a detailed flight plan, which this first chapter is all about, you can pick any destination you want your business to aim for -- AND GET THERE! With that being said, Host-Beneficiary Partnerships are widely misunderstood and considered to be a form of Strategic Alliance which is inaccurate and incomplete. It covers the step-by-step process required to design and create your company’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP). That money rightfully belongs to you but because you haven’t articulated clearly for your suspects and prospects what makes you the only choice – your competition ends up with YOUR suspects and prospects by default and turn them into THEIR clients! Its RAW, unedited content combined with the accompanying case study takes all the guesswork out of the equation and is all you need to leverage one of exponential marketing’s most powerful and potent strategies.
Monique attended the USP Workshop, but she was struggling, as many of us do, with the practical application of this massively powerful concept. Consider it corporate Judo, where the MORE they do X, the MORE money you make - wouldn't that be really cool?!?!
You’ll learn ONLY what's relevant to you, so you can IMMEDIATELY start exploiting the downturn crisis to your advantage and protect yourself from a potential catastrophe. It has never been released as a product – previously reserved only for the most Elite Platinum and Diamond Members. Or they look for the hammer that will help them secure the nail in the wall to hang their treasured family portrait.
As Einstein said, “The thinking that created the situation you’re faced with right now, will not get you out of it.” This Toolkit will shift your thinking each and every time you use it. It’s got to be frustrating to watch someone dumber than you get the contract or order, drive a nicer car, live in a better neighborhood – just because they have better tools.
In this toolkit, you will have such a wide variety to choose from that you’ll be able to solve the most perplexing problems quickly and easily – like that pair of pliers or ratchet wrench that can reach where you fingers can’t. Get yours now, an offer like this will not come along again any time soon -- certainly not at anything close to this price point. Sara has been in the field working as a visit nurse for the last 8 months during which she learned a great deal about managing and overseeing every aspect of a patient’s plan of care. Heather has worked for Health Care Plus for the past 2 years as a visit nurse and Care Manager. Health Care Plus provides skilled nursing and therapy services to patients in their home in over 40 Ohio counties. Others, Fortune 500 companies, pay him millions of dollars to have him on their marketing team on an on-going basis. They have consistently worked in over 460 diverse industries in both good and bad economic climates. It’s just another way to make it dead easy for you to get inspired and excited about growing your business. The best part is when deploy these strategies, your competitors WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU’RE UP TO! Host-Beneficiary Partnerships - one of several Exponential Marketing Principles that creates a continuous stream of prospects that will line up at your door begging you to take their money, catapulting your income!
This recording is a totally raw, unedited, 'cut the crap' and tell-it-like-it-is content that will have you rewind the video over and over so you don’t miss any profit-triggering, wealth-creation and asset-protecting details. This Toolkit has HUNDREDS of ideas that you can cherry-pick from so you can get you home in time for dinner every night. You know the story of WHY I am doing this – take advantage of the situation and get 100 to 1 Return On Your Money.
This Toolkit won’t ever be offered at this bargain-basement price of $169 ever again. The business continues to grow and expand through the efforts of the many talented associates who push Health Care Plus to new heights.
That’s why you need a USP, so the right people self-select and fall into your sales funnel by default, automatically.

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