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Google Adwords on it - and we receive regular Google checks (real money) for the top listing! As a writer, I’m lucky because I’ve also spent time in the web design community, so I know just how important a website is in creating a brand, an identity.
But if you’re looking for an agent, or agents are reading your manuscript, then you’d better get with the program. If you want to be a professional writer, you have to act like one, and it begins with creating a professional website that won’t hurt your book sales.
Technology is a wonderful thing, and it’s possible to buy software that will allow you to build a website with a minimum of fuss.
But the moment that you want to create a professional site for a professional business — and, as an author, you need to be an artist and a entrepreneur — you need someone who knows what they are doing.
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Writers who have agents, and writers who expect they’ll be able to land an agent, need to start thinking about it now.
In fact, I only planned to start submitting my work — a middle-reader mystery — to literary agents in December, after my fourth draft was finished. I’ve slowly been immersing myself in the world of publishing, and I’ve been shocked at how cavalier so many published authors — and, to be honest, agents — are about their online identities. On the Mac side, programs like iWeb and Rapidweaver can really make short work of the process, and I’m sure Windows users have a legion of choice, too. By that, I mean that I trust myself to create simple, elegant websites that hold together, but I quickly get in over my head when I reach outside my comfort zone. Websites need to look pretty, and have a tight, compliant structure, but they also need to communicate, to help introduce you to people who may want to buy your books should you be blessed with a publishing contract.
I don’t have all the answers, by any stretch, but you’ll get a better understanding of the issues involved, and you’ll be able to ask good questions that your web designer must be able to answer. But as a journalist, with a long list of magazine and newspaper credits, I believed my chances were better than most, so I planned ahead.

If you’re skilled, but haven’t yet written your novel, or you haven’t yet polished it until it shines, you have time. I’ve worked really hard to get as good as I am, and I know that most potential clients would be better off finding another designer to create their site. In addition, if your website isn’t working for your professional career as a writer, I may be able to help you figure out why not. An author will throw his website together three weeks before the book hits the stores, and it looks like it.

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