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This Spy Pen Camera acts as a fine writing instrument as well as being a high definition secret camcorder. Having video evidence of an encounter can be the difference between a good and bad outcome to a messy situation.
The 8GB Digital Spy Pen with Image Capture and Video Recording is one of the premier covert investigation and video tools on the market. With the high quality internal components, the Spy Pen Capture Image and Recording Video at an impressive resolution than many other spy pens on the market.

This camera is disguised as an unassuming ball-point pen and actually writes like a normal pen. You can film business meetings, personal encounters, and social gatherings quietly and discreetly.
Place it in your jacket pocket or place it on the desk in front of you to capture peoplesa€™ behavior and reactions. The complete camera kit includes; the 8GB Digital Spy Pen, 2 USB cables, a key chain cap attachment, and CD-ROM software.

It comes with a free 8GB micro SD card and compared to most other spy pens has a superior video resolution.
Videos are accompanied by HIFI audio quality sound and are saved as 30 frames per second AVI files.

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