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Audio multitrack recording and editing software for Windows with unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, virtual editing features, support for 24 bit multichannel soundcards, realtime effects and support for DirectX and VST effects and instruments. PreSonus has announced Capture 2.0, a major upgrade to its easy-to-use audio-recording software for Mac and Windows. Designed specifically for live recording, Capture is bundled with all PreSonus StudioLive -series digital recording and performance mixers and is preconfigured for instant use. Version 2 further streamlines workflow-one of Capture's strengths-and adds significant new safety features to an already stable recording platform.

Clicking the Record Now button on Capture's Start page creates a new session and immediately starts recording.
A new Prerecord feature captures audio on all tracks, starting up to a minute before you press Record. Capture also stores the active session automatically whenever the transport is stopped and the session is changed. Create a new session and press the Soundcheck button, and Capture will try to find previous sessions.

Simply drag-and-drop your tracks to reorder them in the arrangement and match any channel layout on the StudioLive. A new Stereo Playback mode lets you use Capture with any built-in computer soundcard so you can edit and export with a laptop and headphones.

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