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Here we have provided an Executive Resume Sample for professional with experience as Vice President of Software Sales and Strategic Applications.
This software sales executive provides a formal summary that explains how this executive possesses an outstanding record of revenue growth and outlines the scope of their experience managing corporate initiatives in a diverse range of industries such as financial services and health care.
In this resume example we must cover the common question of how many positions to include in your resume. If there is a position from seven years ago that was a short-term position or a stepping-stone to what you are doing now then this position should be the break off point.
Since this candidate has had so many jobs, details of the position are kept brief but focus on the quantified results such as percentage gains in quotas, multi-million dollar revenue growth, increase funding and successful negotiations. Below we have a career document for an IT sales professional with experience in software sales and new business development. The resume starts with a section on core competencies such as new account penetration, product research, project management, consulting, customer needs assessment, client services and technology sales.
The job seeker identifies extensive experience in senior software sales positions and highlights the ability to achieve bushiness development guidelines.
The candidate lists positions as Regional Director of Sales and Major Account Executive that documents specific responsibilities and achievements. Drive efforts to meet monthly and annual sales goals on software sales and new margin sales for the year. Serve additional role as technical advisor to clients leveraging thorough knowledge of company and competitor software.
Develop forecast of industry, company and product line sales collaborating with sales team to set quotas. Work diligently with existing clients to ensure software is functional, updated and supported.
Software sales company page element vector is free Vector misc vector that you can download for free. We are building a vector graphic marketplace where people like YOU can submit and sell their work to earn lots of money. Enter your BEST email below to get early access to sell your work when the 4vector marketplace platform is launched. Airphrame automates the process of acquiring geospatial data such as high-resolution aerial imagery (shown here) or 3-D terrain models. Aurora Solar’s software platform not only automates array layout, shade analysis and system design activities, but also generates proposals that expedite customer acquisition. Curb’s software interface allows homeowners or energy service providers to view energy consumption and PV production at the branch-circuit level in real time via a mobile app or web dashboard. Developers can import customers’ raw interval meter data into Energy Toolbase and simulate demand charge reductions for advanced energy storage systems with or without PV.

PVComplete automates project design and engineering activities for both ground- and roof-mounted PV systems.
For simplicity and transparency, I have organized the following software platform profiles alphabetically. Keep in mind that software developers change and iterate their products multiple times per year. Airphrame Airphrame is a deployable service that allows users to obtain different types of aerial and geospatial data for potential sites on demand. Airphrame currently best suits EPC firms developing projects where survey measurements are critical, such as large, complex buildings, greenfields or brownfields.
Aurora Solar Depending on the package purchased, solar companies can use Aurora as a sales-only tool or as an integrated sales and engineering platform. Energy Toolbase Energy Toolbase originally developed its software platform for commercial energy storage developers. In addition to serving energy storage developers, Energy Toolbase ideally suits installation companies that want to help customers analyze potential utility tariff changes, identify optimal system designs and quickly generate customer-friendly proposals. You can use this as a resource for positions in Information Technology sales or product development. Industry specific knowledge is listed below the headline to underscore experience in business intelligence, process management, service oriented architecture and other areas of expertise.
Core competencies feature other attributes that are important for executives such as strategic planning, channels, OEM and lead generation.
If you have many years of experience and have to decide where to draw the line the first factor should be evaluating the most recent but the most relevant experience. If you developed in that position and received a promotion into what you are doing now then include it and everything after. Older job position details are reduced and the last few jobs are listed under an additional experience section. The example A serves as a good resource for any information technology or scientific sales job target. This resume also emphasizes sales achievements with a list of accomplishments reaching sales targets, saving lost revenue and landing a key account. The writer also includes information about their Bachelor of Arts in Marketing as well related training. The majority of these vendors offer a free trial period for their software that typically lasts 30 days.
Many of these software companies have release roadmaps for introducing additional service layers or significant platform features later in 2016.
The company has also started to work with businesses that can process large amounts of imagery and 3-D data, which designers can use for generating system designs and shade analyses in proprietary or commercial solar proposal and sales platforms.

Over the last year, the company has integrated features for developers of larger-scale commercial and industrial projects.
It can also model and optimize customer savings for PV systems or solar-plus-storage systems based on different utility tariff options. As you look down the page of content, you consistently see million dollar contracts, 82% increase in sales, 40% more revenue and several others. If that position does not tie directly with the job that followed it then it can be excluded. Some vendors provide full access to software features during this trial period, while others limit the features available. The former provide the same perspective as Google Earth but reflect present site conditions; the latter are similar to LIDAR data and allow users to determine the slope, azimuth and size of the area.
These 3-D data enable sophisticated shading and performance analyses and provide compelling graphics for sales proposals. The platform is now capable of supporting and optimizing dual-tilt array designs and arrays on curved surfaces. Users can import raw interval meter data for customers of participating utilities via Green Button.
Companies that understand how to navigate and work within this changing landscape can help customers become more energy literate and ensure that they get the most value out of a right-sized solar energy system.
This really demonstrates that the candidate has the ability to drive new business through their sales efforts. Product support options also vary, ranging from email or phone support to online help centers.
Airphrame can also provide a 3-D model that users of computer-aided drafting programs such as AutoCAD and SketchUp Pro can import to assist in their design work. Though some financers may ask for additional PVSyst models to meet underwriting requirements, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has verified that Aurora’s remote shading results are statistically equivalent to on-site measurements.
Energy Toolbase can then use these data to compare different scenarios, such as tiered or time-of-use rate structures, with or without solar. This version of the software also verifies NEC compliance and autogenerates a bill of materials and a detailed cost breakdown. It also supports virtual net energy metering (NEM) and NEM aggregation, and can model savings for California customers subject to NEM 2.0.

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