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Create the photo and video projects you have been imagining with the unlimited creativity of Corel PaintShop Pro X8 & VideoStudio Pro X8. Built-in tutorials help you develop your photo- and video-editing skills whether you are a beginner or an experienced user.
Edit faster with this content-aware tool that automatically replaces the background when you move an object or person. Quickly apply batch actions, including Watermark, Resize and Script the redesigned Batch Mode.
Apply Lens Correction tools automatically within the Edit workspace or the Camera RAW Lab to quickly correct the distortions, vignetting and chromatic aberrations that are commonly introduced by most camera lenses.
See each detail and appreciate the beauty of your photos when you pair your new photo-editing software with a high resolution monitor.
Enjoy up to 50% faster performance with Smart Edge, which works with several tools to help keep your brush strokes "inside the lines". Essential for advanced image editing, compositing and graphic design, layers are now easier to use.
Instantly create a photo object by using text or a shape to clip an underlying photo or image. Quickly add unique color gradients to your photos to simulate the effect of using different camera lens filters. Now you can preview gradient changes on your image as you adjust them in Material Properties. Use your photo-editing software to quickly create high-impact imagery at the right sizes for eCommerce, blogs and websites. Choose from a variety of built-in brushes, including paint brush, air brush, fill and color changer options, or import Adobe Photoshop brushes to bring your digital artwork and creative designs to life.
Keep track of what happened where by mapping your photos to real world locations using GPS data and Facebook check-in points. For the ultimate photo-travel experience, use the Share My Trip feature to create an impressive slideshow that links your photos and comments directly to an interactive map.
Connect with loved ones and share your photos with the world using the built-in social media features of PaintShop Pro X8. Make sure everyone looks their best with easy red-eye removal and makeover tools that get rid of blemishes and unwanted lines, smooth wrinkles, whiten teeth and even out skin tones.
Whether you're importing from your camera, scanner, the web or another photo editor, PaintShop Pro supports popular raster and vector file formats, including Adobe Photoshop .psd files. Enjoy a variety of effects options by adjusting how overlay objects blend with the background. Whether it’s a beautiful smile, your child scoring a goal or stunning scenery, sometimes you want to add extra impact by temporarily stopping the action to focus on a single frame. Create stylish, professional-looking titles by converting them to alpha channel images or animations. Recording directly from your screen is a great way to add custom content to presentations, demos or training videos. Enjoy more compatibility with import support for MKV files, which act as multimedia containers that can hold video, audio and subtitles in a file. More mosaic types and better size control let you perfectly blur a face or car plate in your clip.
Multi-track editing allows you to combine multiple levels or sequences of video, photos, graphics, effects and titles.
Toggle between simple storyboard editing and more advanced multi-track timeline editing according to your preferences or project needs. Import music, voiceover, sound effects or the audio of your choosing and easily sync up to your timeline.
Get the right look for your production with drag-and-drop transitions that deliver easy fades, dissolves, wipes and many other effects. Add on-screen text effects, such as credits, captions, or subtitles, and customizable attributes such as color, font and animation. Experiment and add a unique look to your videos and photo slideshows with your favorite transition effects. VideoStudio Pro X8 delivers complete DVD and AVCHD authoring in one complete video production workshop.
Import animated sequences with transparent backgrounds using new built-in support for QuickTime movies containing alpha channels. For editing of 3D and full HD video, Corel recommends an Intel Core i7 or AMD Phenom II X8 processor with Windows 7 or Windows 8 64-bit operating system and minimum 4 GB of RAM.
Have you ever wished that there was a good, and easy-to-use program to capture just a portion of a screen, or menu item, or video? 2) Used Surfer to draw a rounded rectange (in magenta) around an area that I wanted to highlight. 3) I then used SnagIt to capture a rounded-rectangular area just outside my original area, and saved it as a tiff file. 4) I then imported the tiff file back into Surfer, and adjusted the size by grabbing, and dragging a corner of the tiff file. 5) I then added a little text and a couple of lines, for clarification, and now it looks like I have a zoomed window within my larger seismic display.
PrintScreen Pro comes stocked with customizable arrows, blur, colorful speech bubbles, and more to mark up your screen captures. Set up profiles to automatically remember capture settings, add effects, or send to a specific destination after capture. It is either difficult or impossible to capture some elements of a Windows screen, such as different shaped cursors.

New function - Recording Video Screen use Video Compression and Audio Compression , Like DIVX or MPEG-Layer3 codec. New function - Add a WaterMark Tool, You can easily add custom Watermark (text, image or frame) to your Capture Images.
Enhanced - File Manager, Add Line, Pixels, Pencil, Text, Rectangle, Ellipse, WaterMark Tools for Image Editing. Well clearly the majority of video editing software on this site is aimed at Windows users and the reason for that is simple… I use Windows. I do however get a lot of queries regarding video editing software for Macs so rather than ignore the entire subject I thought I would at least include one recommendation I feel confident in. The one I like the most is not necessarily the most obvious choice because it started out its life as a screen capture program rather than a video editor.
The product I am speaking of is ScreenFlow 5 and it originally came to me as a consistent recommendation by a number of my friends who are involved in video editing and happen use Macs. My original assumption was that these guys who are all using video in some kind of professional manner, would a be using Final Cut Pro or perhaps the Adobe Premiere product but no, they were in fact using ScreenFlow. When I questioned them on it every one of them said that they had switched to ScreenFlow because using the fully professional programs had become complicated and cumbersome. Everything they they needed was available in ScreenFlow and using the big pro software was something like using a Sherman tank when all they really needed was a pistol! Before I get into the review proper, it is important to note that there is always the iMovie product that comes with Mac computers.
However it does have many of the same restrictions that the equivalent Windows Movie Maker suffers from regarding your choices of input and output file types and more advanced features.
Traditionally iMovie was always considered to be the superior program above Movie Maker but it seems that over the past few years Apple have not been particularly active in continued development. Having said that, if you are just starting out then I would suggest cutting your teeth on this one first as it does provide a good introduction to the various tasks you will be undertaking in video editing. So with ScreenFlow being the one most recommended to me I got hold of a Mac and a copy of the program to take a look for myself and my thoughts on it are below.
Most likely many people overlook this great program because of that but the truth is ScreenFlow is a very, very good video editor.
It has the ability to capture from all kinds if video sources like camcorders or load existing video files you may have.
It has an extremely clean and very user friendly interface with all editing functions easily accessible.
Using ScreenFlow made me realize just how cluttered and clunky most Windows software is and how we have been systematically trained into accepting it!. The real beauty of the program is that it has been designed so well that when you want to do something all you really need to do is look at the screen controls and somehow it seems obvious how to do it.
It handles HD beautifully and is one of the few programs around that seems to have no problem with HD files at all. Audio ducking is the action of raising and lowering the background music to suit the main audio track. For example, if you have a main video sound track of you narrating something or some sort of dialogue with background music as well, normally you would have to manually raise and lower the music depending on when someone is speaking or not. With ScreenFlow the program does it automatically, which is not just totally cool but results in a very professional result without hours of fiddling around with the sound levels. Cutting and trimming are simply a matter of selecting and dragging the ends of clips or using the scissors to cut sections out and the addition of transitions is dead simple. Allround ScreenFlow is a great little video editing software program and if you are a Mac user I don’t see how you could go wrong with it unless you want to get into very complex special effects. Click the link below to go to the ScreenFlow site and take a look at the demo videos and you will see why I like this program so much.
This complete software collection combines photo editing, graphic design and video editing in one. Enhance photos or create new images with the precision selection tools, layers, fast brushes, content-aware editing tools, HDR tools and RAW editing in PaintShop Pro X8.
Easily add creative effects, titles, transitions and just the right soundtrack with VideoStudio Pro X8. Useful tips, comprehensive help and extensive online communities support you every step of the way. Create interesting design elements for web graphics, posters, scrapbooking, brochures, collages, and other projects. Drag your selection to a new position and the empty area is filled in to match the surrounding background. Choose security features, such as deleting file information and location, or adding a watermark, to apply on output. PaintShop Pro X8 lets you define a selection size by height and width, or with a fixed aspect ratio, for easier, more precise selections.
All-new icons and an enhanced interface compatible with Ultra High DPI displays (up to 250% zoom with 4K resolution). Search for layers by name to quickly find the one you need, merge selected layers, and easily expand or collapse layer groups. This handy integrated reference guide offers step-by-step instructions and quick access to the right tools to help you get the most out of your photo-editing software.
A wide range of easy-to-use gradient controls allows for more creativity and experimentation. Save templates, quickly apply branding and much more with a complete set of web graphic editing tools. The Map mode also lets you add locations using Google Maps, providing an intuitive and interactive way to view and organize your photos by location.

Save your photo-map as a slideshow or upload it to your Dropbox account for optional sharing on Facebook. Quickly and easily share your photos or photo creations to your Facebook, Flickr and Google+ accounts.
Choose from the library of helpful video tutorials to develop your skills and become a better photographer and photo editor.
Now you can record scripts to automate almost any action with the enhanced, full-featured scripting engine and updated scripting guide.
Use it to perform a number of tasks on your large files, such as removing an object from its original background or copying an extracted image and placing it in a different photo. Choose from a variety of preset effects which are organized into style categories such as Artistic, Film Styles, Black & White, and Landscape. Work with image mapping to link HTML with your graphics, and use Slicing and Rollovers to create designs that work seamlessly with web pages. Use the Fade Correction tool to restore the color and contrast of faded photos and the Scratch Remover to repair unsightly cracks in tattered photos to make them look new again.
With Audio Ducking, VideoStudio Pro X8 detects audio or narration and automatically lowers the volume of background sound.
With new Add, Multiple and Grey Key options, you can create unique semi-transparent and color blend results.
The new Freeze Frame feature makes it easy to select the frame and set the duration to get the effect you want. Video Essentials II offers over 100 presets in 10 plugins to create vignettes, enhance and adjust color, and much more. Thumbnails in the Library show a check mark when the clip has been used to help you avoid reusing the same footage. Add music with the included Scorefitter library of royalty-free sounds and songs—they even automatically adjust to fit the length of your movies. From introductory videos to segments on FastFlick, Screen Capture and advanced techniques, you’ll learn how to make the most of everything VideoStudio has to offer. With enhanced Screen Capture, you can easily capture both system audio and microphone sound.
Overall playback performance in full HD is also enhanced and more tracks can be played in real time.
Easy motion tracking also lets you target and track moving objects on screen and connect them to elements such as text and graphics.
Search the latest Help, download the User Guide (PDF), or watch one of the many video tutorials in the Discovery Center.
VideoStudio Pro X8 lets you layer your content onto up to 21 easily customizable multimedia tracks, plus add transitions and effects.
Record your own voice, apply royalty free auto-music and easily control the relative volume of your clips.
Apply motion to your text using title animation tools or apply filters to your text using preset Title Effects.
With enhanced Variable Speed controls, it's easy to alter the speed in any part of your video without having to work with multiple video clips. Use comprehensive built-in disc authoring tools to save your videos and photo slideshows to DVD, AVCHD or ISO disc image.
It's the perfect way to create dynamic videos featuring picture-in-picture and other pro-quality effects.
Bring the processing power and unique lens capabilities of your DSLR to life and create stop motion films your audience won't forget. Select a template, add your media and share your movie to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo. You can adjust the text, include change the opacity, choice the different angle, set font and etc.
Why is it that Mac programs generally can get these sleek, clean user interfaces that follow the most wonderful logic in their layouts? A lot of the Windows programs could certainly learn a thing or two from ScreenFlow on that point alone. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Enhance photos in seconds, create and composite graphics, and produce impressive photo, print and web projects. You can also use it to play with depth of field to keep parts of the image in focus and the rest blurred. Turn your videos and photos into professional-looking multimedia disc projects, complete with image-rich menus and music. Use a video mask to hide or reveal different parts of your video for interesting special effects or title sequences. Achieve YouTube stardom via screen-capture tools, and get everything you need for video blogs, how-to videos, and home or business video. With an intuitive 1-2-3 interface, fast performance and built-in learning resources, Corel PaintShop Pro X8 & VideoStudio Pro X8 is the photo video editing software you need!

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