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If youa€™re like a lot of people, when it comes time to renew your security software, you may ask yourself, a€?Do I really need to upgrade to the latest version?a€? The answer is yes. An increasing number of security suites now feature special tools to help protect you on social networksa€”a growing target for spammers, scammers, and other parties who want to get at your personal information.
If you own a smartphone or tablet, or both, the security class of 2013 has some new tools for you. As usual, we teamed up with the fine folks at AV-Test, a respected antivirus testing lab based in Germany.
BEST OVERALL: F-Secure Internet Security 2013 F-Secure's 2013 suite kept our test system free of malware and did a great job of cleaning up infections that made it onto our PC.
BEST PROTECTION: Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013This suite had the most well rounded protection of all the suites we looked at. BEST INTERFACE: Norton Internet Security We liked Norton's polished, easy-to-use interface and one-click installation process.
For the sake of this story, we looked at mainstream Internet security suites, but mostsecurity companies also sell more feature-complete "advanced" suites. More sophisticated phishing Email and text messages that contain links to malicious websites will improve in quality to the point that they'll be virtually indistinguishable from legitimate communications.
Watering-hole attacks A drive-by download is a twist on the concept of browser-based attacks. Data breaches In 2013, attackers will continue to target weak security on Internet-facing database systems to acquire thousands or millions of compromised records at once rather than going after individual users.
Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
2) If that doesn’t work, reboot your PC into safe mode with networking (to get into safe mode: press and hold the F8 key right before Windows starts to load).
5) If that doesn’t work, and safe mode is blocked, try running ComboFix (run it from a flash drive if necessary). 7) Reboot your PC again, and run a full scan using your normal Antivirus application (I always use Microsoft Security Essentials).
NOTE: You may need to replace Malwarebytes in steps #1, #2, #3 with the portable version of SuperAntiSpyware and then run Malwarebytes in step #6.
Professor Randy says: These rogue programs look impressive and imposing but they’re not!
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Security Task Manager is an enhanced process viewer, that provides detailed information about programs and processes running on the computer.
Security Task Manager is an alternative to the standard Task Manager included on all Windows PCs. Network Security Task Manager securely protects Windows networks from sophisticated malware not detected by traditional Security solutions.
Advanced Task Manager is a program that focuses on keeping your computer secure and helping you find and disable spyware rapidly. Tool that controls everything running on computer and provides Windows enhancements that help in every-day work Monitor your system and replace Windows Task Manager a€? The Warecase eXtended Task Manager (XTM) is a powerful auxiliary tool designed for simplifying the environment of the software developer. AnVir Task Manager provides convenience by offering all of its features in a single interface. Task Manager for Excel is an application written for Microsoft Excel that simplifies Task management by providing a prioritized to do list with built in scheduled reminders. Plaxoft Security Zone Manager is the first internet Security tool to unleash the power of Microsoft Internet Explorer Security zones. When you try to open Windows Task Manager, by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL the following error often appear. How many times does your computer slow you down in the middle of important work because of too many open and running apps, services and etc? Alternate Task Manager is ane asy to use and quick tool for shutting down processes that you do not require. Ingutie Task Manager is a personal Task Manager to be used for managing a users day to day Tasks.
3dfx Task Manager Removal Tool will neutralize and remove all 3dfx Task Manager entries running on a scanned system. This entry was posted in Product, Security Guard Reporting Software on January 14, 2016 by ORCadmin. I often get asked how I came to be involved with a security guard management software company, so I thought I would share my story with you.
This entry was posted in Security Guard Reporting Software on December 3, 2015 by ORCadmin.
This entry was posted in Security Guard Reporting Software on February 26, 2015 by ORCadmin. I can tell you from experience that receiving a 30-day notice from a customer canceling your contract is enough to ruin your day…sometimes your week.
Over the past two years I’ve had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of security guard companies about how they service their clients. This entry was posted in Security Guard Reporting Software on October 23, 2014 by ORCadmin. During your security officer’s shift, the officer is responsible for capturing a substantial amount of information via the many reports that the officer writes. This entry was posted in Operations, Security Guard Reporting Software on August 11, 2014 by ORCadmin.
Owning a security guard company was one of the toughest educations that I have ever received. Prior to starting Cequr, I’d spent several years training clients and colleagues on how to use various software solutions to improve business results. This entry was posted in Informational, Security Guard Reporting Software on May 5, 2014 by ORCadmin. Do you wrestle with how to ensure that your officers are knowledgeable about their site’s post orders? In order to facilitate your post orders testing you will need a couple of tools, most of which are free or are already at your disposal. Use any available presentation software to create an overview which your officers can use prior to taking the test. After you have created the post orders overview presentation, you should then record the presentation for upload and viewing by your officers. After recording the post orders presentation you can upload the video to one of the many video viewing websites on the internet, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Now that you have created and uploaded your post orders presentation for viewing, next you will need to design a test and make it available for use by the officers.
Although this solution is not as streamlined as you might like, it provides a relatively fast, free, and easy way for you to ensure that your officers know and understand their post orders. This entry was posted in Informational, Operations, Security Guard Reporting Software on November 13, 2013 by ORCadmin.
This entry was posted in Informational, Product, Security Guard Reporting Software on November 11, 2013 by ORCadmin. This entry was posted in Informational, Product, Security Guard Reporting Software on November 5, 2013 by ORCadmin. Although many people consider checklists to be both dehumanizing and mundane, I believe they should play a prominent role in both your post orders and your emergency control procedures.
So rather than putting together a 100-page post order manual that no one will read or understand, write your post orders as simple checklists. This entry was posted in Informational, Product, Security Guard Reporting Software on October 31, 2013 by ORCadmin. With the amazing growth of Apple products over the last five years, it is no surprise that the surveillance equipment industry has seen increasing demand for security cameras and video surveillance software for Mac computers. The iDVR-E series video surveillance DVRs are used with CCTV cameras and include a free Mac software application that lets users manage and connect to one or more of these DVRs from a Mac desktop or laptop PC. If your goal is to setup an IP security camera and log in directly to it from the web browser of your Mac, Zavio IP cameras are an excellent choice.

CCTV Camera Pros is a direct supplier of security cameras and video surveillance systems for home, business and government applications. This article is for freshers and experienced Software Testers who want to be effective in Software Testing Job search or who want be more successful in clearing most of the Software Testing Interviews they attend. For the benefit of freshers, I would start this article by explaining importance of Software testing, how much clients value Software Testing services and later explain how to increase chances of getting a Software Testing Job as a fresher or as an experienced Software Test Engineer.
Incase you are fresher or less experienced software testers, I would strongly recommend to read article on What is Software Testing?, which explains what software testing is all about, why software testing is required, Cost of Quality, risks associated with softwares with defects, before you continue reading this article.
Software testing jobs in the past, about more than 5 years ago, was perceived as a profession that was easy to get into, boring, repetitive, lot of documentation work, more of data entry, apt for people with less IQ, job suitable for non IT graduates, and Software Testing is a stepping stone to move to development roles, Software Testing means only black box testing etc. Companies always like to hire freshers or experienced people who really like, understand importance of Software Testing and who want to stick to software testing career and not choose Software Testing job as a stop gap arrangement. Software Testing Jobs are in great demand at present, there are lot of Software Testing Job openings, at the same time there are more people willing to pursue Software Testing career than the number of Software Testing Jobs available. In many of the Pre-sales or client delivery visits that I have supported, clients always asked more related to Software Testing and Quality Assurance and they were eager to know more on Software Testing Capability and Software Test Process maturity of the organization, Software Testing Tools expertise, Metrics and Software Test Certifications before they decide to outsource or increase the scope of outsourced work. Organization capability to carry out different types of testing and test application built on different technologies like Web, Mobile apps etc. Finding a Software Testing job as a fresher is really hard compared to an experienced Software Test engineer.
One should not blindly prefer Development or any other IT Job, just because their friends or college mates chose.
Most of the software companies go for campus recruitment rather than Off-Campus recruitment, as it is more beneficial for the company in terms of Training, meeting their recruitment targets and faster way of hiring large number of talented people. Campus recruitment: Companies call for campus recruitment when it is targeting for hiring freshers with good grades or percentages in their academics.
Off-Campus recruitment: Companies call for off-campus recruitment when the number of intake is less.
Interested to understand business domain(s) and be a SME (subject matter expert) of one or more business domains.
Unlike freshers, experienced software testers need not have to be worry about your grades and percentages of their academic years with an exception of very few companies that still consider academic grades while hiring experienced people, I do not want to mention names of such companies here though ?. Experience or good understanding of one or more popular domains like (Banking, Telecom, Insurance, Retail or Mobile applications). Test case techniques (like Boundary Value Analysis , Equivalence Partitioning and Error Guessing ) and sound understanding of software testing methodologies .
Good understanding of Test metrics and formula’s related to Defect Removal Efficiency , Defect Density , CPI (Cost Performance Index) and SPI (Schedule Performance Index). Experience or knowledge of one popular Functional test automation tools like QTP or RFT or Robot.
Experience and good knowledge in at least one test management software like HP Quality Center or IBM Rational Quality Manager. Experience or knowledge of one popular performance testing tool like HP Loadrunner or IBM performance tester.
Should be able to write SQL queries that involves Joins and should be able to write queries related to inner join, outer join, self join, left join. Should be able to explain syntax or with examples for some of the popular Unix or Linux commands like GREP command , FIND command, CAT command , PS Command and CHMOD command . Every organization wants to hire best talent in town, highlighting your achievements or the value you have created for current and previous organization on top section of your CV will help in getting your CV short listed for skill interview. We are very grateful to our guest author Hari Iyer for contributing a detailed and useful article that would help fresher and experienced people in searching for Software testing jobs.
Thank you very much Lakshmi for compiling list of frequently asked Software Testing Interview questions and taking your time in posting them in software testing forum. Every Test Lead and Test Manager wishes to lead a Successful Software Testing Team rather than a Team of Software Testers. Read this article on User Acceptance Testing (UAT) if you want to understand importance of UAT, clients or end user expectations from UAT, how UAT is planned and to understand UAT best practices. Security testing is one of the most important types of software testing that focuses on finding out vulnerabilities or weakness in the information system. Information system includes all the software, hardware, Operating system, network, Database, configuration and most important “data”.
Manual testing, as the name suggests, testing is done by a human being without using automated testing tools.
Manual testing can be performed on applications built on wide variety of technologies like web applications, windows applications or Mobile applications. For example, Trend Microa€™s Titanium Internet Security suite comes with a handy tool that highlights any possible areas of concern involving your Facebook privacy settings.
And some security packages come with a mobile app that provides protection against mobile malware or includes other features such as GPS tracking to help you find your phone should it go missing.
Many of the suites we looked at this year sport redesigned interfaces that include larger buttons and controls made to be more touch-friendly. AV-Test ran each suite through a comprehensive battery of tests to find out how well each would stand up to the worst malware currently in existence. You can click on each link to read individual reviews, or simply read this list for quick star ratings and summaries.
The messages will become more polished and professionala€”no more broken English and poor grammar.
In this sort of attack, cybercriminals post malicious content on a Web page, and then try to figure out some way to lure you to visit the website. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to prevent this sort of attack, but you can go on the defensive by being vigilant. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. If no internet connection is available, running an updated portable version of SuperAntiSpyware may be the only possible option initially.
It saves money because users won't have to buy multiple packages to perform a family of related Tasks.
And you are helpless to remove or stop such kinds of running programs which might be harmful for your pc.
The intent of this article is not to bias freshers or anybody to choose Software Testing Career but to make them understand the importance and value of Software Testing in IT Industry, so that freshers can decide for themselves. I would say, these are all myths of the past and it’s time to provide awareness to people who still think on those lines.
It is imperative that during introduction or while answering to questions like “why you want to take up Software Testing Job as a fresher”, your answer should express your interest in Software Testing and highlight some of your qualities and strengths that will help you to be a good Software Tester.
I have seen people opting development blindly by following footsteps their friends or college mates and later realizing that Software Testing or other profession would have provided better career prospect for them, late realization does not help.
Candidates are expected to be good in oral and written communication (in English), good problem solving and analytical skills.
Mostly, small companies opt for off-campus recruitment than campus recruitment as their hiring numbers are usually low. Also, submit your CV in job portals that are exclusively for freshers like FirstNaukri and FreshersWorld. Usually, internship pay is not lucrative (with some companies as exception) compared to on payroll jobs but provides industry relevant experience for a fresher. However there is lot of preparation that an experienced candidate needs to do before applying for Software Testing Jobs or attending Software Testing interviews. During interview candidate may be asked to write test scenarios for pen , test cases for login page , test cases for ATM etc. I have seen people who are very knowledgeable but unable to answer questions straight to the point, they either beat around the bush or they often seem to be at loss of words and unable to express what they want to tell. So, read your CV at least 2 to 3 times, each and every line of your CV and jot down probable questions that can be asked based out of your resume and rehearse for the questions. However, some of the trainings can be quite expensive, training on Software Testing tools, Usability, Security Testing etc., Highlight the trainings that you have undergone in current organization or externally.
Interview with leadership very very crucial as the candidate’s designation gets decided and flagged to HR. HRs usually assess candidates on stability, people skills, genuineness, retention factor and Salary expectations of the candidate.
Companies believe that their employees can influence talented, like minded and experienced friends, ex-colleagues and acquaintances to join the company.

Hari, is working as software Test Manager in one of the reputed Software companies in Bangalore (India). These interview questions are submitted in our Software Testing Forum as well, click on “Answer” link against any of the questions listed below to answer the question to best of your knowledge or read answers submitted by others and provide your inputs. What would you suggest to do when environment is setup and handedover to Testing team for testing ? Most of the Test Leads and Test Managers desire to be given a high performance software test team rather than building a high performance and successful Software Testing team. Acceptance Testing is more rigorous and consistently followed in IT industry as every software or business solution to be delivered is unique. Objective of Security testing is getting vulnerabilities identified and getting them plugged before they are exploited by unauthorized users or malicious programs. No matter how people perceive manual testing, importance of it will always remain the same.
Basic need for performing manual testing is an interface for user to provide input to application and verify the output.
Award-winning technologies, such as Safe Money technology, ensure your financial protection as you bank and shop online. And if you value mobile security or use a social network, this yeara€™s crop of security suites is worth paying attention to. Various suites also include tools that will scan links on social networks so that you arena€™t duped into clicking a malicious link hidden behind a URL shortener.
These apps often also include remote-wipe capabilities that let you delete the contents of a missing phone or tablet so your private data doesna€™t end up falling into the wrong hands. AV-Test also performed speed testing to determine whether the suites will slow your PC to a crawl. With its great detection rate and Windows 8-ready design, Nortona€™s suite is definitely worth a look.
This a€?titaniuma€? suite earned high marks in almost all our detection tests, and it has a nice interface. Bitdefender has a user-friendly interface that will appeal to people of all experience levels. Kaspersky lets both beginners and advanced users get the most out of its suite, and scored well in our tests.
McAfee didna€™t earn top marks, but ita€™s still a proficient, user-friendly antimalware program.
G Data has an effective suite, but inA­A­stallation is a hassle, with a settings panel that's more suited to advanced users.
This suite is competent at detecting, disabling, and cleaning up malware, but its user interface is unfriendly.
In general, though, the basic suitescontain just about everything you'll need to keep your PC protected. If the PC you use to visit the website is vulnerable to the exploit used by the attack, malware is downloaded and the system is compromised.
Monitor your bank and credit card statements and report anything suspicious to your financial institution. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. CCTV Camera Pros can assist in the design of surveillance systems for any size application. The reason I say so, even developers have to create documents, like high level and low level design documents, document unit test cases, log unit test defects, so even developers spend roughly about 30% to 60% of their time in documentation and testing like unit testing and component testing depending on the technology, SDLC, Process followed and complexity of the project. So, you should choose Software Testing if it’s inline with your aspirations, strengths and if you want to hone skills required to take up Software Testing as your career. Large or mid sized companies prefer Campus recruitment, as the fresher intake is high, they handle larger projects and maintain good bench strength.
Even large or mid sized companies may call-in for Off-campus recruitment when the intake numbers are less or outside campus recruitment timelines.
Internship will help candidates to get into payrolls of the same company or gain experience that would help to get jobs in other companies on regular payrolls. I would suggest highlight professional or industry acknowledged certification(s) like CSTE, CSQA, ISTQB, CSTP, CSQE, ISEB etc., that you hold and any other certifications, even though it is not industry acknowledged. Leadership team always looks at 4 areas (in following order), Value created for past organization(s), candidate’s Potential to operate one level higher, Achievements and experience. Go through HR Interview questions, prepare and rehearse by answering the questions to best of your knowledge. On an average 25% to 30% of the company’s recruitment needs are fulfilled through employee referral. We are positive that this article will help freshers and experienced people alike in Software Testing Job search and preparing for Software testing interviews. However, in this article, in this article, we will be focusing on Acceptance Testing in IT industry.
While unique features, such as Webcam Protection and Wi-Fi security notifications, secure your online privacy and identity. We analyzed the data that AV-Test provided, and then tried each of the products ourselves to give you an idea of which suites you should go fora€”and which ones you should pass on.
But if you look closely,there are still some notable differences.We noticed a fairly wide difference in terms of ease of use between the suites welooked at. In 2013, though, attackers will continue to hone in with more precise attacks known as "watering hole" attacks.
We specialize in assisting our customers not only in the selection of the best equipment for their needs but also in remote support and setup of the Internet access to their cameras. Before starting CCTV Camera Pros, Mike worked as a software engineer in the web hosting industry.
Companies may also prefer off-campus when they do not have time or budget to train freshers. Best thing to do would be to prepare and answer questions on Software Testing forum which would serve as rehearsal. Wishing Good Luck to all of our blog readers on their software testing job search and for interview preparation!!! Call and speak with a sales representative to see how you can order Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 today! While somea€”like Norton and Trend Microa€”were very user friendly andpolished, othersa€”like Avira and G Dataa€”were less so and seemed to be designed withexpert users in mind.In the end, even the lower-ranked suites performed reasonably well, but simply didn'tstand out enough to claim a higher ranking. Rather than casting a wide net (as attackers do with drive-by downloads), the watering hole attack is more precise.
Pronovost created the grand daddy of all checklists for the John Hopkins University School of Medicine.
CCTV Camera Pros is a veteran owned business as Mike proudly served in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) from 1993 to 1997. Hence, freshers who have undergone training from reputed professional institutes and finishing schools will have higher changes of getting selected in off-campus rather than a fresher who has not undergone any training.
More rehearsal would increase your confidence level, confidence and correct answers are required to clear interview successfully.
So it’s time to socialize, expand your professional & friendship network, get to know more people, share knowledge so that they would in turn help you at some point of time in future, when you need help in finding a Software testing Job or help with a particular tool or domain etc. Acceptance Testing is usually performed by clients or end users who would be using the software once software is deployed in production environment. Acceptance testing is performed in a “Pre-Production” environment that closely mimics production environment i.e.
Pronovost had become frustrated with the infections that many of the patients were developing from their intravenous (IV) lines.
Then share it with your friends, peers or ex-colleagues or on social networking sites, remember what I said “Expand your network and make it stronger”, also “sharing is caring and sharing is being social“.

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