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Franco and his staff have been very good to me over the last couple of years, but a week ago they went above and beyond what I could ever expect from any business relationship. I realize that most businesses will never be in a position to do something like this for their customers. As a content creator I understand firsthand how easy it can be to lose yourself in the afterglow of impactful blog posts or well-produced video segments. Recently I produced a video for eBay Partner Network’s ePN TV about the importance of content and link auditing on your website and the types of things that marketers needs to pay attention to. In terms of qualifications, you don’t get any better than my friend, Jordan Koene, at eBay. I’m curious to know how Panda and Penguin have affected your website or blog over the last several months?
I speak with businesses every week that say they want to make their corporate communication channels compelling and engaging to their users, yet when it comes time to pull the trigger, they trim and cut out all the meat that made the content worth publishing in the first place.
Recently, Chris Brogan posted an article on his site about agencies discontinuing their blogs due to lack of engagement and readership. Converse All-Stars have long been the footwear of choice for rockers of all genres, ages and styles. Today, I saw that Converse is giving back to the music community that’s been so good to them by opening a recording studio in Brooklyn, NY that caters to up-and-coming talent. Obviously, Converse is spending a significant amount of money to fund this studio in the hopes that the investment keeps them relevant in the hearts and minds of rockers throughout the world. Several weeks back I was interviewed by my old friend, Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, at BlogWorld Los Angeles about eBay’s increased adoption of video in their communications strategy. Only a few weeks after proudly announcing their new brand, Qwikster, Netflix, again, very publicly announced they had made a mistake. With Steve Jobs still fresh on my mind, this got me thinking about how you’d never see this kind of public meltdown from Apple. The video below speaks to this argument better than anything I’ve ever seen by putting it in the context of real-world situations. Earlier this year I wrote about how much knowledge and information we should be willing to give away to a client without receiving some sort of compensation in return. Last week I wrote about what you can expect in the way of return on a social media strategy. My research and personal experience tells me that tools like Facebook and Twitter have moved commenting away from the blog and onto other platforms.
As marketers we talk a lot about best practices and what we can be doing better – especially in areas of search and social media. If you’re a rock fan like I am, you’ve heard that story about Van Halen, back in 1982, creating a section of their contract rider that prohibited brown M&Ms from being in their backstage stash.
Over the past year or so, the benefits of video for SEO have proven to be significant.  So it makes sense to want to add videos to your website. If YouTube was a standalone entity it would be the second largest search engine in the world behind only Google. Having a video on a landing page, even if it’s not played, increases conversation rates in the average range across the web of (10-30%). To optimize just about anything on the web requires keyword research and since Google can not actually watch the video to determine what it is about, you will need to tell Google using keywords. Have you heard that link building is important?  Do you want a great Do Follow link from the second biggest search engine in the world?  Then you need to create a YouTube channel. The challenge with videos is making them interesting but for whatever reason many people are not using proper video search engine optimization best practices to make sure they obtain the maximum number of views possible.  Do not be lazy, create great videos and optimize them with the same efforts you do with new content. Search is evolving at such a rapid clip that it is even difficult for SEO experts to keep up with the pace. One of the biggest changes we’ve seen recently is the incorporation of social elements into search results.
Earlier this year, Google announced a radical shift in personalization, Search Plus Your World, where the default search looks at your social connections. In this ever evolving world of search, what are the most important steps to take to optimize your video content for search engines?
Optimizing video for search engines isn’t its own discipline, but simply an extension of SEO.
Create an XML video sitemap that tells the search engine exactly where your page is, and where your video is, along with some information about it. Once you’ve done that, Google crawls your page to verify that the video exists and in most cases, indexes your video where it can appear in the universal search results. Many e-commerce sites don’t have much text, in which case it may be worthwhile to include transcripts of your videos. In most cases, it’s sensible to make videos on your website shareable through social widgets such as Facebook like and Twitter retweet. The more content you have on your pages that can be ranked within the different verticals in Google – image search, organic search, video search etc. E-commerce retailer, eBags, added several still images from their videos to the bottom of the pages that had video on them.
This is a no brainer as the thumbnail is the first thing that people look at and the most important. Amanda works with some of the world’s largest companies to help improve conversion rates and online profitability. On one end, there is the constant importance of complying with HIPAA standards, and on the other end, there is a growing emphasis on providing high levels of patient satisfaction in the post Affordable Care Act era.

I’m obsessed with shoes, jackets, vintage rock tees, premium denim and bespoke dress shirts. I’ve often said that content is king and that should be enough to distinguish yourself from the pack. Do you agree that we shouldn’t over-sanitize our corporate content, or is there more at play here? From the Ramones to Joan Jett to Billie Joe Armstrong to Slash, Converse have dominated the rock n’ roll uniform for decades.
Is this a quick ploy by Converse or a real chance for struggling musicians to get their music heard in a way not possible before? BlogWorld is always one of my favorite events each year because of the swell of creativity and passion that overflows from each attendee.
How much more will the board take before they tire of these Romper Room-like CEO brand adventures? Even their most colossal missteps were handled with more grace and sure-footedness than this Qwikster debacle.
This got me thinking about how businesses could (and should) be doing the same things within their walls (maybe sans drinks and parades).
This week, I want to focus on what I think you should be measuring to see how productive your initiatives are. Some already understand they need a social media strategy, but for a variety of reasons they’ve been unable to implement it on their own. People are venturing less out of their chosen communities and instead sharing feedback on a social platform rather than a blog.
Sometimes though, it’s not about what WE are doing, but more about what our CUSTOMERS are doing. Most people think about it as an arrogant band pushing the limits of celebrity for something trivial, but there was more to it than that. But more isn’t necessarily better, especially if you’re considering adding more than one video per page. After the keyword research is complete incorporate your keywords into the video name, video title and in your video tags to effectively optimize your video. Social factors have always supported SEO in an indirect way, in that if you have good content, people want to share it and link to it.
If you’re signed into Google with Search Plus Your World turned on, you see different search results than everyone else, which makes it a little more difficult to determine how well you’re ranking.
Here are 8 video SEO best practices and tips from Mark Robertson, founder and publisher of ReelSEO, pulled from a recent webinar for video commerce solutions provider, Liveclicker. Standard SEO best practices such as well-planned navigation, site structure, internal site links and title tags are important to drive traffic to your website. For that reason, you always want to start with keyword research when optimizing video, or anything else for that matter. The easiest way to check is to go to Google Videos and do a search using site: yourwebsite with no spaces to see how many videos on your site are indexed and determine if there’s a mismatch. Did you know that you can also allow your videos to be viewed on Facebook directly when someone likes your page? A lot of the images were indexed in Google Images and, as a result, they experienced a 115% uptick in traffic to the video pages.
A seasoned e-commerce professional with more than 14 years in the field, Amanda has hands-on experience marketing, merchandising and managing multimillion dollar online stores. Needless to say, search engine optimization (SEO) and digital optimization also carry a unique set of challenges and opportunities for those operating within the healthcare industry.Fathom’s SEO Tips for Healthcare Marketing SuccessDon’t Ignore Local SearchThere are very few instances in which healthcare organizations have no need for a local presence. Many of you also know that I spend a fair amount of time at the eBay Mothership in San Jose.
The unfortunate reality is that we have to give more than a passing thought to SEO and how search engines perceive our website. Content creation is an investment – one that I believe is not only worthwhile, but essential to your business. While this video obviously speaks to my work with eBay, I think the fundamental principles discussed here are important for every company to think about. In addition to meeting lots of new people, it’s always great to connect with old friends and reminisce about the old days of podcasting and the infancy of blogging. In the end, it boils down to standing up for what you’re worth and not feeding into a trend that threatens to further de-value the talents of so many creative people. However, in December 2011 Google confirmed that it was using social signals such as likes, retweets and +1s for search engine ranking. Once you have a well optimized website, then your video results should rank better as a matter of course.
Pages with transcripts earned on average 16% more revenue than they did before transcripts. It’s ok to put the transcript of the video at the bottom of the page, but it must be representative of the content of your video and not stuffed with keywords. Faster pages improve the user experience while decreasing bounce rates, whether or not they contain video. Amanda has appeared at and been a regular contributor to leading e-commerce blog, Get Elastic. In our own experience, we’ve found that local search is often one of the most widely overlooked aspects of healthcare organizations’ digital marketing efforts. When you combine the aforementioned two, it’s not hard to understand how I came to be a loyal Franco Uomo customer at his shop on Santana Row.

How can we pick up signals from our customers and act on them in a way that shows how much we value them, not just for their business, but as people? Since Google released their Panda and Penguin updates, they’ve turned the online world on its ear. If you’re going to spend the money and human capital to make a go of it, have the courage to push boundaries. You also get Converse’s considerable promotional muscle working to help you find a larger audience for your work.
Rock n’ roll has arguably kept this brand hip and timeless in a way that few others have been able to pull off.
When you look at all the events and occurrences that have unfolded this year throughout the world, it really puts day-to-day life in perspective. This project allows Converse to talk about the support they offer to the music community, while hopefully capitalizing on the goodwill and hype of the social media community. So, with that in mind, I wanted to take a moment and wish all of you a happy and safe new year. Brands continue to take notice and choose to be part of the conversations on a very social level.
Keywords Are Key For Video Marketing When creating a video for your site, it’s important to choose one or two keywords to support the topic of your video, just like you would the topic of any one page on your site.
The uplift was likely related to increases in traffic through long-tail keyword searches resulting from matches in the transcripts.
If you have a player with integrated Buy Now buttons, that will show up on Facebook as well.
Using too many keywords will confuse Google as to the topic of your video and will lead to poor page ranking. For many health systems that use a template for physician profiles or location pages, we’ve found it can save a lot of time to simply add the schema code to the template itself, so that each page does not require the code to be manually added.Add locality-oriented keywords to key service line pages. That’s why if you put more than one video on a page, you’re essentially putting more than three, four, five and potentially more keywords on that page.  Talk about confusing the search engines! Some of the most common and lucrative searches prospective patients may perform are question-based, such as “Heart Transplant Institute in Columbus Ohio”. For this example, we would suggest trying to insert “Columbus” in relevant places on the Heart Transplant page, so it has a chance to rank higher in local search queries for heart transplant providers.Optimize For Mobile Search and UsabilityIf you’ve ever been in a hospital, clinic, or other medical facility, do yourself a favor and look around the waiting room. Big video directory pages typically struggle to rank for multiple keywords Keyword Competition Remember to do your research and find the longer keywords that will help you rank higher, faster. In the era of smartphones and tablets, hospitals have become environments of mobile browsing, and tablets are now the go-to device for improving patient satisfaction and comfort.
Needless to say, it would be out of place for a hospital’s website to not comply with mobile usability standards. The more specific your keyword is to your target audience, the more likely they are to find you and your website.
Most important, we strongly suggest making an active effort to improve website speed whenever possible, and making sure navigation and accessibility is seamless for mobile devices.Reduce Complex WritingNomenclature used within the healthcare industry can be complex and varied. Website Load Time Is Important While video provides a fantastic media rich experience, too much video on any one page can really slow your site down.  And that’s definitely not good for SEO. While precise verbiage is important, especially from an academic perspective, it can also be confusing and ambiguous to prospective patients.Especially for pages associated with medical service lines, we suggest auditing the terms that are used and finding ways to replace them with more common, simple language. When you’re doing research on the web, it can get very frustrating waiting for a web page to load – you just want it to hurry up.  Well, Google wants the same thing – a site that won’t waste their time loading slowly. Similarly, we suggest replacing acronyms with plain-English terms that don’t require knowledge of the acronym to understand the sentence. That’s why Google has decided that sites with slow load times will be penalized with lower rankings than sites with faster load times. This will not only help to reduce confusion, it will also better align a website’s pages with high-volume search queries.For example, an organization using the word orthopaedic, may switch this term to orthopedic for better search recognition. Video As Part Of A Mix Of Media Types Web pages that include text, images, and other diverse media with a video will typically rank better and usually improve conversion rates. On the whole, pages that are intended for patient use should be easily understood at a sixth grade reading level.Consider Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)Increasing visibility, traffic, and exposure is only one piece of the puzzle.
While it’s always beneficial to increase traffic, increasing the conversion rate can often provide a higher return-on-investment (ROI) than an increase in traffic would provide. Including video as part of your marketing mix is a great idea.  It provides a media rich experience for your visitors and the SEO benefits of video marketing can’t be denied.
So when thinking about SEO video optimization, remember why one video per page is best. Any more and you may wind up doing more harm than good to your website. Do CTAs provide an easy path to convert visitors?Do most pages feature relevant visual assets? Websites that make good use of imagery on the whole have better engagement metrics, convert better, and rank better in organic search.
Additionally, adding quality, human-focused images can improve the overall feel of empathy, which is critically important for care-based organizations.

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