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Another huge benefit of adding video to your site is improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO), generating higher rankings for your site on search engines. So you know you want to use more video in your content marketing strategy, but it might not always be easy to come up with ideas worthy of a video.
Here are 7 video topic ideas you can use to add more video to your site – improving SEO, driving more visits, and hopefully improving sales!
Video is a great way to give people a peek into the real-life workings of your company or business.
De la misma forma que nos preocupamos por las palabras clave para posicionar una web, debemos preocuparnos por mismo nivel de investigacion para asegurarse que las palabras clave adecuadas estan siendo utilizadas en nuestra estrategia de SEO para videos.
Para poder tener un posicionamiento alto en motores de busqueda (incluyendo sitios como YouTube), es esencial que las frases clave que se seleccionan sean usadas de forma inteligente ya que esto tendra un gran impacto en si el video es encontrado y si aporta algo nuevo al usuario. Las palabras clave son los pilares del SEO y de la optimizacion de motores de busqueda de video, son estos los que se usaran para que estos sepan exactamente cual es el enfoque del video y pueda ser incluido en los resultados del usuario. Una vez se han localizado las palabras adecuadas para la campana existen varios puntos a seguir, sin embargo, estas deben estar ya incluidas en el nombre del archivo, el title tag, descripcion, tags en general y links de texto. Google Analytics es una herramienta fantastica para descubrir que es lo que el cliente busca y, aun mejor, nos encontraremos con preguntas especificas planteadas por los usuarios lo que, sin lugar a dudas, es perfecto para poder crear un video que responda a dichas cuestiones. Ambas categorias nos ayudaran a plantear estrategias para contenido que ya tenemos o bien, para generar nuevo contenido que se adapte a las preguntas de los usuarios.
La idea no es utilizar una o dos palabras aisladas, es que el titulo, la descripcion y el contenido giren en torno a esas palabras. Se ha creado el guion del video utilizando las palabras clave encontradas a traves de la busqueda. Muchos usuarios incluyen la palabra “video” cuando realizan una busqueda, por lo que tiene sentido incluirlo en el tag del titulo, descripcion y contenido. Tomarse el tiempo necesario y descubrir las palabras clave que pueden llevar un trafico importante al sitio web es el pinaculo del SEO, incluyendo el SEO para videos. Esta entrada ha sido publicado en Marketing Online Blog, SEO y tiene los tags: keywords videos, optimizacion videos, seo para videos. Google, чрез популярния си сайт за видео споделяне YouTube, залага на това, все повече зрители и рекламодатели да мигрират от телевизията към интернет.

Video SEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) е най-съвременният и ефективен инструмент за реклама онлайн, иновативна услуга, която широко разпространява брандирано видео онлайн, като го прави лесно за откриване в търсачките Google, Yahoo, MSN и създава желаната видимост на бранда, продукта или услугата. In 2013, we’re putting our knowledge where our mouth is and asking companies to give us their promotional film so we can get it to rank on YouTube and get more views.
That’s incredible – half (56%) of videos uploaded to YouTube fail to get seen by a wide audience! Unfortunately, if you just stick your film on your website (embedded through YouTube) without doing your research into keywords and following YouTube’s advice with regards to title and description AND keep checking back on it and tweaking accordingly …you will almost certainly fall into that 56% we mentioned before. This means the film can end up costing you a heck of a lot more. Lets say you spent ?1,500 on a promotional film, even reaching 500 views that means each view cost you ?3 and how many of those where friends and family? Which brings us back round to the question, if companies have paid for a film to be made why are they not utilising the world’s 2nd largest search engine and getting it in front of potential clients? We write a lot about how to harness the power of YouTube; for 2013 we’re going to put our knowledge where our mouth is. We’ve got lots of case studies for our clients who we’ve produced films for, but being a bit Curveball as we are, we’d like a new challenge for 2013. This year we’re going to start a case study for what we’re calling The Pygmalion Project (see what we did there). We want to take a film we haven’t produced and use our knowledge to break it out of that 56%. The fact is that although you may have not created your promotional film for the purposes of ranking on YouTube – all is not lost, it can still rank on YouTube.
Let’s not get into the semantics of George Bernard Shaw’s comments on social structure and creation and we’ll quickly floss over the reference to prostitution… the reason we’re going for Pygmalion is because we want to show that it’s not always the film that is at fault, it’s the way the film has been set-up on YouTube. Hopefully this exercise will highlight how you can set-up YouTube films to be more successful in the future. Although unlike Pygmalion, Curveball Daniel and Curveball Olly will not be donning smoking jackets, laying bets and seeing this as some great folly ! Watching online video has quickly become the new pastime, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. This simple statement could mean any number of things to a person who has never had the experience of uploading and posting a video on Youtube.

Realizar una buena investigacion de palabras clave no solo ayuda a desarrollar una estrategia para la creacion del contenido del video sino que beneficiara el resto de la campana SEO. Es por esto que es importante hacerle saber al buscador cual es el enfoque de esa pagina en particular, logrando asi un mejor posicionamiento. Tambien sabemos que necesitamos ayudar a motores como YouTube, Google y Bing a reconocer y entender el contenido de nuestro video. No solo se da una buena impresion a Google que la pagina esta activa y fomenta el intercambio de opiniones sino que, ademas, dichas opiniones y comentarios pueden incluir variaciones de las palabras clave que utilizamos. Utilizar esta palabra puede ser la diferencia entre estar posicionado entre los primeros o quedar fuera.
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When shooting a promotional film, most companies hire a in a crew, shoot a quality film and then to stick it on their website – even taking the time to embed it on YouTube and give it a well thought out title.
We’re not promising miracles, but rather than having a film that is stagnant on YouTube (check your stats!), we can get it to a state of play whereby it’s getting seen by a relevant audience. And, according to Internet Retailer, an April 2010 report stated that consumers who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy products compared to those who do not watch. Our friends at Wistia have access to aggregated video stats, and have used that to create some nice video content.
Contact some of these and offer to do a review in exchange for a demo version of their product. Then sit back and wait for the phone to ring… after all they need to make back the often hefty price tag associated with a promotional film. Give us a call on 01603 358145 and we'll be happy to help you understand how film or animation can work for your business.

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