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In the early days of the Internet, filesharing was difficult for files that were more than a few hundred kilobytes in size.
Now, granting that it is definitely illegal to share the entirety of a copyrighted song, book, article, or film and that most everyone knows that it is illegal and can cost one upwards of $150k per file shared, why do people still risk it? For a long time, a well-known and very popular science series, Cosmos was unavailable in any format due to issues with the copyright owners of some of the music used in the show. So, what can be done to ensure that the creators of this content get their fair share and that consumers pay a price that won’t break the bank? Forget Vacation – How to The Enjoy the Ultimate StaycationAir travel has never been more expensive, and with airlines charging for everything from checked bags to stale onboard meals, it doesn’t look like that fact is going to change anytime soon. 5 Must-Haves to Make your Vacation Flight a BreezeThese days it seems that air travel is more of a means to an end, a tolerated necessity for getting from point A to point B.
The pictures you snap with your new smartphone may reside on the phone, a computer, and a mobile-sharing service such as Instagram. In fact, the only place you might be able to find all your photos anymore is online, scattered across an array of photo-sharing services and social networks. This guide will cover batch-downloading images from Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa Web Albums, SmugMug, Photobucket, Shutterfly, and Snapfish.
You can use Facebooka€™s built-in tools to download your entire profile historya€”photos, videos, and all.
To get started, go to Account Settings and click a€?Download a copy of your Facebook dataa€? at the bottom of the menu.
If you want to get copies of every photo youa€™ve been tagged in, you can use a free third-party service called PickNZip.
To get full-resolution versions of your photos and download all your sets, youa€™ll need to fork over $40 (listed at $30 for a limited time as this article was posted) for a Bulkr Pro upgrade. Instagram is unique among these services in that ita€™s built specifically for mobile devices, but there is a way to nab all your Instagram shots from a computer and save them on your hard drive. In addition to a massive batch download, Instaport has more-granular options for downloading your images in its Advanced Options menu.
For batch-downloading from Google+, Ia€™d recommend using Picasa Web Albums in conjuction with your Google+ account.
In addition to being yet another online photo gallery and sharing service, Picasa Web Albums acts as a middle-man between the desktop-based Picasa app and your Google+ images online.
To download an entire Google+ album with Picasa Web Albums, select the photo album youa€™d like to download and click Actions in the top menu. If you're a Kodak Gallery customer, you may be reading this in a panic, because your photos will be transferring to Shutterfly starting on July 2.
Kodak Gallery doesn't have a batch-download option, so you'll need to save your images one at a time. To save high-resolution images from Kodak Gallery, hover over the thumbnail of the image you'd like to download. SmugMug is a paid service (subscriptions run from $5 a month or $40 a year to $20 a month or $150 a year), so it makes sense that it has some of the best batch-download options of any sharing service. From the SmugMug site, visit the gallery youa€™d like to download and select the Tools option in the top menu bar.
The good news is that Photobucket has an integrated batch-download tool that creates a .zip file of your photos. My downloads from Photobucket looked stretched-out until I rotated them 360 degrees in an image viewer. The Photobucket Pro upgrade promises original-resolution downloads, but you need to pay at least a few bucks for the service. Shutterfly has the most limited capabilities of all these sites in terms of image-download options.
Without paying Shutterfly a fee, the best you can do is take a screenshot of each Flash image. To download an archive from your Snapfish account, you select an album, hover over Edit Options in the right corner of the top menu bar, and select Download.
If therea€™s another service youa€™d like us to talk about, please let us know in the comments section.
Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. 1 Comment Anyone who’s been online for any length of time has probably heard of filesharing. If you wanted to share a song file back in the late 1990s or early 2000s, you had to have a lot of webspace and a stable connection. With this made easier, filesharing exploded from the fringes of the Internet to become something just about everyone did.

And why are copyright holders — who are not always the creators of the work — so adamant in limiting filesharing to the point of even making it difficult for legitimate fair use exceptions to be exercised? One current and well-known situation is the lack of access to the television show Game of Thrones for anyone who is not an HBO subscriber. Record companies, though, generally only keep albums on the shelves or available for sale if they think that more than a handful of people are going to purchase them.
If you're a Kodak Gallery customer, read our tips on what to do before your photos are transferred to Shutterfly. While thata€™s extremely convenient for taking photos, it can make organizing and keeping track of them a nightmare. The photos you shoot with your camera may be on a memory card, your computer, and another sharing service. Ita€™s not a bad idea to get all those photos on a local drive so that you can decide what to do with them from there. Some of these services have built-in tools for downloading images easily, while others require using third-party services.
Note, however, that this will create a .zip file that includes only photos and albums you uploaded, not the ones in which youa€™ve been tagged by other users.
PickNZip uses a Web interface, meaning that you dona€™t need to download or install a program, though it requires your Facebook login info. In my testing, the downloaded images were about half the resolution of my original shots (2048-by-1536 instead of 4000-by-3000).
Ita€™s a third-party Adobe AIR program you need to download and install; it works on Macs, Windows PCs, and Linux boxes.
The free version lets you download your entire photo archive, but it doesna€™t organize all your downloads into the appropriate Flickr photo sets.
With the paid version of Bulkr, youa€™re able to download your original-size images, all your photo sets, and all your Flickr metadata (set and image titles, tags, and descriptions). While browsing your images, click the Options menu at the bottom of the screen and select Download Full Size for each image. Anything you upload to your Google+ account will magically appear in Picasa Web Albums if you use the same email address for both accounts, which is a good thing when it comes to batch-downloading images. If you want to download full-resolution copies of your images from Kodak Gallery free of charge, you should act now; Shutterfly doesn't let you download your original pictures for free. That may sound tedious, but it's a much better (and cheaper) option than Shutterfly provides. Click the "Photo Options" menu below the photo and select "Download Full-res." You can also do the same thing when viewing each image in the larger photo viewer. Its integrated download tool lets you save a .zip file of all your galleries, with all your images in their original, high-resolution glory. Click the Download All option, and SmugMug will start to create a .zip archive of your chosen gallery. The bad news is that ita€™s severely limited unless you upgrade to a Photobucket Pro account. It costs $3 for a monthly, pay-as-you-go subscription, $25 for a one-year subscription, and $40 for a two-year subscription to Photobucketa€™s premium service. From Shutterfly, you can cross-post your photos to Facebook or Blogger, but therea€™s no way to just download all of them in a batch. Selecting a€?Post to Facebook, blogsa€¦a€? from this menu lets you select an embed code option, which creates embeddable Flash slideshow code for that album. Or, you can double-click each image thumbnail, double-click the medium-size image to see a 720-by-480 version of each photo, and right-click to save that larger image to your hard drive. However, you can pay Shutterfly to burn all your images to an archive DVD, which Shutterfly will mail to you the old-fashioned way.
To download an entire album, you click Select All at the top of the next page, or you can pick and choose individual photos from the album. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. Indeed, the very purpose of the early Internet was to share files and information for redundancy in case of a nuclear attack wiping out a swathe of the United States. It was also much easier to track down and shut down sites that were allowing users to download songs from their servers. And why do so many want to share music, movies, and television shows instead of paying for them? Fans of this show who do not necessarily want to pay upwards of $50 per month for one show, still would like to be able to see it without waiting until the season has been aired for several months.
Luckily, though, such issues have been worked out and you can now purchase this series from many different vendors. Now, for all that iTunes and other similar services are beginning to cut out the middle-man, there are entire back catalogs that are unavailable for any price.

The images you shot with your old camera or flip phone may be sitting on an old hard drive, a gone-missing memory card, a dead mobile device, or an online photo-sharing service that was popular for 17 minutes in 2005. You may even be looking to switch photo-sharing services for one reason or anothera€”one with clearer privacy and reusage policies, the ability to order prints, or better tools for mobile sharing. Some of them are generous, offering full-resolution downloads of all your images for free, while others charge you for the privilege or downscale your original photos significantly. It organizes everything neatly into folders for each photo album, but the maximum resolution for each photo is 2048-by-1536 (6 megapixels). Once you enter that, PickNZip lets you browse and download your own photo albums and photos in which youa€™ve been tagged. It also maxes out at the 1024-by-768-pixel size of each photo on Flickr and doesna€™t let you download the original size if ita€™s larger than that.
Ita€™s a free, Web-based downloader that creates a .zip file of all your Instagram images once you enter your Instagram user name and password. The Instaport site also says that direct imports of your photos to Facebook, Flickr, and RSS feeds are coming soon, but those features arena€™t available yet.
However, a€?full sizea€? doesna€™t mean original size when it comes to Google+; I uploaded 12-megapixel images (4000-by-3000 pixels) to the service, but I was only able to download 6-megapixel (2048-by-1536) copies of each photo. However, just like Google+, it may downscale your images to 2048-by-1536 pixels during the download. On a Mac or Windows PC, it will save the images to your Pictures folder in a folder titled Downloaded Albums.
It may take a few minutes, but once the .zip archive is created, youa€™ll get an email from SmugMug with a link to your downloadable archive.
When I downloaded a batch of 12-megapixel (4000-by-3000) images as a test for this story, it downscaled all the photos to just 1024-by-768, and it temporarily modified the aspect ratio for some of the images, making them appear as if they were stretched out horizontally. Because the JPEG images are converted to Flash, you cana€™t right-click the larger-size images and save them to your hard drive. Doing this on a photo-by-photo basis is tedious, and youa€™ll only get low-res versions of your original photo after all that work. It costs $10 for an archive disc of one to 100 images, $15 for 101 to 500 images, and $20 for an archive DVD of 501 to 1000 images. Once youa€™re done, you click Choose These Photos, and Snapfish creates a downloadable .zip file of your original-resolution images.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. A file hosting service, cloud storage service, online file storage provider, or cyberlocker is an Internet hosting service specifically designed to host user files. However, as the Internet moved from becoming the reserve of the military and academia to become the playground of anyone with a phone line and a disposable income, filesharing became a cause for concern.
However, most people wanted to share the music they liked — music created under and protected by copyright law. However, due to various contracts between HBO (the creator) and the cable companies (distributors), the only way to see the show without subscribing to cable is to pirate it.
Still, for a while the only way to show this series to a new generation of students was to break the law. Whatever the reason, the first thing youa€™ll need to do is download all your images as painlessly as possible. If you choose to download specific sets, the free version of Bulkr limits download access to the last three sets youa€™ve uploaded. All the images are downloaded in full resolution, but keep in mind that a€?full resolutiona€? means a square, 612-by-612-pixel image when it comes to Instagram. However, when I rotated each photo 360 degrees in an image viewer, it fixed the aspect-ratio problem.
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