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Indian Music Industry (IMI), have recently got an order in their favor from Calcutta High Court regarding the  direction to the Indian Internet Service Providers for blocking 104 pirated music sharing websites in India.
Reports say that initially IMI had asked court to block 300 illegal music sharing sites, the list was shortened to 104 sites which are based on the amount of pirated contents found on those sites. This kind of steps by the judiciary can help the music industry to survive in long run, else no industry can survive long without generating revenue. India has blocked that website (which has always remained the No.1 site for Bollywood music downloads for the last 6-7 years) and not any other country so far.
As per a recent report published in Times of India, giving respite to those who passed LL.B. About Geek Upd8 Geek Upd8 is a network of blogs where you can find technology updates, support for google products, free blogger templates, law news and latest job alerts.
Reacting guardedly to the landmark Indo-US logistics exchange agreement, China Wednesday said India pursues an independent foreign policy but hinted it might raise the issue during Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar's visit here next week. Sartaj Aziz, Pakistan Prime Minister's Advisor on Foreign Affairs, said that the confirmation establishes Islamabad's commitment towards fight against terrorism. According to media reports, Pakistan's National Security Advisor Lieutenant-General Naseer Khan Janjua had passed on the intelligence warning to his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval on Saturday following which the special forces were deployed to Gujarat to back up state police. The terror alert prompted massive mobilisation of state police personnel and the National Security Guard.

Security was beefed up at prominent temples, markets, railway stations, bus stands, malls, airports and other crowded places across cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Vijayawada, Bhopal and Chandigarh. New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Friday said India and Switzerland have reached an understanding on a number of issues regarding sharing of information in cases of black money being stashed in Swiss banks. According to the minister, the Swiss authorities also agreed to accept any findings of Indian investigations into the black money issue as authentic and will co-operate in providing bank information of the people against whom evidence have been found. The Finance Minister Jaitley said that the both sides have agreed to hold discussion for reaching an agreement for automatic sharing of information of account holders against whom substantial evidences have been found.
On the governments' stand at the Supreme Court regarding disclosure of names of individual the ministry had received from foreign governments, Jaitley said that these names cannot be revealed due to a confidentiality clause in a double taxation avoidance agreement India had signed with Germany in 1995. The disclosure can only happen, Jaitley said if a proper investigation is started against such individual and a substantial amount of evidence is found against them and given in a court of law.
The government has said that such disclosures would be counter productive for getting further information on black money stashed away in tax havens as foreign governments would not share such information in future. Thus people accessing the websites wont be able to access the websites listed below after the blocking came into effect. They keep uploading the latest movies songs, that get released and users are available to download them freely.
Court has passed an Injunction order, directing all majors ISP’s in the country to block access of users to these websites.

Hence you can use any free VPNs or proxy servers to open the website and download the music. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about General News! It's like you are given Biriyani everyday for free, and one fine morning the vendor says no more Biriyani because the vendor's competitor filed a case!
What is unique about this order through, according to Big Pictures VP (Music and Anti Piracy) Sanjay Tandon, is that it also covers Internet Service Providers, and not just people selling pirated DVDs or cable operators.
We seriously do not need a disaster like the one happened in US in which 23,000 citizens were sued. We anticipate that certain entities are going to infringe, and the Delhi High Court has granted us a John Doe order,” Tandon said.

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