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54% of adult Internet users post original photos or videos online that they themselves have created.
47% of adult Internet users take photos or videos that they have found online and repost them on sites designed for sharing images with many people. Whether you want your audience to share your latest blog post, newest product or most recent press release, social share buttons help encourage your online audience to interact with your content across platforms.
Embedded social feeds publish posts from your company’s social media accounts directly on your website.
A great business blog could become the social foundation of your website – if you do it right. The more your readers connect with your blog, the more likely they will be to engage and interact with its content.
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A recent college graduate, Molly is launching her web marketing career with TKG as an online marketing and content specialist. Email marketing is a great way to get your content in front of consumers, but getting it to stay there, that part has yet to be perfected. The trick to email marketing interaction, however, isn’t to send readers to another webpage where you have something interactive planned. Consider the following types of interaction and whether or not you should use them when marketing through email.
After all, it’s much easier and faster to vote on an issue than read an entire piece of content on the issue. Place social sharing buttons on your email marketing campaign, and you’re sure to have more interaction than if you were to send out a plain piece of content. Ultimately, having quality content is the most important thing in an email marketing campaign. In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about ways on how to make people share your content online. 05:59 Are you the ones who has no time, or the one who doesn’t know what to post or the one whose content is not shared? Are your buttons positioned at the header, the footer, or both header and footer of each post? I really like the G+ box in your sidebar — I actually just added this to my own blog yesterday. Thats an interesting idea, I’d be very grateful for any tips or suggestions :) thanks very much! This would help enable people to share your content easily, which in turn helps you build exposure. Developing a strong community that it’s interested in your news or articles is very hard to achieve but is rewarding. Twitter always think to improve things so they offer numerous widgets and resources for you to engage your visitors while also growing your Twitter community.  For examples you can create a widget with your tweets. It creates a nice little button you can place in any widget that displays the number of Twitter followers you. With Sexy Bookmarks your visitors can share your awesome content with nice and dynamic icons that you can place at the top or bottom of your blog.

The Activity Feed plugin displays the most interesting recent activity taking place on your site. Automatically makes a micro-bookmark (tinyurl that goes directly to the highlights), e-mail it to anyone, post it to any social network. With this plugin, you can embed Twitter Follow Button to let your visitor follow you instantly by just clicking on the button. Social Homes adds a sidebar widget containing a subtle list of all your social homes as linked favicons.
Increase site traffic by enabling users to easily share content with their friends and followers. Janrain Engage increases site registrations and generates referral traffic to your site by allowing users to easily register and login via an existing account with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, LinkedIn and other social platforms. TDM - Top Design Magazine was founded by two guys who are passionate about design and development. We are constantly looking for new ideas, concepts or news so if you want to promote your idea, send us an email and we'll publish it. Try to establish communication with your fellow friends with the help of some real facts in the form of a dialogue sentence rather than a simple word. Following these ways help in better Social Media Sharing and widening your social brand to others. The study calls them curators, and their number has grown from 41% of Internet users last year.
Today, it is more important than ever for businesses to stay connected with their consumers online and in the social space. For example, if you place a Facebook widget on your website, it will display all of your company’s photo posts, video uploads and status updates directly on your homepage, in real-time. To promote social engagement, publish sharable content that is relevant to your target audience, and include interactive elements like social share buttons.
You might have your list perfected, your newsletters segmented, and a lot of great images, but for some reason people tend to delete these emails even before they get to that great attention grabber you worked so hard to create. Consumers like to be involved as much as possible with the things they see online, so bringing that element into an email marketing campaign is a great idea.
If you’re trying to prove a point or ask for opinions, it might be a good idea to ask a question and hope for feedback.
If you can configure the message to show a chart or graph after each vote, people will likely feel even more engaged. Videos are notorious for taking a while to load, and with email marketing you don’t have a large enough window of time. If you want to give readers the option of clicking a link to view a video or chat live with a team member, by all means go for it. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now Google+, social networking is becoming more important than ever. You can have all the bells and whistles and fun interactive opportunities you want, but none of it will matter if your content is poorly written. Have you ever put your self in the shoes of the audience to know how it feels to read your posts? He writes about WordPress themes, plugins, and services for entrepreneurial bloggers at CreativeBlogger.

Coders made some good and useful WordPress plugins that ease our life but also our visitors life. Since the content is hosted by Facebook, the plugin can display personalized content whether or not the user has logged into your site. It allows you to effortlessly integrate your social network activity across the web with your blog. It is different to other social bookmarks plugins because it’s focused on collecting non-english bookmarks site. Users also can publish their comments or activities from your site to multiple social networks simultaneously. Here you will find the most interesting news, tutorials and resources related to all branches of design and web programming. But your target should be in the quality audience whom you think will be beneficial rather than wasting time on some newbie. It is like getting a customer poll from which you will know where you are gaining or lagging in your brand.
Although most companies have stuck to catchy headlines and interesting graphics in the past, 2012 is going to move email marketing into an interactive state. For this reason, some types of interaction work well, but others are better left for a different campaign.
According to Facebook statistics, one in every nine people on Earth has a Facebook account. People will be able to see through all of the exciting interactive elements, so make sure that interaction is the last piece to your email marketing puzzle.
And with the speed of transfer of information, your content can be shared and viewed by people not in your contact list.
Most of us have created a profile of our own or about our business in some of these social networking sites. After all, turning away from a piece of content and ignoring a link is easy, but it’s a bit harder to turn away from an opportunity to participate in something. In other words, people love to share things they find online with their friends and those starting a small business can’t get enough of these networks. But how would you get people to share your content and reach people beyond your immediate circle?
These profiles not only reflect our personality rather for business men it helps to establish a means of advertising in the social networking domain. In fact, with all of the other types of interaction available, clicking on a link hardly counts. So, have a listen and pick up these tips to get your content, shared, liked, reposted and retweeted. So while creating a profile one should be careful enough to spend some precious time in developing your profile personality to attract more audience.

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