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You can use it  a  personal  portfolio   to showcase your work.The core file consist of  layered  PSD  you can download it from below link. To achieve it, some immerse in inspiration and try to find the unique design idea, the others create enumerous sketches of the future website.
How to make this process easier?Templatemonster’s designers are rightfully proud of their stuff that can facilitate your work.
Meet a fresh freebie – Free Website Template for Design Studio that could be a basis professionally designed for your web presence.This full-size design is good for design studio, firm, workshop, company websites.

Black is a synonym for stylish, and using it in design you make the viewers feel its chic and contemporary tone. This design, simple at first sight, is offset with power and beauty of details (red-colored graphic elements and effective typography). The contrasting colors play as visual separators of the content part, making the blocks of information easy to perceive.
Intuitive navigation, when visitors can find everything they need in a mouse click, makes this theme comfortable for visiting.

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