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WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro lets you convert HD video between over 100 formats and for multiple gadgets, all with 50X conversion speed and no impact to fidelity. I forgot to say, I normally use "Nero Recoder" Nero has no problem with those MKV files, but it's very slow, thats why I would like to get your program.
I tried a few other formats, and your program is great with those, just not any of my MKVs, I tried a bunch of them, as control I made a test with "Nero Recoder" just to make sure it was not my files, Nero had no problem with them.

How many programs would you need if you wanted to burn DVDs, convert HD video to different formats, and download videos off of YouTube? WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe has everything you need to convert HD video, burn DVDs and download videos from YouTube, all in one package. Ever have one of your favorite online videos go "offline" just when you wanted to show it off?

Thomas Edwards Why is it that I see 100 per cent off but when clicking further find much lower per cent ages in the check out page?

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