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I found some of today's pop music in a folder on a computer, and was bored so I put them on iTunes and changed all the names.
We all know that the stock ringtones for most phones range from merely annoying to other-worldly, nightmarish soundscapes of noise and agony (Ia€™m looking at you, a€?Motoa€?).
If you want to create a ringtone, your first step will of course be getting the audio file onto your Android device. Using your computera€™s file explorer or finder, locate the song you want to use on your hard drive. You probably have one of these cords lying around since they almost always come with new phones, and you usually need one to keep your device charged. When you attach your phone to your computer via the USB cable, youa€™ll probably get a message asking you how you would like to use this device. These next steps use applications that automatically locate audio files for you, so it doesna€™t matter very much where you put it. File Manager is a tiny powerhouse of an app that gives you a clean window into your Android devicea€™s backstage. For our purposes, wea€™ll just be using File Manager for its ability to assign any audio file as a ringtone or notification. The app lets you define a segment of any length, but remember that youa€™ll be using this as a ringtone, so it wona€™t be playing for more than a few seconds most of the time. Before you finish out, change the file type from the default option a€?Ringtonea€? to a€?Music.a€? This will ensure that you will be able to use it as either a ringtone or notification in the future with the help of File Manager. Since you installed File Manager, you will be given the option to use it instead of the default ringtone selection function.
When File Manager opens up, tap the a€?Audioa€? shortcut to see a list of all the audio files on your phone.
If you want to assign a specific ringtone to a contact, just use this same process in your contacts menu, using File Manager once again instead of the default ringtone selector. Ita€™s true that there are other methods to create your own ringtones, but what makes this technique so useful is that it works for a variety of widely-used file types, and it avoids the most common complications that users tend to run into. If you edit, cut or remix music for dance, gymnastics, figure skaters, vocalists or any other purpose, this is perhaps the most important article you can read on the subject. Most music has a structure… a road map that that takes the listener on a journey from point A to point B with several interesting stops along the way. While many songs have variations on this theme, this graph is nonetheless a useful starting point in visualizing or understanding the structure of a song, including intro, verses (purple), choruses (blue), and almost always some type of bridge section (green). Music editors who don’t pay attention to the structure of music typically make the minimum number of edits, or cuts, to get the music down from, say, four minutes, to the required routine length, which is usually three minutes, two and a half minutes, or two minutes.

So in order to maximize artistic integrity of the song AND meet the linear requirements of dance choreography, music should be edited and remixed in order to retain the maximum amount of interest in moving from point A to point B, taking the audience on a journey, stopping off at scenic points of interest along the way, before finally ending up at the destination. In almost all cases, retaining the bridge section of a song improves the result of the song editing process. Here is the same song structure as the first graph, but edited to retain the integrity of the original, including the bridge. By understanding a song’s structure and retaining the overall feel and variety of it, you can make a remix or edit of that song and still leave the audience feeling satisfied with the journey, even though the trip took less time. If you are a dance choreographer looking to give your students the best music possible for the choreography you are going to teach them, have your music remixed by a professional ahead of time so that he or she can retain the structure. If you prefer to have a professional edit or remix your music, here’s my Request Form. Also see: How To Avoid Awkward Fadeouts for another article on this subject, complete with sample edited waveforms. This entry was posted in Audio Editing Tips and tagged audio, bridge, bridge section, choreography, chorus, dance, dance choreography, editing, ending, fade, fade-out, fadeout, figure skaters, gymnastic routine, gymnastics, gymnasts, ice skaters, intro, music, music editors, remix, routine, shape of the journey, song, structure, verse on February 2, 2012 by mmpartee. Even after almost a decade of smartphones, creating your own custom ringtone hasna€™t gotten much more intuitive. There are a variety of ways you can do this, but for the purposes of this tutorial, wea€™ll just go with a simple transfer over a USB cable.
It may be in any number of places, from an iTunes music stash to a downloads folder, so you might have to look around for a bit.
However, if you somehow manage to find yourself in a micro USB drought, you can grab a new one for a couple of bucks off Amazon. However, ita€™s generally good practice to put it somewhere you can find it again to keep your device tidy and organized.
We will be using the following two apps to chop directly to the part of the song you want to use as your ringtone and ensure that your phone is able to use your new creation as a ringtone or notification sound. Ita€™s relatively lean, supports a plethora of popular audio file formats, and is able to assign freshly trimmed songs as ringtones right from inside the app. Some users have complained about having to save two versions of a file if they want to use it as both a ringtone and a notification. I could sing File Managera€™s praises all day long, but how-to articles arena€™t the best medium for filibustering, impromptu musical numbers. It has a ton of clever little tricks up its sleeves, including a slick wifi file transfer system. This is a huge advantage since most stock interfaces tend to be a little finicky about which file types can be used for what.

Cut right to your favorite chords and be sure your ringtone ends before the part you dona€™t like as much kicks in. Note that RingDroida€™s interface uses audio file properties rather than file names in its default browser. RingDroid has built-in functionality to assign your freshly-trimmed musical masterpiece as your ringtone without ever leaving the app, but leta€™s forego using that ability for now. This avoids some potential hiccups and you can use this same technique the next time you want to change your ringtone, regardless of whether or not you go through RingDroid first.
Some variation exists between devices, so dona€™t worry if your menus look a little different. Ita€™s also a very quick method, so dona€™t be surprised if you find yourself spending an entire afternoon chopping apart your favorite songs and trying them out as ringtones!
What usually ends up happening is that a fade-out is thrown onto music wherever the time limit occurs. This type of repetition does not lend itself well to the linear nature of dance choreography.
A Fortunately, this simple four-step process will help you turn any MP3, AAC, AMR, or WAV file into a ringtone that will be all your own. Dona€™t worry about shelling out extra for any of the gimmicky, gold-plated kinds; a run-of-the-mill cable will serve you just fine. Depending on file type, your phone might automatically recognize the song as ringtone material. There is also some grumbling about its capabilities when it comes to assigning ringtones to specific contacts. This means that if your song has track name and artist data, then its listing may differ from the name of the file you moved over from your computer. Musically speaking, the bridge is often the most interesting part of the song and the emotional peak of intensity is often in the bridge.
Thata€™s why wea€™ll be installing a second app as a catch-all workaround for all of RingDroida€™s potential shortcomings. Most dance routines consist of a linear series of moves that flow, one after another after another.

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