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Danny’s jaw-dropping story of how he pitched himself to a CEO of a gaming company with zero knowledge of gaming or programming.
How to create auto-responder sequences that engage and don’t make you sound like a marketing fart! Check out today’s episode to learn how Danny went from leaving school at 15 years old to funding a business that generates well in excess of a million dollars annually, and for his audience building strategy that you can start implementing right now to build an audience from 0 to 2000 in 6 months! If you haven’t already, I would love if you could be awesome and take a minute to leave a quick rating and review of the podcast on iTunes by clicking on the link below. I’m glad you enjoyed it Trev ?? I’m always worried to go to technical and miss out on a story (and does Danny have a GREAT one or what?
Maybe I missed this, or maybe it is too simple, but what is the difference between a lead page and a squeeze page? Trev, check out IIP057: Conversion Optimization, Vacuum Cleaners, and A Stolen Wedding Ring for step by step checklist for creating your first lead magnet in under an hour.
Thanks so much, Trevor, I’m so glad you enjoyed it – and Meron, thanks so much for having me on the show! The connection submariners feel that they were in something special many people say that could not handle being on a sub for months at a time. How about building an email list from the show, and then reaching out to them with the same email that I used on my show?
I forgot to ask you today when we talked – do you have a list of main places where your target audience hangs that you can start interacting in and becoming a valued member of the community? I just cranked out 600 words for my next product and am pledging to myself to write at least 500 words a day on my product which needs to be done by August 16th. This week, I failed on my 500 per day, but have written 2164 in the last 5 days for a 432 average.
This goes to the top of the list as the most helpful podcast episode I’ve EVER listened to haha I’ve already started implementing everything I could from what Danny said and have been getting great results already! Never miss a post - Subscribe To My RSS Feed and receive updates on new posts related to growing your Internet business! You may have noticed a new list generation trend in the Internet marketing world called the Squeeze Page.
So, what the heck is this form of list building, what’s the difference between it and a normal landing page and should you and I begin utilizing it in our own marketing methods? The purpose of a squeeze page couldn’t be simpler – it asks for information from your visitors, but not just any information. That is the life-blood of a squeeze page – it requests information from a visitor in return for information. The standard landing page is used as a “middle man” between a potential customer and an affiliate’s website.
Did you know that people are more likely to buy your product or purchase your affiliate promotion if they have a relationship with you? If you’ve been in the Internet marketing scene for any amount of time, you’ve certainly heard of the importance of email lists. If someone has stayed on your email list through 7 communications, they’re most likely listening to you or enjoying your information.
Since a squeeze page’s sole purpose is to initiate an opt-in, it’s an ideal platform for list building. Squeeze Pages have been proven to be more effective than sidebar widgets, popups and sales letters for increasing opt-ins! It really doesn’t matter what type of product or service you’re selling – if you need to get information from your traffic, a squeeze page comes in quite handy. Whether you have a blog or a standard website, using a squeeze page as the index can dramatically increase your number of opt-ins.
A squeeze page works extremely well as the entry page for a membership site or information product website.
A video style is simply a squeeze page that showcases a video and perhaps offers more videos to your opt-in list. Our last example is the home page of the well know premium WordPress theme developer, Unique Blog Designs. Our first two examples lack any sort of navigation link area – a common practice for ensuring little distractions. So, hopefully we now have a pretty good idea of what a squeeze page is, how to use one and why we might want to jump on the bandwagon.
What a wonderful presentation about Squeeze pages, im looking forward to having my own squeeze pages for building my own list. Andrew – Do you post any other pages on those sites or are they all just one-page squeezes? You’ll be able download 60+ video squeeze page templates and bonuses that you can use right away for optin pages, salespages and more. Just follow my installation videos and tutorials to configure your templates for optimal conversions. No matter what your niche, market, business or language, the template can be modified to suit your needs.

Money Back Guarantee – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee If you’re not satisfied with the templates for any reason you can get 100% of your money back within 60 days!
ALL OF THIS $4500 BONUS PACKAGE WILL BE YOURS WHEN YOU GET Video Squeeze Page Templates RIGHT NOW! Almost every website I visit from this show fails to have basic lead capture functions on the site. With a few simple additions you can make any website a highly effective & automated lead-generating machine. They will make it easier for the business to avoid lost sales, boost traffic to thier site, and increase their overall sales. By adding a bright orange banner with bold buttons we instantly grab the attention of website visitors. He has 10 people working for him, a thriving community of over 40,000, thousands of which are paying customers, and he grosses over $100,000 in sales every month. By focusing on strategies instead of tactics, his program works across all niches, markets, and platforms.
Man, I wish I had that attitude when I was 15 ?? ), but he’s such a great educator and keeping the contrast between strategy to tactics really allows applying his teaching to any online venue! You can always improve it – but better have some way to collect emails than postponing it until you have the best magnet.
They are pages with the absolute one and only goal of getting a lead into a mailing list, usually offering some bait (lead magnet), and have very very minimal content (example). I do not care for the military part of it as much, I enjoy connecting with the people I interview. I think the guys are nostalgic for those days when they had a brotherhood with the guys they served with. Hope you’ll be able to make it back to Montreal soon – the weather is finally getting beautiful again!
Major gurus have used these for quite some time, but they appear to be breaking out big time right now – even onto the blogging and WordPress scene! The information you offer can consist of a free report, newsletter, video, podcast, a WordPress theme – anything you want! I figured it was just a new term for landing pages, but I quickly learned that it’s an entity in of itself. If you’re promoting an affiliate product, you would utilize a landing page as a pre-sales site; up-selling the product you’re about to redirect your traffic to. Many gurus have claimed that it can take up to 7 communications between you and a lead before your lead will become an income source. A squeeze page purposely lacks all of these distractions and focuses on only one goal – OPT-INS!
For this section, I want to discuss how you would use one – how they can fit in with your current website.
You give it its own domain and direct traffic to it from PPC campaigns, your current website or emails. In this case, you could keep your navigation links in tact so that visitors can get straight to your content if they’re uninterested in your opt-in. In this case, the squeeze page itself doesn’t pre-sell a product – the information you give for opting in does.
These have become extremely popular and can load your email list with highly targeted leads! It focuses on demanding opt-ins, so distractions, such as links to other websites or other call-to-actions, are elements not found within their structure.
The website is Niche Profit Classroom and the message is clear – “There’s something IMPORTANT here.
Whether you’re new to the world of Internet Marketing or already have your own Internet Business, I’m here to help you make a living online! It's also very easy to create effective squeeze pages to build a valuable marketing list, boost traffic to your business, and increase sales. As time passed and he found himself spending more time ditching school and watching MTV than attending classes, so he decided to leave without completing his education and launch a business instead.
His main program is the Audience Business Masterclass — a 14-week program that walks aspiring online entrepreneurs from choosing a market and an audience, to building a thriving community, and finally building products for them and making an income. I have a couple lead magnets in mind, but hearing Danny’s story just is a great reminder that giving people what they want will lead to success for everyone.
I like the idea of resources magnet – you can offer something quite valuable while making it easy to consume and easy to produce.
Every lead page should only have one specific goal, and therefore should only offer one action to take. There is no real “meat” on the site – it’s just your squeeze page and the confirmation page. Hopefully this article can help you somewhat with the knowledge and tools to be able to make money online.I like to write articles about your favorite array as Design, WordPress, make money online and SEO. We do this to build an email marketing list for the business that will be used to promote new products, bring customers back to the site, and boost sales.

If you recommend a store to one of your friends, they’re more likely to visit it then if you recommend it to a stranger. However, the entire site is actually set up for his membership course, which you will be directed to once you’ve opted in.
Due to limited knowledge article will equally cliche, so look forward to receiving many words your suggestions to improve. Check out the demo and let us show you how to setup your first squeeze page in just a few seconds. I say not too much ?? But it must be converting very well, otherwise he wouldn’t have done it! Now let me ask you a question: which one of those variables should you be increasing to boost your profits quickly and efficiently?Here is the key.
One of the most insightful is how Danny explained that you need to spend more time commenting on blogs than you think.
Sure, you use a number of well-documented strategies to generate traffic, but what happens when that traffic arrives on your website? Do you have a clear plan for turning that traffic to potential customers you can sell to again and again?For the majority of website owners, traffic generation is the end of their online strategy.
What is the most effective way to get visitors to convert to email subscribers?A Well, we dona€™t need to look very far at all to find the answer to that. In fact, many of you have probably used this method of lead capture at some stage in your business.A landing or a squeeze page is one of the easiest ways you can convert visitors to prospects and customers. A carefully crafted landing page can go a long way in converting that traffic to email-subscribed customers you can sell to over and over again.So, is there really a science behind creating a high-converting landing page? More often than not, you may only get a few seconds of your visitors’ attention before they hit the Back button on the browser. Now, I dona€™t know about you, but as a prospect landing on such a page, I will probably be reaching for the Back button on my browser as soon as possible.Here is a web design firm advertising on Facebook.
Unfortunately, clicking on the ad goes straight to the default fanpage timelinea€”there’s no attempt to get me take any specific action. It is likely to convert extremely well given the quality of the landing page.Fatal mistake #3: Placing your call to action below the foldWhat is a€?above the folda€?? It is essentially all the content that your visitors get to see before using the scroll bars on a web page. This works best with a video, or at least bullet points that explain the key benefits of your offer.Such a layout often includes your bold headline, a video (or bullet points) and a simple opt-in box stacked next to the video (similar to the hair-loss example above). The best and easiest way to do this is to ensure that you are offering them as few options as possible so that they A reach for the opt-in box.A well structured landing page will typically contain the big, fat headline (your value proposition), key benefits, and clear call to action. A a€?thank youa€? page is often considered by many people as the last step in your marketing funnel where you have captured your visitors details and are now congratulating yourself on a job well done.In reality, if you skimp on this, you are missing a golden opportunity to offer your visitors numerous other ways to engage with your content.
Remember, at this point, your prospects are most interested in what you have to offer, as they have just given you their name and email address and are looking forward to receiving that information you promised on your landing page.You can use the a€?thank youa€? page in many different ways.
If you have a a€?premiuma€? version of the product you are offering for free, then why not use a customized page to offer that premium product as a one-time offer for a low price?If you have another free product, then a customized thank you page can also be highly effective for getting interested visitors to double opt-in to another offer. This will allow you to send relevant and targeted information and offers to prospects in specific categories, with specific interests.How are your landing pages looking?
If you'd like to guest post for ProBlogger check out our Write for ProBlogger page for details about how YOU can share your tips with our community. Try to focus on one action at a time.These are great information that every internet marketer should know.
Marketing of any sort online or offline is really about getting your prospect to take that next step.
Don’t assume anything form the visitor make sure everything is stupidly simple and clear.
These are big mistakes and I look forward into following your advice above; sounds so inspiring and educative site. This post should definitely be bookmarked for anyone looking to improve their landing page! I think allot of people build the structure of their funnel but never go back and tweak it or measure its effectiveness.
As I said, traffic should really be the start of your monetization strategy and not the end. A successful blogger must make sure that ita€™s easy for their readers to comment on and to share their posts.
There is endless (often conflicting) advice out there about the best way to achieve this, so do your research, experiment, and find out what works best for you.

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