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A squeeze page is a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing information for follow-up marketing; that means NO exit hyperlinks. Squeeze pages are simple HTML pages that you can create it using your basic knowledge of HTML and make it more attractive with the help of CSS. There are so many types of squeeze pages depending on business you are running but here i have mentioned seven most popular fields where you can use squeeze pages and increase you business in autopilot mode. FreshSqueeze page template gives you all these cool boxes and styles already coded for you!
10 stylish WordPress landing page themes in different color combinations with many possibilities. In Marketer Plugin in the template panel, you can find predefined, amazing 3x sales pages and 3x squeeze pages, just click on “Apply” and start editing selected template.
Easily Create Great Looking Affiliate Sales Pages, Email Squeeze Pages, Sales Letters, Pay-per-click Landing Pages, Jv Offer Letters And More With This Powerful Bundle Of 10 Templates That Will Work With Any WordPress Theme! A stylish, modern and light video landing page packaged complete with PSD (Photoshop design file) source file. 5 Editable CSS based video squeeze page with a clean design, suitable for affiliate marketers. Free templates are good but premium templates are always good because they gives perfect solution with quick support. OptimizePress is a unique WordPress theme that gives you the ability to create conversion optimized Squeeze Pages, Sales Letters, launch pages & more.
Have you ever landed on a web page, started reading the content only to be interrupted by a pop up or distracted by a link to a landing page advertising a free product if you enter your email address? Initially the interruption from what you originally went to the site to read can be annoying.
The free product that’s offered on a squeeze page needs to be something that can be sent via email.
A link to a video that’s freely available on YouTube wouldn’t work, since your readers will be savvy and know that they can simply search for it online themselves.
When so much information is free online these days – from written to video content – it’s important to communicate why this product is different and why it’s worth signing up for. The design of the page needs to focus your reader’s attention on the offer and the offer only. However there are some good ways of adding content that will assist in encouraging sign ups. Just make sure that it is easy to remove with a large and clear X, otherwise the interruption could lead to a negative user experience. The alternative is to set your homepage as the squeeze page, also known as a splash page, so that users who first come to your site are greeted with your offer. It’s also a good idea to add a cookie so that regular readers don’t get to your site via the splash page every time. However you decide to deliver your squeeze page, make sure the reader receives their free product as soon as possible. Another theme that includes the ability to add squeeze pages is Current. This is a well-designed theme for any website, however it has the extra benefit of featuring a Page Builder integration. The theme was built with app and software products in mind, but it is equally good for simple websites and blogs. WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator is a really good option as it makes creating and editing a squeeze page a breeze.
WordPress Landing Pages is very similar but has the added benefit of allowing you to pre-populate forms.
Finally, if you want to build your own landing page, using the plugin WP Easy Columns with an existing theme means you can create a grid layout or magazine style website with a huge number of columns. For whatever page option you choose, squeeze pages are a great addition to your site if you want to build your email list. The other key part of this strategy is to make sure your readers see that this exchange is an offer. WordPress has so many options for customizing your site, including plugins, so use this freedom to add a squeeze page and see the start of many new customer relationships. By Brenda BarronBrenda is a professional writer and WordPress enthusiast from Huntington Beach, California. Or with page builders or short codes like Visual Composer, Thrive Content Builder and Beaver Builder?
Squeeze pages are the new pop-ups and quite as unpleasant as the originals.Pop-up blocker, anyone?

Earlier I use Premise plugin by Copyblogger and now searching for new plugin and theme by using that I can easily create squeeze pages in less time.. First time I heard of Mini Max Page Layout Builder… might be something to take a look at. The problem with squeeze pages (like this one we’re on right now) is when their content exists mainly to squeeze people, and the content itself (or any discussion it generates) is considered less important in its own right by the people who are producing or paying for it. These sales pitches come across as graspy, needy, ill-timed and likely to antagonize the customer. Sometimes I think the insistent pop-ups only serve to make me NOT want to do business with the company. Brenda I have found optimize press the best tool out there for building landing pages, that have many good templates for landing pages and squeeze pages. Squeeze pages are less useful when your target population are marketers or bloggers like some of the people commenting on this thread. While I agree that pop-ups and squeeze boxes can be annoying I am looking at using them for notification purposes. But the sad part of creating squeeze page using HTMl is it’s take too much time that is very limited for everyone.
All you need to do is insert your content, throw a few pictures in, put in your affiliate links and fire up the AdWords campaign! Also, Marketer Plugin allows save your page as templates which you can use for your next page design. You can install easily in your self hosted WordPress blog and able to create attractive landing pages within 2 minutes. Setting up the free product will take a little bit of time and investment to make sure it’s a worthwhile product to send out. The whole idea of the offer is that it is an exchange of information and therefore an email address is required to be able to view the product. They may question why you’re collecting email addresses when it appears you don’t need to use them. This allows you to send many emails, which will build your relationship as your reader gets used to receiving information from you. A squeeze page isn’t about tricking your readers; the exchange of information is a transparent transaction.
Adding a widget to social media sites is a great way to show who of the reader’s friends are fans of the site, or statistics that show how many people have already benefitted from your product. The reader is forced to click on the X to remove it from the page they were originally reading, thereby giving them the take it or leave it offer. This is especially so if your website isn’t responsive (which, by the way, it should be in this digital age), as it’s hard to move the page to where it needs to be to click on the X. This makes building pages incredibly easy with the drag and drop feature, meaning a squeeze page is an easy addition to your site. It’s selling point is the large header space, which you can use to showcase a product to customers immediately upon opening your site.
As with all plugins, this allows you to build your site as you’d like it by having a base design through your chosen theme and picking and choosing what extra bits you’d like through the plugins. It has a one-page autoresponder feature, so you just need to plugin the code and you don’t need to worry about sending the communications.
You have multiple choices of where to place your pop up across different pages of your website. The creator promises to provide pop ups that won’t annoy people, which can be used to build your email list and offer your newsletter. It does as it suggests: allows you to add a newsletter sign up option on your website, really simply. The creators are offering a growing number of third-party add ons to enhance your experience even further. For squeeze pages, this means you can add a newsletter sign up in the column of existing pages.
Email addresses are so valuable and collecting them should be part of your marketing strategy if you want to build a relationship with your existing readers and customers, and for promoting your product or service to new ones. They need to choose to do so, and offering a free product in exchange is good start to your relationship. There’s no use in spending your resources setting up the product and autoresponder if no one sees it! You can often find her typing up a storm at the local coffee shop, or at home re-watching Back To The Future and Doctor Who.

If the visitor is coming to your site for more information about you and your products or services, they might want to first get some basic idea of what you do and whether or not they like it and trust you enough before they sign up for anything. Instead, the offer should be relegated to either a sidebar or footer area so that the customer can decide for him or herself when or if they want to sign up. I have been building a site using Devi and, as a beginner, I am constantly referring back to the documentation pages, help, my own page, the devi live examples, the ET home pages and so on.
But this page only works, as you correctly said, if you are giving away some thing really valuable. I have a client that is a vet and I intend to use a squeeze box to notify short-term changes in operating hours (public holidays) or to notify large animal clients of important events (herd health management seminars or on farm demonstrations). Am old enough to remember the 1st wave of popups some 10 years ago, and the (well deserved) back clash it provoked,. With help of squeeze page you can create strong fan list, loyalty readers for your business in very short time without investing any money. Also, sending something via email rather than to a location where anybody can access it gives the product a feeling of exclusivity. Since the content will be sent out over a series, it makes digesting that content easier than if it were all to be sent in one go.
So the content should almost suggest that the reader take the offer or leave it and move to another page. Instead, lead them to a thank you page that asks for more details and let them add this once you’ve safely got their email address. This is where an autoresponder tool comes in handy, which you can use with many email service providers or plugins.
It is a one-page site that’s very simple but has full WordPress functionality, so you can add a blog and other bits to the site. You’re able to add your logo or choose a background, plus choose one of the 20 stunning template options. The pop up can be unblockable and the opt in can be a two-step process, increasing your conversion.
You can set where the pop up will appear on the screen really easily – you edit the pop up as you see it. It’s designed to be used with an external bulk email program, like MailChimp or Constant Contact.
You can add sliders, galleries, drop-down menus, testimonials, and many more options without any coding or html knowledge. As discussed, this could be a one-off or a series of information – the important thing to remember is that it has to be useful, otherwise the exchange won’t feel equal. Whether you choose a separate landing page and use a plugin to build the different features of this page, or a pop up from a plugin, make sure it’s appropriate for your audience. But if the first impression they get is a splash page telling them to sign up for something, they might just click out and go away. Working intensively by returning to these pages a great many times a day means constant, really annoying pop up offering % off in new level of membership. Pop ups must be customized to fit on different gadgets, otherwise they can be annoying if they cover the whole screen.
Once you have prospects’ email addresses, you can build a relationship with them through your email marketing, leading to the ultimate goal of a sale.
This makes email series more beneficial than white papers (however, bear in mind that certain audiences, like businesses, appreciate the hefty amount of information that’s supplied in a white paper). You don’t want to navigate your readers away and risk losing them and their sought-after email address. You can also add a well-executed video explaining the benefits of signing up, rather than letting the copy do the talking. But do try to get the information as the more you know about your customer, the better relationship you can build by sending them more tailored marketing emails. You’ll know if it works by the sign up rate, which you’ll be able to see from the statistics in the plugin.
ANd even after clicking the x it just moves to the bottom poking its ratty little head out, only to keep popping up repeatedly. This is the only agressive marketing nuisance on the whole site – bad policy, bad psychology and total turn off.

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