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It should be noted that although Quebec shares the general goals of this strategy it was not involved in developing it and does not subscribe to a Canada-wide strategy in this area. Significant work has been undertaken by the Advisory Committee on Population Health and Health Security, and its Healthy Living Task Group, to develop the Integrated Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy. In 2003, a consultation process was conducted to solicit input from stakeholders across the country. Recognizing the need for a coordinating body to move forward on the development of the Strategy, the Coordinating Committee of the Intersectoral Healthy Living Network (IHLN) was established in September 2004. To inform work on the Strategy, the Intersectoral Healthy Living Network commissioned a synthesis and analysis of environmental scans on healthy living-related policies, programs and initiatives from across Canada. Combining our thought leadership with the strengths of our partners to enhance and expand the business and technology offerings available to our clients. Join CSC at events with our Global partners to see how we focus on providing best-of-breed, next-gen and proven solutions to customers. The innovative Trafford Care co-ordination centre could evolve into a model for the provision and management of population health. The Corporate Responsibility team establishes an annual strategic plan for the program which is presented to the CR Steering Committee ahead of the new Fiscal Year.  We engage our stakeholders to create the plan which serves to drive priorities in our five focus areas.
Our Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee (PDF) is composed of senior executives from functional areas across the business and meets quarterly to lead our CR program. Swiss Global Leaders are leading the way to a collaborative future with different methodologies, cookbooks and frameworks used and steps taken, building a social business (Picture courtesy by ZHAW and Lardi Partner). To prepare for such a transformative change in the system the corporate values needs to be updated in asking the employees how they imagine to work in the future. If the organization has undergone the learning curve and reached the plateau of productivity,  they are ready for Entreprise 2.0. This kind of communication generates a lot of unstructured information in the form of likes, comments in natural language and social relationships. Personally I am very happy to see that the technology is finally ready to deliver the promise we made back in 2001 – sending the first SmartBots to work in Switzerland with the Dot-Com Company Artificial Life. Companies are now gathering first experiences with social collaboration technologies, have stopped their attempts or are in the process of rolling out the infrastructure right now, or after a short peak only little activity is happening. With our systemic consulting approach described as ‘Social Business Engineering’ we ‘humanly’ support leaders to find answer to the questions and guide your organization to a ‘Collaborative Future’.

Co-Creative Social Business Engineer that helps ready-to-change organizations identify digital transformation opportunities.
April 7, 2011This week I have been working on the strategy for a new start-up and thought it would be interesting to document the strategy framework that I was taught at business school.
Once you have developed your intended strategy there are many strategic schools of thought on how to execute it.
Deliberate strategy – Once you have allocated resources to an intended strategy you have your deliberate strategy which you then execute. Emergent strategy – This is where you formulate and execute at the same time, it is characterised by learning and using opportunities to shape strategy. If you enjoyed this article then please subscribe below for new post updates by email, usually sent twice per month.
Quebec intends to remain solely responsible for developing and implementing programs for promoting healthy living within its territory. This included numerous Strategic Roundtables, an online consultation workbook, meetings with key stakeholder groups and a national level Healthy Living Symposium.
Consisting of representatives from government, private sector and non-governmental organizations and drawing from health and non-health sectors, the Coordinating Committee acts as the engine to move the healthy living agenda forward in line with the guiding principles of the Network and Strategy.
This study provides a strategic foundation for expanding and enhancing existing policies and programs, building new linkages and moving forward in a strategic way to advance healthy living goals and objectives. Advancing Integrated Prevention Strategies in Canada: An Approach to Reducing the Burden of Chronic Diseases. And a new way of doing business in the information age is evolving under the term ‘Social Business’. With Silka an Engineering-like approach was taken, Swiss Re replaced an existing knowledge management system with a sharp eye on the change management process and ABB started with a bottom-up-pilot. Productivity gains from less travel time and searching for information, faster time to respond to client issues, match talent to tasks.
In this new phase of a Corporation’s Lifecycle, strategies with ABB for example, are not discussed anymore by only a small group meeting in Switzerland – but are collaboratively found with the whole global organization in a “Online Strategy Roundtable”.
To analyze and process these data-sets, new tools come to place to help respond to questions like: do my employees support the new initiative in terms of the sentiment? Everyone company has limited resources and imperfect information so you need to take tough decisions when deciding what to do and what not to do.

I write about how digital and technology can drive more value and higher customer satisfaction for your organisation. However, Quebec does intend to continue exchanging information and expertise with other governments in Canada. The two-day Symposium brought together almost 300 participants to discuss a Healthy Living Strategy Framework with short-, medium-and long-term objectives, overall priorities and directions, short-term actions and partnerships for integrated action. The Coordinating Committee has met twice to provide input into the development of this Strategy document. With additional layers of opportunities arising, how customers are served, corporate strategies are defined, corporate values are found and business challenges are solved in an agile way. With different timelines, when the adoption reached the critical mass towards a social business maturity shifting out of the first gear to benefit from the additional layers of opportunities. So with technology developments in the fields of semantic analysis, artificial intelligence and natural language processing new game changing possibilities are arising, that will have an impact as the invention of the WWW had.
There are many tools to help you take tough decisions such as Porter’s cost leadership vs. Based on these discussions, the Strategy Framework (below) was developed and several areas for action were identified.
And Christoph Isenschmid with Swiss Re outlined in the Risk Talk on Social Media and the Financial Industry, how the Re-Insurer is using Jive to support the business transformation. Gallen summarized at IBM Connect: faster time to market, acceleration of processes, more knowledge about the company and their products, improved team work, ability to solve complex problems, better development and marketing of intangible products, increasing ability to innovate, development of employees, access of the crowd intelligence potential, improvement of self-consulting abilities of the organization, become Generation Y ready, support of employee motivation and support of competence and talent management. Provide a guidance trough the collaborative tool jungle or how to align the collaborative initiatives with corporate strategy and company culture? There are many tools you can use I have listed just a few but the key thing is that you have a profound understanding of the external and internal environments. Beside the operational issues, the question is, how to sell a collaborative initiative to the board?

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