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With the evolution of smartphones, it is quite easy to stay up to date with everything that's happening around the IPL matches. To make it easier for cricket fans on the go, here are some of the best IPL 2016 apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones to get regular updates on the current matches. Hotstar app brings all the matches with minute-by-minute live updates and also allows live streaming. Like most cricket apps, ESPNcricinfo brings live updates on scores and all the action around the IPL season.

Yahoo Cricket is another essential cricket app to get all the IPL scores, real time updates of a live match, widget updates, galleries and news.
Sportskeeda is an entertaining cricket app that not only offers real time scores of the current matches, but also brings humorous satiristic cartoons based on the trend. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
Millions of people will be watching the ninth edition of the IPL 2016 game, which ends May 27, but keeping a track of the scores amidst busy schedules can get tricky at times.

The viewers can stream live matches or even download mobile apps to get live updates and scores as and when they take place.
It has a simple UI and brings live coverage of all the cricket action, including scores, news, stats, photos, player profiles and more, around the IPL 2016 season.

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