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If you work in an office that shares files over a network, you might think of a server as a computer that holds lots of data. All of this data gets to where it needs to go because of sets of rules known as protocols, which govern the way data travels from one device to another. Many protocols, such as transmission control protocol (TCP) and file transfer protocol (FTP), break data into packets. For this reason, streaming video and audio use protocols that allow the transfer of data in real time. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies pour vous proposer des services et offres adaptes a vos centres d’interets. Retrouvez les espaces de nos partenaires consacres a leur actualite et aux dernieres tendances du marche IT traitees sous forme de videos, articles, etudes ou livres blancs.
DSS (Darwin Streaming Server) permet les diffusions en temps reel sur Internet, en utilisant les protocoles RTP et RTSP. DDS est distribue suivant les termes du contrat d’Apple Public Source auquel vous devez souscrire avant de telecharger ce fichier. Nous sommes temporairement en mode de maintenance, ce qui signifie que vous ne serez pas en mesure de s'inscrire a une newsletter. Technologie : Analyse genomique, teleconsultation ou encore medecine predictive, le monde medical est en plein bouleversement. This article discusses how to stream video over network using DirectShow and Windows Media Format SDK. In my recent article, I have explained how to capture an image from a streaming URL using DShow. You need to add header files from the Windows Platform SDK and the DShow base classes to your include path.
Then query the file sink filter from asf writer for setting up the file name where the streams temporarily write. Here we can use the IServiceProvider interface to get the IWMWriterAdvanced2 instance for creating the writer network sink. I'm looking to advance my career by learning new technologies and extending my programming experience.
Launching at IBC 2013, Datavideo NVS-20 is a broadcast quality HD H.264 network streaming server.
Streaming relays and reflectors can be used to scale streaming infrastructure by distributing load between servers and making the most efficient use of network bandwidth.
One of the easiest ways to distribute load between a group of servers is to reflect a multicast stream. A streaming relay server requests a stream from a broadcast or video on demand server and relays the stream to clients. Note, content replication and content caching servers can also be used to reduce streaming network traffic. The RTSP announce protocol will be used to automatically generate the .sdp file on the destination. To tune in on the multicast relay, you have to make a copy and edit the .sdp file that is created by the announced broadcast and or copied manually as outlined above.

The multicast sdp file can be accessed via ftp, http, from a file server, or e-mailed to clients. If you put the multicast sdp file on a web server, or e-mail it to clients, they can just open up the sdp file with QuickTime Player.
Alternatively you can open up the sdp file or URL with QT Player Pro, save the file as a self-contained .mov file, send this to clients, embed in a web page, etc.
If you keep the name of the broadcast sdp file the same, you can stop and start new broadcasts using the same name.
But when it comes to streaming video and audio, a server is more than just a massive hard drive. You've probably heard of one protocol -- hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) deals with hypertext documents, or Web pages.
These protocols can re-send lost or damaged packets, and they allow randomly ordered packets to be reassembled later.
They break files into very small pieces and send them to a specific location in a specific order.
So when the real-time protocols are streaming the data where it needs to go, the other Web protocols are still working in the background.
S'appuyant sur le meme code que QuickTime Streaming Server d’Apple, DSS a ete concu pour fonctionner sur d’autres plates-formes dont Windows NT et 2000.
Le lien de telechargement affiche une page dediee a Darwin Streaming Server a partir de laquelle vous pourrez choisir de transferer le fichier sous forme d’un paquet binaire, de code source ou d’un module CVS.
I just need some resources about direct-show and media network streaming in c++, I can't find good books for such topics. Most traffic on IP networks between clients and servers on today’s networks is unicast. The capacity of a streaming server is frequently limited by the bandwidth of the network connection. Faster connections would require additional servers set up as reflectors and relays to support more simultaneous Unicast streams.
Streaming relays can be used to relay live multicast streams as unicast streams or visa-versa.
By replicating content files closer to clients, traffic across IP Routers can be minimized. Note that sdp files are often associated with Real Player - you might have to drag and drop the file or use File-Open from QT Player.
However, you will have to do steps 3 and 4 above for each new broadcast if you change any broadcast parameters that are reflected in the .sdp file.
When you click the file you want to use, the Web server sends a message to the streaming server, telling it which file you want. This is convenient for downloading files and surfing the Web -- if Web traffic slows down or some of your packets disappear, you'll still get your file.
In a multicast stream, one stream of data travels to a router, which copies the stream and sends it to multiple viewers.
Gestion via le Web, protection contre les discontinuites, souplesse d’authentification, liste de selection sont quelques-unes de ses caracteristiques.

The most common setup for a reflector is reflecting a live streams as (see the section on Live Webcasting). Relays can also be used to connect clients to streams on a local server, lowering streaming media traffic across IP Routers.
Clients on the subnet tune into the local subnet relay, reducing traffic across the subnet routers.
If the source is another streaming server, you must specify the administrative username and password of that server. Note: If your relay source and destination have firewall restrictions or network congestion, this technique is not recommended - this technique requires an active session between source and destination. This technique does not require a session between the relays, and is a better choice when firewalls or network congestion may be factors. Save the file where it can be accessed via http or ftp, from a file server, or e-mail it to clients.
Some streaming servers can handle multiple file types, but others work only with specific formats. If too many people try to access a file at the same time, the server can delay the start of some streams until others have finished.
Avec DSS, vous pouvez creer des stations de radio fonctionnant 24 heures sur 24 sur Internet, diffuser des evenements en direct ou organiser des videoconferences. Just open the media player and select the Openurl from file menu and put the URL displayed in the server GUI there and start. Because digital video files are large (read below), video streamed over 56 kilobit modems will be low quality. Multicast packets can save network bandwidth when multiple clients need to view the same streaming media simultaneously. This can be accomplished without relays or reflectors, which are more appropriate for live streams. For example, Apple QuickTime Streaming Server can stream QuickTime files but not Windows Media files. With streaming media, data needs to arrive quickly and with all the pieces in the right order.
Instead of sending out individual unicast packets to each client, a single stream of multicast packets can be viewed by multiple clients. Clients can tune in on relays that make most effective use of limited network resources instead of loading a single network segment with streaming traffic. Broadband generally refers to a network connection that can sustain at least 200 kilobits per second.
The unicast sdp file must be manually copied to the server from your encoding software or device.

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