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Instant Effects FX is a free app for Android that lets you add filters, frames, and text to photos on Android.
The main features provided by app are that you can add filters, frames, and text to photos. This screen mentions that the app will add some icon to home screen as well as modify home page of browser. Once you have chosen the photo, you will be shown a screen in which you can select a portion of the photo. After that, you will be taken to filters screen where you can choose the filters that you want to add. Once you have applied the filter that you want and are happy with the result, you can click on Done (the small arrow at right), or proceed to make further changes via frames and text. The final photo that I got after applying all these effects can be seen in first screenshot of this post. Once you are done adding filters, frames, text to your photo, you can choose to share the photo via email or Facebook, or post on Instagram.

Friends, here comes a Photoshop bursting spooky text effect to spice up your graphic design titles and heading. Styles are Photoshop files that contain preset configurations to instantly get a ready made effect with the click of a button.
You can choose photos from Android photo gallery or click photos from Android camera or even Facebook photos, and add effects to those photos using Instant Effects FX. However, it has some annoyances as well, like, it shows ads in notification area, and it even modifies home page of Android browser to some search page (even if you chose not to). This is useful if you don’t want to keep the entire photo, but want to keep a section of photo only. You just select the frames option from bottom row and then it will show all the available frames. In my case, I would stick with other similar apps like PhotoWo, Cymera, or the app that started it all: Instagram. Previously, I had created the text effect in CS6 version and it had some effect and layer flattening problem when opened in older version of PS as informed to me via contact form by some readers.

After adding effects, you can store modified photo in Android or share with your friends using Facebook or Gmail.
There are many filters available that are free, but some filters are available in paid version of the app only. Click on any frame and you will be shown how will your photo look after applying that frame. Since this issue has been resolved and the new PSD file has been uploaded, I request you all to re-download the PSD file again and let me know if you guys still face any such problem. So speed up your design process with these layer styles which can be easily used to achieve the desired text effect.Each photoshop text effect is made to create a realistic and striking way of presenting your text. So, choosing Accept or Decline are basically meaningless; the app will anyway make the changes it wants to.

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