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Even as consumer programs like Skype Translator are making it easier for people speaking different languages to communicate, governments are struggling to make information available to non-English speakers.
A presentation from the Department of Labor last year underscored that complying with anti-discrimination laws includes providing information in other languages to non-English speaking individuals in the community, including those speaking less-common languages. An increasing number of government agencies, from federal to municipal, are relying on machine translation tools to help constituents and employees. Both the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration and Virginia’sDepartment for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DBVI) are using machine-translation technology and including links to Google Translate to help users navigate their websites.
Fairfax County Public Schools uses Google Translate to provide its website information in 90 languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu.
When the military started training doctors in Afghanistan,  there were few medical manuals available in the local language, Dari, and few bilingual speakers of English and the Afghani language that knew medical terms, hindering proper medical care. Using a combination of computer translation, computer scientists and Afghan doctors, the Army has been able to collect 6,000 medical phrases in Dari and compile these into medical reference manuals for Afghani medical teams. FLIX TRANSLATIONS LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTIC QUALITY ASSURANCE The term “LQA” stands for Linguistic Quality Assurance, a title that can?t be easily offered. NeuroTran® is a software translator which translates web pages, e-mail, faxes, memos, manuals, reports, spreadsheets, correspondence, letters and more to and from a foreign language. Our research studies have shown that NeuroTran® users can save up to 80% of the time they spend writing and understanding complex documents written in a foreign language. For individuals and companies requiring a more sophisticated software translation tool NeuroTran® is the answer.

These translation requirements can include paper documents, webpages, online applications, texts, tweets and other social media. Both list disclaimers on their site and caution users that the translations are not official.
But it acknowledges that it cannot guarantee the accuracy of the converted text and that some files, like graphics with text and PDFs, cannot be translated. The Army is having some success with applying computer power to human translation for medical procedures. With NeuroTran®, you can easily and quickly translate single words, phrases and sentences. In New Hampshire’s case, the site notes that “translation services are provided ‘as is,’” acknowledging that some pages may not be accurately translated due to the limitations of the software. You can translate a sentence per second, a simple document in a few minutes or a 250 page book in an hour! Once NeuroTran® has performed this analysis it will choose the translations that are more appropriate to the identified type of text. To translate, call up NeuroTran® and type the word, phrase or sentence in either language.
Windows® 2000 contains all the fonts and input method editors you need to work with any foreign character set. Compared to InteractiveTran™ it is smart and will enable users a much higher degree of accuracy during translation.

Based on this and other important information it inflects translations properly and rearranges word order in the translated text as well as chooses an appropriate translation for any given word based on the type of text being translated. Almost immediately NeuroTran® will translate the word, phrase or sentence and you can then choose alternative translations. Of course, this product is priced somewhat higher than InteractiveTran™ because of its added functionality. Simply choose the translation you want and NeuroTran® will automatically replace the original word or phrase with the translation you selected. You can even customise the dictionary by adding your own new words, phrases and translations - any number you want!
For those languages that allow for it, NeuroTran® chooses inflections for other words also. You cannot find this feature in any printed dictionary nor any dictionary in computer format.

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