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Va oferim servicii de transport(tractari) de autotorisme NON-STOP, intern si international si transportul persoanelor ramase cu autovehicolul avariat. Service auto Oradea SERVICE PAPIK este un service auto infiintat in anul 1993 care se ocupa de reparatii auto, comert cu piese de schimb si transporturi auto. Personalul de specialitate al firmei cuprinde 3 mecanici, 4 tinichigii , avand 7 posturi de lucru. Pregatirea muncitorilor este asigurata si prin participarea la cursuri specializate organizate de principalii nostri furnizori.

You will be required to replace it with the path of your actual application location.The sample code for the Windows Service is also attached here.
We remove all the default methods and add a simple method named GetString that returns a string value.Next, we will add a class file that will be act as the Windows Service to be hosted.
The point here is that this server must get be configured in an event that is immediately executed when the service is started. So we will use the OnStart event of our service class (that inherits from the ServiceBase class).

When the service is hosted, this OnStart event will be fired and the hosting configuration will be registered.

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