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Even though I was the creator of the concept and coloured all of the adoptable dragons, Nightmare was the one who made this adoption real.
Skyverns are elusive, legendary air dragons who will help out humans and dragons in trouble.
A Skyvern is incredibly fast due to the fact it has large wings, a streamlined body and psychic power.
The caption is literally just a couple of lines or a paragraph of what happened in the picture (like a tiny backstory). The picture you draw will, with your permission and credit, be added to a future Skyvern Gallery thread.
Here are the requirements for how many points you get (I will mark your form, whether you use method 1 or 2, using this).
In internal and external surveys, recent Iowa graduates give the university high marks in the areas of value, affordability, and the quality of their educational experience. A 2010 survey by the American Council on Education indicates our student satisfaction rates are higher than the national average. Young alumni report high rates of placement into jobs or graduate programs after graduation.
95 percent of graduates for the Class of 2014 found jobs or were accepted into graduate school.

Alumni include some of the nation's foremost figures in plate tectonics, acoustics, law, engineering, educational testing, and public opinion polling.
From anthropology to acoustics, these research scientists have put Iowa on the cutting edge of new discoveries.
From the creator of Crest toothpaste to one of the world's leading authorities on schizophrenia. Diablo Cody, Gene Wilder, the producers of The Sopranos, and many others are in this elite group of alumni. It's no surprise Iowa is an internationally recognized "writing university," considering the success of these Iowa graduates. They spend most of their time flying above the sea or in the high sky, only appearing to save people and dragons.
They are able to use telekenisis and speak to their trainers, other Skyverns and strong dragons (such as Alphas and Titan Wings). She is kind and fair to all, no matter if they are human or dragon, if she senses the good in them. This Skyvern's adoption difficulty is especially high as it is a legendary, rare dragon. Consider these writers, inventors, CEOs, and other former Hawkeyes who have been blazing trails since graduation.

Skyverns are usually coloured lightly or dark, but are never neon colours like neon green or yellow.
They will also show themselves to good humans who they think are worthy of being their companion, and may battle them to see if they are truly worthy. Employers range from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, nonprofit groups, schools, and health care entities around the world. She is extremely powerful, and will attempt to destroy anyone who tries to put an end to the freedom of others. Through the tough times, when evil has stolen the lives of those people and dragons, he swore revenge and grew in power due to his rage.
However, a Skyvern's signature move is to grab the enemy, and drown them in the high, high sky.

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