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The photography app Flickr for iPhone has been updated with faster uploading and new features that address many user complaints including the ability to save photos from your Photostream to your Camera Roll. This update to Flickr may not be huge, but the issues it addresses really make the experience of using the app much greater.
Appearing on CNBC's Mad Money this evening, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at length about the company's potential in China, overreaction to its recent Q2 earnings report, and much more.
Beme, a social video app from popular YouTuber Casey Neistat, has finally exited beta, bringing along a few notable improvements as well. The High School Counselor Advisory Boards are two groups of high school guidance counselors (Iowa and out of state counselors) who advise the Office of Admissions on various issues related to the college admission process and student retention. Annual meetings provide a forum for discussing current educational trends, learning about University departments and programs, and the opportunity for counselors to get feedback from their former students now enrolled at the University. This area can be found in the "Upload Photos and Media" section of the "Site Content" area on the Toolbar. Uploading a file is as simple as clicking on the "Upload New Files" link in the main box, or the "Upload Files" tab at the top.

You can upload files with spaces in the file name, however these will be converted to dashes (-) after uploading. You can use this area to upload any type of file you want to share with your website visitors. Clicking the "Add Files" button will allow you to browse files you have locally on your computer to be uploaded.
Files are not added to file folders by default, however you can select the folder you would like to upload to using the Add to Folder dropdown box prior to uploading. Once you are ready to upload all intended files, simply click on "Upload Files" at the bottom of the page to complete the process. Files can be removed from the list of files to be uploaded at any time by clicking the button beside the file. Flickr will also automatically save original, pre-filter photos that were taken with the app to your Camera Roll. Flickr also now displays higher resolution photos in lightbox view, and you can take photos with the iPhone's volume up button.

Most of the new features were things that should've been there from the beginning and now that they're there, the app feels more complete. The service was previously accessible only through a mobile app, but if you're living in an area that's covered by the service, you have the option of ordering directly through the website.
You can continue to add files in this manner until you're ready to upload them to your account. If you use Flickr and are looking for more contacts, feel free to drop your screen name in the comments!

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