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Providing professional video services enabling you to capture your wedding day not only in brilliant image photography, but also in professional digital video. From 1992 to 1995, the video distribution rights for Nickelodeon shows were held by Sony Wonder. These videos were later re-released by Paramount Home Video following Viacom's purchase of Paramount Studios.
There have been many Sesame Street videos over the years, usually featuring a mix of newly-produced material and segments from the series.
The first releases of Sesame Street videos on VHS were a couple of storybook videos released by Golden Video in 1985. In 1987, Random House started releasing Sesame Street television specials on video, with the first specials released on video being Big Bird in China, Don't Eat the Pictures: Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. In 1995, Sony Wonder took over distribution of Sesame Street videos, rereleasing many past video releases in addition to releasing new-to-video releases. Sony Wonder released a handful of new Sesame Street videos with the My Sesame Street Home Video and Sesame Songs opening logo sequences, but these logos didn't appear on the video packaging. Although a few Sesame Street specials had been released on DVD when they were first released on video, in 2001 Sony Wonder started releasing past Sesame Street videos on DVD. Also in 2006, Sony Wonder released a new direct-to-video series, Sesame Beginnings, featuring baby versions of the Sesame Street Muppets.
This article uses material from the "Sesame Street Videography" article on the Muppet wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.
A wedding photographer is there to capture each moment of your special day as it unfolds, while a wedding videographer captures the event on film so that you can watch your wedding video for years to come.
Knowing how many weddings your videographer has worked will give you an idea of the level of professionalism and experience you will receive on your wedding day. Although you may not be familiar with the technical terms, asking your potential videographer what kind of equipment he uses is an indicator of his level of expertise and also what the setup will look like at the wedding.
Regardless of whether you choose a videographer with a cinematic or documentary style, your wedding video will have to be edited to create a beautiful finished product. Watching a sample movie is the best way to determine whether or not someone is a potential videographer for your wedding. A videographer who is already familiar with your wedding venue will be able to set up his equipment and maneuver around the proceedings more smoothly than someone who is completely unfamiliar with the venue.
Having more than one videographer present will ensure that no special moment will go undocumented. Of course one of the most important things to ask your videographer is how much his services will cost. Your wedding video will be a lovely keepsake for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come. Many video releases have also come with such bonus materials as activity booklets and song lyric posters.
Around this time Random House also released another series of videos, Sesame Street Start-to-Read Video. Unlike the Random House releases, Sony Wonder's releases didn't have a border on the cover, and the back covers featured an image on the back. Many of Sony Wonder's other releases had a special animated "Sesame Street Home Video" sequence. Each video release included three Elmo's World segments, sometimes tied to a specific theme, sometimes not.
At first, most Sesame Street DVDs didn't have any bonus features (excluding a "preview other Sesame Street DVDs" feature, which featured short clips from other DVDs).

One of the changes was to make the street plot one long segment, with no inserts interrupting the plot. While back covers had previously only had one image, now Sesame Street videos featured three to four pictures on the back covers, often with a small caption under the photo. In addition to new-to-DVD releases, Genius rereleased past releases on one DVD each, packaged as Sesame Street Double Features.
It is important to hire a professional so that you receive a high-quality video of your special day, so be sure to choose someone whose experience level you feel comfortable with. Your videographer should be able to outline his editing method for you so that you can better understand the quality of the video you’ll receive. Although this should not be a deal breaker, it is good to know whether or not he is already comfortable with the venue so you won’t have to worry about him missing a shot or fumbling around the aisle or reception due to being unfamiliar with the area.
Your videographer may work with several colleagues that may serve as assistants or even be the primary videographer at your wedding. Many times videographers offer package deals that include their time, the video, editing and extra copies. Each videographer will spend a different amount of time on your video depending on his editing process and schedule; some may deliver your finished movie in as little as 8 weeks, while others may take up to an entire year. However, below are some top quality videographers that I recommend and have worked with in the past.
Many Sesame Street videos revolved around a certain theme, from such learning concepts as letters and numbers, to "best of" videos focusing on certain characters, to music-themed videos. Also around this time, Sesame Street's first movie, Follow That Bird, was released on video by Warner Brothers. The back covers didn't include any pictures, just a summary and usually a listing of other Sesame Street videos available on Random House Home Video. These were similar to the Golden Video releases, being that they featured still images from various storybooks, but unlike those videos, the Start-To-Read videos did not include any animation.
The videos came with song lyric posters, and while past video series featured a listing of other videos in those collections on the back covers, this series didn't list other Sesame Songs releases, instead using the space to list the songs that appear on the videos. Unlike Random House (with the exception of the Sesame Songs videos), most Sony Wonder video releases had song listings on the back covers. Sony Wonder also released a few Sesame Street videos with a "Kids Guide to Life" series, which usually featured the major presence of a celebrity.
In 2001, Sony Wonder released Elmo's World: Wild Wild West, the first of a few direct-to-video Elmo's World specials.
Eventually, Sesame Street DVDs started to have features, usually a game or bonus segments from the show. Following this change, Sony Wonder started to release videos featuring the street plots from these newer episodes, starting with Elmo Visits the Firehouse. These were originally presented vertically, but later they were presented horizontally (the Elmo's World videos also had a style like this). To help you select the perfect wedding videographer, we’ve got the 10 most important questions to ask your videographer to ensure ¬†that he is the ideal fit for you. They involve the videographer shooting sections of the wedding and editing them together later. Having good sound and lighting is crucial for a great video and all good videographers will have a way to capture the best sound and provide the best lighting for your wedding video. If you watch a couple of videos and instantly fall in love,¬† you’ll know that this videographer is someone you would want to work with. If you know you want to work with a specific person, be sure to confirm that he is the one that will be present.

If they have worked together previously at another wedding, they may already be comfortable with each other’s working styles and can coordinate with one another to maximize the best possible results for you. Review all of the package options carefully to make sure everything you want and need is included at a price that you are comfortable with.
Ask your videographer what a typical turnaround time is for him so that you have an idea of when you’ll be able to see your beautiful movie.
Nearly every direct-to-video Sesame Street production began with a voice-over reading the title as it appeared on-screen. Most collections of videos featured a number in the "proof of purchase" box on the side panels. Also, while Caroll Spinney, Frank Oz, and Fran Brill provided voices to the Golden Video releases, only Caroll Spinney provided voices to this video series, narrating the videos as Big Bird, and also providing voices of all other characters. In 1991, Random House released its first two direct-to-video Sesame Street productions to not have segments from the show. Sesame Street's 25th Birthday: A Musical Celebration was the only video rereleased by Sony Wonder to not have any major packaging changes. In fact, it was around this time that Sony Wonder started to regularly release direct-to-video Sesame Street releases that lasted more than a half hour (some lasting up to 40 or 50 minutes in length). Documentary videos are generally shot consistently throughout the day and show the progression of the wedding day from start to finish. Asking for references is something that any professional videographer should be used to and be happy to provide. Also ask about overtime charges in case the ceremony or reception run long so that you aren’t surprised with extra costs when the bill comes.
The first collection of Sesame Street videos from Random House was My Sesame Street Home Video, which were approximately 30 minutes long (as opposed to an hour, like the average Sesame Street episode). These two videos were Sesame Street Home Video Visits the Hospital and Sesame Street Home Video Visits the Firehouse. With some rereleases (Learning About Letters, Learning About Numbers, etc) the main packaging changes were the lack of a border and different background, while other rereleases (Getting Ready to Read, Play-Along Games and Songs, etc.) had much more significant cover changes.
Before the format change, the only videos to feature street plots (with most of the segments edited) were Slimey's World Games and Computer Caper. Make sure that you and your videographer are on the same page about what is expected from the final product and what kind of story you want your video to tell. Speaking with past clients will help you gauge what to expect from this particular videographer for your special day. Although these videos were released in 1991, they were made in 1990, and have 1990 copyrights. While quite a few video releases from Random House had detailed backgrounds, until 2004 nearly all of Sony Wonder's releases had plain-colored backgrounds. In 2005, following a number of hurricanes, Sony Wonder released the street scenes from the Season 32 hurricane episodes, edited together for the video release Friends to the Rescue.
In 2006, Sony Wonder started to release mostly complete hour-long episodes of the show, in collections such as Old School, featuring episodes from the show's early years, and TV Episode Fun Packs, featuring more recent episodes.

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