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When it comes to fulfillment, the biggest differences between B2B and B2C are often related to the cost and speed of shipping. It’s also important to note that more than 81% of consumer respondents expected shipping to be both free and fast––they were not willing to pay extra for faster modes of shipping.
Your approach to fulfillment will need to be flexible, since what works for one channel may not work for another. As the B2C channel matures, bringing fulfillment back in-house may make sense as long as you are able to continue providing service that is as good or better than what your 3PL provider can offer.
B2B customers want information and reliability, so shipping and delivery details should also be prominently displayed.
If you’re dedicated to managing all your eCommerce fulfillment needs in-house, then it makes sense to enable multiple flows of traffic within your warehouse.
Whether you’re manually picking and packing or have a more automated process, you’ll need to design a workflow that can accommodate all your processes. Getting the most from your eCommerce fulfillment strategy, especially across multiple channels, is challenging, but also incredibly rewarding for the companies that get it right. WhatsApp has revolutionised communication, and is shifting consumers away from mobile networks and SMS messages. To keep you on top of how WhatsApp is changing, here are the key developments we've identified in the life of Facebook's biggest acquisition. Dutch airline KLM has become one of the first brands to use Facebook’s new branded messenger bots, powered by Nexmo. The overwhelming majority of customers (89%) would prefer to engage with AI-driven virtual assistants to speed up finding information from companies, according to new research.
Facebook has claimed that its two major chat apps are sending three times as many messages than SMS, with 60 billion messages a day sent and received on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Facebook has launched a 'bots store', letting brands create their own robotic customer service reps that can interact with WhatsApp and Messenger users.
WhatsApp, the world's largest messaging service, has rolled out end-to-end encryption for its 1 billion users across all devices, including iPhones, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia phones.
Among the five major services, Snapchat has by far the youngest audience, with 83% of its audience under 35, according to new data.
Adidas has invited fans to join 'app squads' in select cities around the world, as the sports brand looks to shed light on so-called 'dark social' channels- private sharing that is hugely popular, but difficult to track. Online adults have an average of 6 social media accounts, but Facebook continues to dominate the lot, according to new research. Mobile messaging service WhatsApp is now used by a billion people every month, Facebook has reported.
WhatsApp usage is highest in Latin America, while the chat app struggles in North America, where stable-mate Facebook Messenger leads the way, according to new research.
WhatsApp is dropping its subscription fees to access the popular messaging service, as it looks to explore new funding options, such as tie-ins with other companies. In the world of social networking, Facebook-owned Instagram has been a clear success story in recent years.
Snapchat’s primary function may be as a photo-sharing app but WhatsAppers are actually more likely to be engaging in this activity, according to new research.
Over 1.4 billion global consumers will utilize a mobile messaging application this year, and that number will rise to 2 billion by 2018, according to new research. Facebook ranks only fourth as US teens’ most important social network, with Instagram the clear favourite, according to new research. A global study of the digital attitudes and behaviours of 60,500 internet users across 50 countries, 55 per cent are on instant messaging every day.
Facebook is considering ways to make money from its popular Messenger app, possibly taking a cut in sales from click to call messages and ecommerce sales.
Yahoo has launched a new messaging service called Livetext that features live two-way video chats for mobile device users, but with a 'silent' twist.
Facebook has reportedly started testing WhatsApp integration with its popular social network, looking to find ways of unifying the two services.
Facebook has revamped its Messenger service, letting users send content like GIFs, photos, videos, and more from third-party apps within the Facebook Messenger app. Chat apps have become hugely popular in recent years, with Facebook-owned WhatsApp and China-based WeChat becoming the places for people to chat on their mobiles while avoiding SMS charges.
Facebook made a profit of $696m (?460m) in the final three months of 2014, up 33% on the same period the previous year as the social network continues its winning streak.
Is Vine een hype die je moet laten gaan of is het misschien toch niet zo’n gek idee om te kijken of je het kunt inpassen in de marketingstrategie van je bedrijf? Wat is Vine en hoe zou je het kunnen gebruiken?
Het leuke aspect van de dienst is dat de opname niet achtereenvolgend gemaakt hoeft te worden.
Mijn ervaring is dat korte shots die achter elkaar te zien zijn een beter verhaal vertellen en voor meer dynamiek zorgen dan een Vine die achter elkaar is opgenomen. Aangezien de video zich blijft herhalen is het ook aan te raden om het begin en het einde op elkaar aan te laten sluiten. Dit zijn wellicht zaken waar je normaal geen video voor zou laten produceren, maar een Vine leent zich daar uitstekend voor.

Ongescripte video’s laten veel ruimte voor creativiteit ‘on the scene’, maar bij een Vine video is een goed storyboard een must. Een gedegen Social Media onderzoek kan je helpen om erachter te komen waar en door wie er over gerelateerde onderwerpen wordt gepraat. Op een kanaal als Twitter is bijvoorbeeld alles wat een uur geleden is gepost alweer oude informatie. Op basis van de informatie uit het onderzoek kun je ook bepalen via welke kanalen je de Vine het beste kunt delen. Uit het onderzoek van Unruly dat ik eerder noemde, komen een aantal interessante feiten naar boven. Het grootste aantal Vine tweets werd (tijdens de onderzoeksperiode) verstuurd op maandag 15 april, net na de explosies bij de Boston marathon.
We zien binnen Vine een aantal elementen terug die we kennen uit andere social media: like, comment en re-vine.
Helaas is er geen Analytics tool beschikbaar, waardoor je niet kunt zien hoe vaak, waar ter wereld of door wie je Vine bekeken is. Dit is een voorbeeld van een Vine die embedded is op de website van een online winkel die handgemaakte lederwaren uit Italie aanbiedt, zoals tassen en iPad cases.
Twicsy is Twitter Pics Browse & Search ALL Twitter Pics! Search over 5,710,744,376 Twitter pics, millions posted to Twitter each day!
Vine: It’s the newest social media to hit the mainstream consumer and it’s taking us all by storm. Want to talk about a new service your company will be offering but don’t want to just send another boring email blast out to your subscribers? There are tons of other ways to use Vine (for fun or for work!) The best way to figure out what you want to do with your videos is to try it out for useful and decide what will work best for your business. Guest Author: Courtney Gordner is a blogger with a passion for all things internet, social media and SEO! I really like Vine, the 6 second video application for your phone that launched earlier this year. When I first started talking about Vine at training sessions I pointed at some businesses that became early adopters, The Cavendish hotel in London being one, they claim to have run the first ever Vine competition. Competitions are great but I do think they have limited appeal and seeing as The Cavendish has already taken the first spot it could be time to think more creatively. In July Honda launched a campaign asking people to tweet them with the tag #wantanewcar, they launched the campaign with a Vine and used the platform to respond to customer tweets.
For those who received a personalised 6 second video there was delight, it increased Honda’s social media reach and meant that they were talked about constantly.
If you search for great Vine marketing campaigns you are bound to find a mention of Lowe’s. So not only are people able to find Lowe’s through the tips but when they do find them there is compelling content to share with their friends.
Honda shows us how we should think about delighting and nurturing customers and potential customers. Lowe’s show us how we can build trust and use short pieces of clever content to get people sharing info about our business. If you enjoyed this blog post why not subscribe to my newsletter or my blog posts via email. Posted in Social Media, Strategy, tools.Tagged content mareketing, Honda, Lowe's, Vine, Vine marekting.
The needs and expectations of customers across each of these channels is not always the same, making fulfillment a constant challenge.
Deloitte’s 2015 Annual Holiday Survey found that 72% of shoppers intended to take advantage of online free shipping offers, while 55% anticipated taking advantage of free returns. Their orders may be placed as part of a manufacturing or production process, with orders that can be anticipated well in advance. Fulfillment outsourcing, also known as third party logistics (3PL) is one option to consider as you are growing your B2C channel. If you are able to provide these options, make sure your eCommerce site prominently displays this information. In addition, a separate page where B2B customers can gain insight into reliability for the shipping options they use is also a good idea. After all, the workflow to pick small orders such as those typically submitted by consumers, and larger orders from B2B customers, will require different approaches.
Companies need to anticipate today how they will fulfill future orders as customers’ demands change and begin building a fulfillment strategy that will enable them to meet these demands not just now, but two, five or ten years down the road. What strategies is your company using to fulfill eCommerce orders across multiple lines of business? The different ways that phones display emojis is leading to some embarrassing mix-ups, according to new research.
New research from Global Web Index indicates that the social netowrk has risen rapidly in recent years to rival the likes of Twitter. This infographic charts the success of the platforms and compares the marketing efforts of both.

Als dienst van Twitter ligt dit in het verlengde van de gedachte achter microblogging in 140 karakters.
De opname start bij het aanraken van het scherm en pauzeert bij het loslaten van het scherm.
De video wordt vervolgens in een loop afgespeeld, waardoor de 6 seconden beeld telkens wordt herhaald. Zeker niet omdat de meeste bedrijven met wie ik werk een video van zo’n 1,5 minuut voor ogen hebben, om het vervolgens in praktijk nog niet redden met een video van 3 minuten.
Vine is vluchtig en speelt zich af in het hier en nu en is snel te verspreiden via Social Media. Tags zijn een gemeengoed binnen sociale netwerken, dus onderzoek welke tags je het beste kunt gebruiken.
Leuk feitje: uit een onderzoek (mei 2013) van Unruly blijkt dat Branded Vines vier keer zo vaak gedeeld worden dan Branded video’s.
Bij meerdere producten geven ze door middel van een of meer Vine video’s een impressie van (de gebruikswijze van) het product. We zijn gespecialiseerd in het ontwikkelen en uitvoeren van marketingcampagnes gebaseerd op video. From celebrities, to us “regular people”, we’re all obsessed with these six-second videos from the creators of Twitter.
It’s the shortest one you can imagine and with a visually appealing medium, it’s a great way to get your points across. It’s also interesting to note that many big companies have struggled to get entries for their Vine contests. Don’t let it put you off that these are big companies, any business even a micro one could use similar tactics to stand out and reward their customers.
For a big brand this is an excellent exercise in brand awareness, it makes them look like a caring company who like to have a bit of fun with their customers but also value them enough to spend some time creating content for them. For more info on the results of this campaign take a look at this report from Social Bakers.
If I want to know how to stop my wood floors squeaking, how to get a label off of the bottom of a cup, or any number of simple household queries Lowe’s have the answer.
This is brilliant word of mouth marketing and again it makes a big brand seem more accessible. By putting a bit of effort in we can get them talking about us and sharing what we do in a good light.
She is a trainer and consultant who works with small and medium sized businesses helping them to develop their social media and online marketing strategies, making the most of their limited time and budgets. Free shipping also far outweighed shipping speed as a motivating factor, with 87% of survey respondents stating that free shipping was a more important selection factor than fast shipping. Most B2B organizations have negotiated shipping rates and are savvy to the fact that nothing is ever really “free.” They realize that free shipping is actually included in the product price.
In addition, longer transit times may also allow the B2B customer to save money on warehouse space.
For B2B customers, reliability and accuracy are key, and they understand that they may have to pay for logistics performance and plan ahead to keep costs down. While reliability may be a bigger issue for B2B buyers now, the push towards “free and fast” in their consumer lives are already raising the bar in B2B.
Een Vine die inspringt op actualiteiten zal het beter doen op Twitter en Facebook, terwijl een productvideo in embedded vorm op je website beter tot zijn recht komt. While Vine can be great for funny videos and cool special effects to show your friends, you might be asking: how can I use Vine to market my business? In fact a campaign like this could be what makes you stand head and shoulders over your competitors. I also like to revisit the site as these simple tips make me excited, I enjoy consuming their knowledge so that I can pass it on to friends. They would rather get the best price possible on the items they are purchasing, and use their own shipping terms to keep costs competitive. Op die manier is het mogelijk om verschillende shots of momenten in een Vine video te verwerken zonder montage. There are a quite a few ways to do just that, let’s figure out the best one for your business. Any brand or company can do this, whether you’re a private rehab center or a clothing brand! Using Vine or YouTube to have your consumers create their own videos about your product is a great way to get the word out there about your product and also get your customers interested.
And of course, when we talk about online video marketing, YouTube and Instagram video are still extremely useful and important.

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