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You’ve got a British news source that has been in publication since the 19th century. Will Ferrell and the team behind Funny or Die have been bottling up their viral magic and selling it like hot cakes to brands like K-Swiss, Denny’s and Pepsi. Often times, attempts at organic press coverage confuse potential customers more than lure them, usually because the marketer’s message is lost in the mess of the stunt. The site is becoming a major player in creating one of the few forms of marketing anyone cares about anymore: viral advertisements. Part PSA, part self-promotion, this tale about the state of the world’s fishing industry took 7 months to create and produce. For years now The Guardian, like many other standard print publications, has been reporting earnings losses, so it thrills us to see them taking this creative, incredibly effective approach illustrating the evolution of news and their role in the news of the future.

The new fuel-cell vehicle from Mercedes leaves no trace, has no impact on the environment and is therefore invisible as far as the planet is concerned.
Granted, there are some gaping holes in their logic, but covering the car in camera-equipped LED lights so as to mask it in the image of its surroundings is nevertheless a memorable message speaking to sustainability as well as modernity. Social media allows citizens to chime in on the case with opinions, observations and even new information and the story changes before our eyes from three innocent pigs defending themselves to a foreclosure scandal in which the wolf was framed. It is an attempt to wake consumers up from eating in ignorance and consider the source of their seafood.
The German automaker spent a week around the country engaging the public in this mobile message and since Saturday the ad has already tracked over a million views. Coverage combined with national debate spark citizen dissent and riots, all the while the ever-present news source is involved and informative, engaging its readers to be a part of the news and see all sides of the story.

The problem is, few of us know anything about how the fish we eat was caught, but that is also why this restaurant’s message works so well. It appears that perhaps we’ve been hearing the story of the three little pigs from a less-than reliable source. Because at the very least, we now know that we should care, that Bamboo Sushi cares and that their tables can be trusted.

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