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We may only be in June, but there has been a huge resurgence of viral and guerrilla advertising techniques.
So far already this year, we have been impressed with an array of online, viral adverts that have captured our imaginations; as well as an abundance of memorable television adverts that are sure to make the ‘Best of’ list. Recently released to cries of “aww!” from everyone, the new Ibis hotel advert really ramps up the cute factor. The advert features a collection of adorable bunnies making themselves at home in an Ibis hotel room, demonstrating how comfortable and homely the hotel chain is.
It might not seem like it, but the viral advert sensation from Three was released in February of this year. Robinsons Squash are tugging on the heartstrings with their latest advert, showing two young boys having a great day out. Not one for the fainthearted, this latest online advert from the Department for Transport is bound to make you jump. The advert sees a crash test dummy come flying through the toilet mirror, covered in blood. Famous for toeing the line with their adverts, this 2013 offering from Carlsberg puts lads and their friendships to the test. Again, this advert is perfect for the Carlsberg brand – and target audience – and appeals directly to their humour.
Pepsi Max jump on the ‘You’ve Been Framed’ style advert here, where professional stock car driver takes an unsuspecting car salesman on the test drive of his life.
Internet Explorer plays on the advertising theme of nostalgia with their ‘Child of the ‘90’s’ campaign. The aim of this video is to show people that “you are more beautiful than you think” and is clearly aimed at the female market. The concept of viral ads or web videos was introduced to our lives with YouTube around 5 or 6 years ago. The recent growth of the web has seen it the case that many of the viral marketing hits have been in the recent years.
The key to great viral video is gaining interest, keeping it and creating something that people get excited about and want to share as it reflects a part of them. The Evian babies commercial is probably one of the most infamous commercials of recent years and has even spawned its own line of t-shirts.
The rebirth of Old Spice was accompanied by this advertisement which turned its star Isaiah Mustafa into a character as well known as most house hold sports people.
If the likes of American Basketball legend Kobe Bryant and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel can play Call of Duty then why can’t we.
The highest hits of any viral video ever, this Blendtec advertisement was made in house and is everything a viral video should be. The German car giants Darth Vader advert where a small child plays the dark sides poster boy is a hilarious and well thought out advert. These ads are everything a viral advert should be and are some of the best ever in our opinion. We are a friendly bunch, so why not pop in and see us, call us on 0113 827 2366, or get in touch using our contact form to see what we can do for you. Everyday customers and potential clients hit their computers, ipads and phones with searches for product and service.
Would you give a complete stranger who walked up to you on the street access to all the personal data on your phone? Ad agency Don’t Panic stages such a scenario in an amusing video for Liberty Human Rights.
Even in this comic context, fat-shaming people into joining a gym is a crappy tactic to use—one that is disappointing but not surprising. What’s curious, though, is that this isn’t the first gym to post a fat-shaming alien billboard! Indeed, in 1999, a gym in San Francisco used the same tactic in a billboard from Grey. Though it probably won’t provoke fits of laughter, the spots, directed by Sam Hubbard at Somesuch, are amusing and memorable. Whoa, that bird was pretty mellow about folks taking her picture—unlike King Kong, who exhibited a famously fowl reaction to the paparazzi in similar circumstances. During the shoot, the cast reacted to a 30-foot-high stick that stood in for the hen, which was added later in production. Yeah, it takes a courageous client to put a guy in a rabbit suit and let him rail against a giant chocolate chicken.
Now, a fight to the death between choco-Henny and Jackpotjoy’s 50-foot-high Thames-punting rubber duck would be a smashing development. London-based photographer Nadav Kander, whose stunning portraits over the years have included President Obama and David Lynch, among many others, has shot a simple and powerful suicide-prevention campaign through MullenLowe for U.K.
In a copy trick that’s been used a few times before in advertising, the headlines capture honesty in the midst of denial by picking out key words that communicate desperation. The work was funded by Network Rail on behalf of the rail industry, and will run in railway stations across England, Scotland and Wales. There’s one form of prank advertisement that will surely survive long after all the telekinetic coffee-shop surprises and sentient vending machines have faded away.
Heathrow Airport has gotten Stephen Fry, a well-known British person, to take the piss out of British manners.
The video below functions as both a guide to etiquette and a guide to British humor, as Fry, rather dryly, clues us in on the art of queuing (waiting in a line), talking almost exclusively about the weather, being awkwardly polite by suggesting others go first, cheering when glass breaks, and tutting (making a little disapproving sound). The commercial opens on a quiet hotel pool, before a young hero makes his very loud entrance. Thomas Cook credits the soundtrack, which is integral to the ad’s success, to one Tam Cooper. But the setting, and his age, keep it fresh enough, while the simplicity and focus of the idea is charming enough to make a nice change of pace from the usual travel fare—even if, at a minute long, it could still stand to be a little shorter. The low-budget Robert Dyas spot, which is closing in on half a million YouTube views since being posted late last week, shows store customers and employees declaring their sexual orientation as they tout particular products. ShatterBox Anthology, sponsored by Comcast and in partnership with Women at Sundance, is a series of 12 short films directed by actresses including Kristen Stewart and Gabourey Sidibe. By now Facebook Live is ubiquitous at media companies, giving fans an inside look at the inner workings of their favorite brands.
RIOT, a comedy YouTube channel with eight original series that include guest appearances from, among others, Lena Dunham, Jessica Williams and Julie Klausner.
Long-form scripted comedy, Strangers, with Girls director Jesse Peretz serving as executive producer. In a nod to the new world of social media journalism, Style Stalking, based on R29 founders’ New York Times best-selling book of the same name, is an Instagram-based video series that showcases street fashion and trends across different cities.

With marketers and media buyers putting social stars PewDiePie, Lilly Singh and Logan Paul into heavy rotation, multichannel networks now are incubating the next wave of talent through a host of development programs such as Maker Studios’ Spark initiative, which is funding some 30 different creator projects. Lang believes brands should be working with lesser-known as well as more-established influencers to give them more well-rounded campaigns, and many networks are making that happen.
Max Polisar, AwesomenessTV’s chief revenue officer, says that when brands come calling for an influencer-backed campaign, it has taken to promoting lesser-known talent who might not get the scale of the established stars but still have the ability to amplify a campaign.
For Old Navy’s #Unlimited back-to-school campaign, AwesomenessTV put Alex Aiono, one of its more-established stars, in a music video that also featured up-and-comers. Spotlight then allows Reilly and his team to narrow the field to match influencer and brand.
This story first appeared in the May 2, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.Click here to subscribe. Samsung Electronics is road testing Samsung Bedtime Virtual Reality Stories, a virtual reality story environment where parents and children can see and interact with each other for an immersive, shared experience. BuzzFeed co-founder Jonah Peretti took shots at traditional media for its failure to truly understand what today’s audiences want.
Last month’s watermelon explosion on Facebook Live drew more than 10 million views on a Friday afternoon.
Though the presentation was light on actual announcements, BuzzFeed’s CMO Frank Cooper briefly discussed the partnership with NBCUniversal, which invested $200 million in BuzzFeed last summer.
Lesser and Miller have rolled up their sleeves the past few Fridays and gotten to work at Google’s headquarters with courses focused on understanding how the market is shifting toward programmatic and learning the types of ad inventory that are available for desktop versus mobile. During the internship, Lesser and Miller will meet with Google’s data practitioners and senior leaders.
If it sounds unusual for a creative agency to get a deep dive into the nitty-gritty details of technology, that’s kind of the point. Blankstein added that a good chunk of the discussion centers on how the agency’s process works and brainstorming new ways to weave programmatic into the early stages of campaigns.
The only thing worse than sitting next to a crying baby on a long flight is being the parent holding the crying baby. And it makes sense, because getting your offers seen is the key to making money on the Internet, but the common ways to do it, quite frankly, STINK.
There is a new advertising and promotion technology available now that makes all the other options look like the joke they are. It uses breakthrough technology to deliver a steady flow of real targeted visitors without the time or expense of most other promotion methods! In fact, you don't need any technical skills, any marketing experience, or to learn anything new to use it. One of the coolest things about this ad generator is that it actually GROWS the more you use it. For example, if the advertising you generate for yourself gets you 500 ad views, by referring just 10 other members who all do the same will net you a whopping 3,000 ad views with NO extra work!
Marketers build subscriber lists for one reason--to promote offers and make serious cash because solo emails are the highest converting promo method you can use. With Innovative Viral Ads you can mail your downline every week, and there's even an option to email 1,000 random members 2 TIMES per week! Whether you want to promote products, make offers, recruit affiliates, or start JV partnerships, you can do it with solo emailing. For cutting edge technology like this, with all of the benefits you get, it would easily be worth $297 for access. So if you act now, you can get INSTANT ACCESS and start getting more advertising in as little as 3 minutes with the GOLD Membership, for just $297 $97 FREE! There are even MORE benefits and advanced features, but you can explore that on the inside. It's not because of the crime he allegedly committed a€” he was arrested on fiveA weapons charges in the Northern California city of Stockton a€” it's because he's very, very, handsome.
Users began Photoshopping a€” adding in a Calvin Klein logo and taking out the teardrop tattoo that usually signifies having killed someone. Officer Joseph Silva, a spokesman for the Stockton Police Department, said that no previous arrest photo has garnered so much positive attention.
Silva called Meeks "one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area," and even though he's being held onA $900,000 bail, he's still rapidly growing his fanbase on Facebook.
Indeed, since the days of Wanamaker, people gradually lost the curiosity to know what is in the advertising mediums (whether it is printed, online or on TV), that’s why advertising companies had to innovate and impress in-order to retain the attention of the end viewers. People nowadays have a tendency to ignore advertisement in all its forms, if you are distributing flyers for your business, I can assure you that more than half the flyers distributed will be in the nearest garbage can from the distribution point, the remaining will be in the next one! Advertising companies and Brands have realized that they have only few seconds to grab the attention of their target audience, whether it is printed ads, tv ads or online ads.
But a new advertising format, shuttered the concept that ads needs to be interruption, allowing the brands to retain the full attention of the potential customers, this new format is the viral video ad, the viral video is the heart and soul of viral marketing, and even though it shares a lot with standard TV commercials, many more characteristics differentiate it from TV ads. For commercial advertisements on television, the clients are paying according to the number of viewers that are expected to be watching the tv channel at a specific time (when the ad spot will be aired). On the other hand, for viral videos, the clients are paying for the consulting, production and initial viral seeding, the consulting and production is basically a little bit different from the production of a tv ad spot, but that’s where similarities stop. Unlike TV ads, people actually enjoy watching the viral videos, thus they share them through social media, something that is not done with TV ads! Because a Viral ad is watched by choice, it creates engagement and buzz around it, the brand or companies advertising have direct results which can be observed on the company online presence by an increase of fan base, subscribers, followers and sales (if the products can be bought online). I expect you would ask, if Viral video advertising was such a great way to advertise why it haven’t taken completely over TV ads so far? 1 – It’s a relatively new branch, let’s not forget that online videos started to be accessible to the masses only 8 years ago! 2 – The vast majority of advertising agencies and production studios do not really understand what viral marketing is, and those who do understand it have no idea how to get it done. 3 – Very few experts in this advertising branch, during my 6+ years working in the viral videos domain, i have seen many so called experts, who thought that applying the standard marketing techniques on a video is what makes it go viral, these false expert represent more than 99% of the so called viral marketing experts today! With nearly 1 million views since its 4th June YouTube debut, this is one advert we won’t be forgetting about it a hurry.
It’s not until the end we realise they have such a close bond because they are father and son.
While the men in this advert are actors, it really would make you jump if this happened to you. They call their friends in the middle of the night, asking them to bring money to a seedy room where they’ve lost a fortune in a poker game. This advert has already been viewed over 4 million times since being added to YouTube back in March.
This is one viral advert worth watching, just for the look on the poor salesman’s face when he finally gets out the car.

It brings back tamagotchi’s, pogs, yo-yo’s and Hungry Hippos; showing audiences that their brand is trustworthy and worth coming back to. The ‘Real Beauty’ campaign is continued, with women describing themselves to a forensic artist. Despite criticism that this video is a little contrived, 54 million people have seen the advert making it the most popular on our list. These branded ads, or commercials offer a significant chance for business to really hit the big time and advertise their product on a huge scale and without having to pay networks for the advertising space.
Though there have been some huge successes before YouTube’s popularity, with the Pepsi ad featuring Britney, Beyonce and Pink, which appeared on TV in 2004 doing well among viral marketing videos. This reflection allows people to willingly put their name to something in the social media sphere.
Its play on humor, play masculinity and plain silliness means it is one of the most ridiculous advertisements ever to go viral. Created to be a silly play on science, using all sorts of popular consumer products, such as Justin Bieber’s autobiography and his model to give us a laugh and a little of the forbidden malevolence in all of us. We work closely with our clients to meet their goals and deliver exceptional results, and we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game in an ever-changing industry.
If you're site is in-effective and you don't have a smart phone app, you're leaving money on the table. We’ll share with you how big your potential audience is and how many customers in your area we can help you reach.
The PSA is designed to raise awareness of the sweeping nature of Britain’s Investigatory Powers Bill.
Their mouths stretch and distort in cartoonish ways, as if the footage had been run through a face-swapping app. Glue Factory director Gary Freedman captures just the right sense of cheek in the spot, which is supported by digital, out-of-home, point-of-sale and social elements (the latter hashtagged #GiantHen, naturally). Goulding and other artists, including Mark Ronson, are taking part in surprises and gigs, helping MasterCard cardholders share their love of music. Wearing only his swim trunks and a strapped-on shark fin, he grooves his way around the water, pausing only to see if the lifeguard is going to scold him.
The general idea, from the kid’s performance to his aesthetic, knacks pretty strongly of Napoleon Dynamite, which is a bit tired.
The spot is actually a fairly blatant knockoff of the well-known Red House Furniture spot from 2009, created by Internet comics (and part-time weird-ad mavens) Rhett & Link. Hoping to keep that momentum alive, the new programming lineup is heavy on brand sponsorships and celebrity partnerships.
Kitty, Chloe Sevigny’s directorial debut, will premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. Each week through the end of the year a new immersive experience will be available for viewers to explore topics like music, sports and travel.
Peretti claimed older media players haven’t built out the data infrastructure BuzzFeed has that not only shows how many people are watching its videos but how audiences are engaging with them. Tasty’s deliciously short recipe videos autoplay in millions of Facebook feeds giving them a heaping helping of views. Jeff Blankstein, creative agency lead at Google, created a complete six- to eight-week program outlining the ins and outs of programmatic and covering data, targeting and understanding programmatic inventory across mobile and desktop. The agency was an early partner with YouTube on Unskippable Labs, which tested digital creative of differing lengths. So as you refer others and they use it to generate advertising, YOU get bonus viral ads FOR LIFE! The best case scenario is that these few thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of viewers will notice the ad when it is aired … in reality half will be away when the commercials starts (kitchen, bathroom, feeding the cat …) and most of those who sit through commercials activate their zombie mode.
You pay once to produce & launch the video, and then not only the video reaches the viewers for a fraction of the cost, but also it never stops reaching more and more people, basically it is the “Perpetual Motion” of advertising. Any expert or company that would reply “no one can guarantee if a video will go viral” do not know how to make viral video go viral!
Three’s dancing Shetland Pony has over 6 million views and thousands of shares, making it one of the most viral videos of 2013 so far. This is fun, cute, and exactly what we’ve come to expect from Evian; we recognise right away that the advert is from them, but we can see that things have moved forwards.
This sweet advert shows the dad through the son’s eyes and is bound to be one of the adverts we remember from this year. The only criticism we have is that there is no mention of drink-driving, so wouldn’t tell the general public the point of the viral, guerrilla campaign.
He sketches them without seeing them, and then draws a second image of the same person but when they are described by someone else. Derisively known as the Snoopers’ Charter, the controversial legislation would allow the government to intercept all manner of digital communications and information. But you cannot tell me that you know aliens will want to eat humans and that the humans they will want to eat the most will be whatever these gyms define as fat. On the one hand, the ad is playing specifically to families—namely, mothers who want their kids to have fun on vacation. The difference is, the Red House ad focused on race instead of sexual orientation, saying black people and white people all love the store’s furniture. The channel features personalities from its influencer network, Here and Now, as well as R29 staffers.
But the company gets its biggest boost from Facebook, which contributes more than 33 percent of BuzzFeed’s views. The goal was to show brands how they could either sponsor or be integrated into BuzzFeed content.
And last year, the agency created a global competition that asked shops to make a YouTube-specific spot for Twix. Responsive Website Design, Mobile App Development and SEO in Charleston by netGALAXY Studios.
Tonight, it announced that beauty brand Clinique will come on as the channel’s sponsor. The campaign, says chair of the PR Lions jury David Gallagher, “built on our human insecurities with a creative strategy that was simple but effective.”The video features a forensic artist showing different women two portraits of themselves – one based on their own self-description and another drawing based on a stranger’s point of view. These are the usual reactions when a commercial comes on TV.  Nobody likes getting interrupted watching their favorite TV shows. Likeable, shareable, and catchy, the Dumb Ways to Die video has spawned several parodies online.

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