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Publicidad online "Viral Advertising" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Cccp" para la marca: Hema Paises Bajos. When we work with our clients and start talking about marketing and advertising strategy, there is a common subject that tends to become the focus of the meeting. Obviously it is a little more complex than that, but it's a start to achieving viral transmission.Something worth sharing can come in many forms. The start of it goes a little something like this:"What is viral marketing?"Below is our attempt to simplify and clarify what viral advertising is and how it can be achieved. It can be a call to action, a well thought out advertisement or video, a revolutionary product, or even a rabbit being hauled away by a hawk in front of a family.
Long content gets more shares than short content.Make sure your viral advertising campaign include articles with no less than 2000 words.
This means that for every person that sees his post on their Facebook wall, they are going to share it with an average of 200 friends. It featured on all major blogs in the Netherlands as well as worldwide blogs such as Gizmodo, BoingBoing, Wired. For every person that hears about it through twitter, they will retweet it to an average of 208 followers.

Having at least 1 image in your post means more shares on Facebook.People on Facebook love photos. 10 wins on lists.According the the article by Noah Kagan, lists with 10 items get more shares than any other numbered list.
Make sure your photos include the proper meta information and are catching at first glance.
In the graphic, you will see that stickman one on the left came up with something brilliant. As more and more people see, share, tweet and repeat, stickman's really awesome thing is spreading globally, almost instantly. People see a lot of photos on Facebook and if you want yours to get noticed, make sure it's good.3. If it's trustworthy, people will share it.Because sharing things with those who follow you puts your stamp of approval on the content that they received, people want to make sure its trustworthy and credible. Once stickman's cool thing gets shared on this level, it's on it's way to exponential sharing. At least one photo in your post tweeted on Twitter means more shares.Just like Facebook, make sure your post tweet includes a photo.

He shared it with a core group of stick friends and followers he has a first degree connection with. Sharing content through first degree connections maximize the chance for viral effect because these people care about what you have to say.
Make people laugh, amuse them, or make them say WTF?People share things that strike a cord. Dig up and re-share old content.That old content that you wrote off should be put back into your posting schedule. I took a few seconds to change the posted date to a current date and in less than 2 days, the article was #2 on the first page of Google for its primary keyword. The best day to post for social shares is Tuesday.Want to get the most out of your advertising efforts and reach that viral capacity? This has been identified as the best day for sharing content for shares on social networks. ConclusionThere you have it.

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