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Viral marketing is a set of techniques that make use of internet media such as social networks (among others) in order to increase sales of products and services, or positioning of a brand with the help of the propagation of the message in an exponential or a viral way among internet users. The techniques used in order to accomplish a successful viral marketing campaign are of different character, however it’s got nothing to do with computer viruses, but they got their name (viral techniques) because of the way the information about certain product, services or brands is propagated.
Thanks to the internet it is possible managing viral marketing campaigns that turn out to be much more affordable and effective than the campaigns managed through traditional methods. One of the things that seem to attract virality the most is offering a free product or service that is of great interest to the audience. Did you know that purchase consideration increases 14.3% by the third viewing of an advertisement on a top tier video hosting site?
Do you know about viral marketing? It is one of the most applied methods in online marketing because it not only very inexpensive, but also extremely effective. It can be disheartening to see traditional Triple A games get prime marketing, with adverts everywhere you look. To make this happen, a truly innovative and attention grabbing piece of media must be created, whether that be the aforementioned picture or link, or something more involved. One of the most famous viral marketing events was the one of Halo 2, known as ‘I Love Bees’.
University of Pennsylvania assistant professor Katherine Milkman disagrees with the randomness theory of tweets, however. If everything is random and the lottery analogy applies to tweets, then timing is a key factor to consider.
The more followers you have and the more people you follow, the greater your influence on Twitter. It seems almost too easy, but just asking for people to retweet can dramatically increase the number of times your post is shared. If you don’t offer compelling content on the other end of the retweet link, then your Twitter campaign will end quickly. Quality and quantity are pretty hard to mix, but if you’re able to master mixing both, then you have a better chance of becoming viral.
When you mention timing, I always think of the tweet when the plane landed in the Hudson river. Bplans is owned and operated by Palo Alto Software, Inc., as a free resource to help entrepreneurs start and run better businesses. Anything that gives people a quick chuckle and can be easily shared is likely to reach a lot of eyeballs. Although the photo has pretty much been discredited as a fake, it created a huge storm of conversation all over the web, and was seen by probably hundreds of thousands of people in the space of a few days.
Anyone who’s trying to launch a viral campaign based on entertainment value needs to make good use of social bookmarking sites.
People who hang around these sites have a keen nose for rare, high-value web content, and are some of the most prolific sharers on Earth. Anything that takes more than a couple of minutes to digest is unlikely to make it very far. If you’ve posted something on your blog or website that you hope will go viral, you need to give people every possible opportunity to share it. There are no shortcuts – you just have to plug away at it until you find your own unique angle that resonates with the masses. We’ll be running a series of these articles this week, covering various methods and strategies for going viral. If you’ve got any viral marketing insight to add to the conversation, please leave us a comment below. For those of you who have long steeped in internet marketing business, certainly familiar heard of viral marketing. From this you can see that a funny picture or video has been spread and you as a user help to spread the picture or video voluntarily.
As discussed in the previous point that the purpose of viral marketing is very clear, which is to increase traffic and increase sales and for the introduction of a particular brand or product. Another purpose of this is viral marketing that we can study the behavior of our consumers in a particular community. Viral marketing is generally intended to introduce a specific community on a new product or brand. I was channel surfing the other night and landed on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. Posting a video in just one location on the Internet is the equivalent of dropping a single crab trap in the Bering Sea—ineffective at best, a huge waste of money at worst.
Just like fishing keys on selecting the right tide and bait, the right type of content, combined with a comprehensive distribution strategy, can lead to the two-way conversation with consumers that brands are looking for. To be clear, content creators should always think twice before investing in original video.
Before you choose a distribution plan, you’ll need to decide which type of video best aligns with your brand.
If you’re a niche brand with a well-defined audience, you should consider working directly with a single property.
While independent technology platforms lack both the same direct insight into the end publisher’s audience and in-house video creation capabilities, they can be a good option for supplemental distribution.
The last step is generating earned and shared views so that your content lives on organically. While everyone hopes his video goes viral, very few actually draw hundreds of millions of views.
A final option is utilizing a content discovery platform like Outbrain or Taboola to generate clicks. The key to any video-distribution strategy is utilizing every available option, and you’ll need to make key decisions around how to do so. In other words, just as a fisherman will tell you, it is vital to use every trick in the book when fishing for crabs—or views.
Doing this in an adequate way, it’s possible to reach a great quantity of people in a very short amount of time. Normally, by making use of blogs, landing pages, Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube videogames, newsletters in massive e-mails, e-mail sequence campaigns, affiliate networks and others.

The idea is for the users to share and send each other interesting and entertaining contents. A message is launched (e-mail or Facebook publications) and the purpose is for people to read it and share it with their friends, who will share it with other friends and so on. It can be successfully applied to mobile marketing campaigns or even for the advertising of mobile applications. Viral marketing has similarities with word-of-mouth and referral marketing, but is not quite the same. People who see the message and sign up are advertising for Hotmail just like tiny waves spreading ever farther from a single pebble dropped into a pond. Most developers don’t have the manpower or the budget to create high visibility publicity campaigns for them, but at the same time creating a well tuned and fun game, and hoping it gets noticed on the Apple and Android app stores just simply isn’t enough. However, the adverts will be papered over or replaced in a month or two, and unless the game is a blockbuster then very few people will actually remember them. If word of your product is being spread around social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the like, it’s ‘gone viral’. Most games now include methods for players to share their achievements and top scores with their friends on social media, but this isn’t enough. To be shared, your content simply has to be entertaining or noteworthy enough to be shared. If you want your product be shared and spread around the web, you need to create a new and exciting product that others will want to share. Everyone wants to have that retweetable quality that spreads across the Internet in a flash. At Indiana University, Bloomington, researchers compared 120 million actual retweets with a random computer model and found very little difference in the way ideas propagated. Just like more people buy lottery tickets when the jackpot is high, it makes more sense to tweet when more eyes will see your words. Your tweets will be more likely to be seen and, therefore, shared by the most amount of people.
It’s far easier to have a tweet go viral if you have 6,000 people looking at it versus just a few dozen. According to Jason Rudland of the Get Me In Google blog, people like the words, “you,” “your” and “because.” Let people know that you care about them and then tell them why they should care about you. Just 12% of tweets that don’t ask to be shared are retweeted, but 51% of people who ask get their posts shared.
Part of what made Kony 2012 so successful is that the content of the video was high-quality.
Don’t give up, following the tips above, and the likelihood of one of your tweets going viral has that much higher of a probability. Online business planning software makes it easier than ever before to put together a business plan for your business.
It’s a knowledgable guide combined with a professional designer coupled with a financial wizard. This week we’ll be looking at a few different strategies for creating content that spreads across the web and gets you noticed. People will like it, tag it, post it, share it, digg it, tweet it, +1 it, email it, stumble it and so on. If you can get a bit of traction with the social bookmarking crowd, you’re well on your way to success. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but following these tips should point you in the right direction.
Of the millions upon millions of photos, videos and blog posts that get uploaded to the web everyday, way less than 1% of them get any sort of traction. In this article, I try to explain a little about what it is viral marketing and how to easily implement or integrate your viral marketing to your business. Traditionally, viral marketing can be said to be a word of mouth marketing techniques or sometimes tend to look like a multi-level marketing. Consumers are users of products or services and the buzz is horrendous issues regarding consumer products that have been consumed. This is very important because if we already know the habits of a community, we can prepare advertisement that can immediately accepted by the consumer and the result of targeted visitors will be growing. Sometimes the message is delivered directly from one to the other (word of mouth), but with the growing and increasing the number of social media today, many companies use social media to target their products to a particular community. As I watched the series’ Alaskan fishermen tossing giant steel pots overboard in the hopes of catching the elusive king crab, it occurred to me that there are some interesting parallels with online video. An insurance company, for example, will have different needs than a food company, and the created content should reflect not only who you are as a business but also what resonates with your core audience. Content networks are an interesting option for advertisers seeking an end-to-end solution, as these companies combine in-house video production teams with a first point of distribution. For example, a high-end fashion brand targeting urban women might find that a site like Refinery29 meets its needs. Since data and analytics are rooted in their DNA, these platforms can provide advertisers with insights that will meet their objectives. Since these two types of media are a function of paid media, you’ll need to get the video out on the Web first to truly be able to reap the benefits of both.
But you can generate more views and watch your video live on provided that it has mass appeal and is placed somewhere that facilitates active sharing among already-engaged users. These recommendation engines appear on premium publisher sites, linking to the video content itself or to third-party earned media, and are a great way to drive more traffic. As new media players are constantly entering the market, it becomes even more imperative to choose wisely when selecting who you’ll partner with on video production and distribution, as well as social media promotion and content discovery.
Often, it’s done with a brand or company sponsorship that requires positioning its product among its target audience. The older of these are the odious chain messages that users used to receive on their e-mails. Learn more from this post dedicated exclusively to mobile viral marketing and be ready to be impressed. Last but not least, creative viral marketing plans also use others’ resources to get the word out.

Matt Martin of Games Industry International says that mobile app marketing ‘doesn’t work at all’. Viral marketing is often prized as it is a much cheaper method of getting the word out about your product, but most importantly it is interactive.
Many players don’t use these features,  and most social media users are savvy enough to block the announcements from those who do. In the run up to the release of Bioshock 2, Irrational Games created the website Something in the Sea, where players could examine evidence of Rapture as collected by a character called Mark Meltzer, a man whose daughter had been kidnapped and taken to the underwater city.
Players had to solve riddles with little to no help, and eventually a lucky few were invited to a cinema to play Halo 2 before release. Minecraft has enjoyed millions of hours worth of essentially free advertising on Youtube, where players have recorded and uploaded their experiences playing the game. Lumping ‘share’ buttons into your game will probably net little success, but excitement can drummed up at little cost to the developer.
The 30 minute Kony 2012 video has been viewed over 100 million times in 200-plus countries, garnering 3.5 million financial pledges for the non-profit organization Invisible Children. The theory is that the limited attention span of Twitter users prevents them from evaluating every tweet, but once something is retweeted a few times, it starts to be seen by more people, and eventually it goes viral.
You can up your odds of having a tweet go viral simply by tweeting more and having more followers. Be a real, emotionally-driven person and connect with other Twitter users on an emotional level. Typically mid-morning and mid-afternoon are the peak times for Twitter for the most users to be logged in to the service. Link the content back to your own website, and hey presto, the magic of viral marketing begins.
For example, maybe you ever get a picture or video from your friends and you feel the video or picture is very funny. Imagine if the picture or the video turned out to be an advertisement of a particular product, many people will be recognized the product with a very low cost of the promotion.
The great marketer is seeing the huge opportunity of the workings of these viral and not a few of the marketing that exploits the workings of the viral to introduce their products or to increase traffic and sales of their products.
With up to 40 million hits in a week, this Viral is not just creating a buzz in the United States, but even his chicken mask also became the most sought-after merchandise.
Remember, viral marketing is all about content so prepare a very content interesting with a little controversial. But if you’re prepared to support your content by maximizing every available option, then read on.
Next, you’ll need to decide whether your video will be a utility for consumers or serve to entertain, thus driving brand recognition through association.
Since they don’t rely on a technology middleman, content networks enable brands to reach fragmented consumers across many different editorial properties. As with content networks, the ad sales team is often tightly integrated with editorial, providing brands with direct insight about how to effectively reach their audiences. You may also want to consider integrated or sponsored content, as they usually see more light of day and can live on long after initial distribution.
By working with companies that provide these services, you’ll save both time and money.
Companies that offer all-in-one solutions will emerge as the best option, though only the usual suspects are capable of the scale that you’ll likely need. Give away POP material (point of purchase material) to the users that register on your website or who invite other friends to do so. An average of 98.1% of Americans aged between 18 and 29 spend over 40 hours a week on the internet.
With such gloomy light being shed on your work, how do you create interest in your app without breaking the bank? Because a person is actively passing on a picture or link about the product, they are much more likely to remember and buy, or in this case, download it.
Posters were spotted in real life, and the game culminated in events where players would have to meet up at a certain place and time, a lucky few receiving limited edition goodies. In one of the game’s latest updates, players have been given the ability to stream their play time directly to, showing that Mojang, the game’s developers, want to make this process even easier for their fans. If you do, then you destroy trust, lose influence, kill emotion, and ruin your chances of having your tweet go viral.
If there is one thing that I think is important there along with the first two that I’ve mentioned, I say that it has to be the timing of your Tweet.
Whether you make a video, break a news story, or write the funniest joke article in history – it has to be fresh. In the context of internet marketing, this can be done in various ways or methods depending on the marketer creativity.
Because of the basic human nature, who liked to share something, then with the intention of making your other friends laugh as well, eventually you send that funny picture or video to your other friends. The way it simply as setting up a web page where you give a gift or discount (Buzz) for those who will share the information on social media. You certainly do not want to hire hollywood artist for the promotion of your products because it is definitely very expensive. If media consumers are spending the equivalent of a full-time job’s worth per week, imagine how hard content producers work. As Tim Berry points out, it’s just good etiquette to only tweet about quality content.
It may seem like the viral tweets are instant successes that didn’t take any work, but in most cases they come from people who have thousands of tweets over a long period of time. It will be hard to make something viral if you posted it on a time when your followers aren’t online. Include links to your Twitter page on your blog, your business card, and in emails you send out.

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