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Hi guys, after a couple of weeks without posting we are back to talk about Viral Marketing. Viral Marketing refers to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of pathological and computer viruses. The audience has just seen my campaign. They think it was interesting, unexpected and their emotions have reached a high level, we must seize this moment in wich we have their full attention.
Build some sort of connection with the audience. Give the possibility to comment is an effective way of achieving a conversation. Lets remember that a good viral campaign create strong emotions, this means that some people will really like it and others won`t. This is a collection with the best Viral Marketing Campaigns, and some tips on how to build an effective campaign…. This time we are going to see a collection with the best Viral Marketing Campaigns, and some tips on how to build an effective campaign….
Viral Marketing is a term used to describe any advertising online that relies primarily on word of mouth to gain brand recognition. We will begin the social engagement process by targeting the appropriate audience on each of the Social Networking communities as determined in the Viral strategy. We will monitor several aspects of the Viral Campaign on a daily basis including traffic, referrers, downloads, user reviews, etc…to maximize the success of the campaign and make the proper adjustments when needed. From creating a company profile page, to targeted advertising, to full blown Facebook Application development, DHS has the ability to get you exposure on the internet’s fastest growing social application.
Having a company MySpace page can be integral in gaining exposure and improving Viral Marketing results.
Creating interesting video content on YouTube has been a tool many Viral Marketers use to gain company or product exposure. Presence Global offers social consulting to help your company grow beyond it’s current bounds using online social networks.
Presence Global has a dedicated network of active and popular web bloggers that can make your Viral Marketing campaign spread like a wildfire. The Viral Marketing experts Presence Global will implement sophisticated web analytics into your new microsite or website that are dedicated to tracking all of your Viral Marketing campaigns conversions. Viral Marketing tends to be an unpredictable way to advertise, but with our strategic approach to Viral Marketing, our Viral Marketing experts will guide you through the entire process and create the conversions your Company is looking for in all your future Viral Marketing campaigns.
Let the Viral Marketing experts at Presence Global create explosive Viral Marketing campaigns that takes your business to the next level!
The SEO Elite website is currently ranked the 4,611th most visited website on the Internet (according to Alexa ranking).

Brad Callen is now launching a new series of 3 software titles under one brand – IMWishlist or Internet Market Wish List. In this series of launches, Brad is using a series of very interesting viral components to spread the software like wildfire.
The free version is of tremendous value to the internet marketing community so Brad has no problem motivating people to download the software, and to have people promoting it for him.
What first caught my eye is that IMWishlist viral components are so incredibly well worked out.
This is how it works: You somehow get word of one of the titles, for example Article Submitter. If you are a serious affiliate marketer you also get an incredible amount of already completely pre-made messages for the various ways of spreading the message. The material includes: Affilitate links, text links, audio links, email copy, signature ads, banners, articles, pre-made blog reviews, ezine ads, top sponsor ads, Google adwords and instant buzz ads.
For example 8 different professionally designed banner ads, two long articles, already prepared blog reviews, (This one is not one of those ;-)). You may reprint or distribute this article as long as you leave the content and this information intact.
So if U Sold the $495 Software into 1 Law Firm, Accountant Firm or Stock Brokerage – They would Happily Give Your Software to ALL of their 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 Clients!!
Viral marketing contributes explosive growth to sales and provides product-specific information through referrals. Preparation for the air vacation is actually the beginning of the trip, because when you start planning, it gives you a thrill of anticipation. Blogging – deliver great and helpful content which is the key to making your marketing messages go viral. Press releases – Create and promote your press releases by submitting them to different press release directories.
Whether it’s a software company, or a media house, viral marketing never fails to get the attention of your target customer. While highly unpredictable, Viral Marketing can create the kind of product or service explosion many companies need to grow.
We identify user groups to target, understanding their interests, locate relevant groups they’re on, find them and then connect with them. Creating and marketing a unique microsite that is passed on via word of mouth could be the Viral Marketing solution you’re looking for. We offer consulting and marketing of your company’s YouTube videos through Video Optimization for a greater presence on the major Search Engines.

Our team of bloggers already have existing blogspots where they will post your promotion with reviews and get the word out in a trusted manner. We’ll write and distribute a major press release that will go out to the masses by distributing the press release to major media outlets such as AP, Reuters, BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL(TM) service, Dow Jones, and the New York Times Syndicate. Our Viral Marketing reporting is first class and can track the success of your Viral Marketing campaign in several areas including comprehensive traffic statistics, application downloads and referrer lists.
Contact us today to find out how we can bring the world of Viral Marketing to your online strategy! The titles are Directory Submitter, Article Submitter and a third, yet to be revealed title.
In fact, I have never seen such an extensive amount of material shared by any software publisher. And it really is except far too many people don’t know, I know that I will be trying to implement what you said. Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules. If a community picks up a video and starts recutting them into hundreds, you know you have a great viral campaign on your hands. Presence Global offers many Viral Marketing solutions that will not only create conversions, but will boost your Search Engine visibility and get people talking about your company. Whether your looking to develop a video, widget, game, or any other type of web-based or software application, Presence Global development team can give life to your Viral Marketing Campaign. We can develop widget applications and completely integrated flash microsites that will enhance your brand and get the word out that your new microsite should be seen by all. Increase productivity of your small business or office by better organizing your employees' tasks and time.
Read this Viral Marketing Checklist to learn suggestions and tips about how to plan for a viral marketing campaign.
Observe – you will need to enter a clickbank affiliate id to see all the information. You can now spread the word about the ?excellent and free software?, giving value to for example your own list.

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